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What Is Cart Page?

What Is Cart Page

Cart page is the drop-down tab where customers add products before purchasing. Every part of owning an online business, even the cart page, is important. After choosing the product, the product moves to the cart page, showing a summary of the products with short descriptions, including the price of each product and the total price, before heading to the checkout page. 



What Is Cart Page

Why is Cart Page Important?

Why is the cart page so important? This is the question that many Shopify store owners may be asking themselves. The cart page can make or break the purchase, which is why it is vital to create an easy way for shoppers to check out the list of items chosen, saving time and energy.

If some time has passed and the cart page has been abandoned, adding a “continue shopping or check out” notification is smart, reminding customers they have not completed the checkout process, and the items are just sitting in the cart.

Engaging with the customers is the key. Creating a “skip to checkout” can save time and remind customers not to abandon the cart. That’s why we created a skip to checkout Shopify app, to help streamline your stores sales funnel.

Optimize your cart page 

  • Provide the name and price of the product so shoppers can quickly view
  • Notify the shopper to checkout
  • Promote a discount if the shopper continues to checkout
  • Design the cart so it’s easy to read 


How can Shopify help with Cart Page?

Shopify allows store owners to customize and create the cart page using different themes. The cart page displays all the product information, allowing shoppers to review the products before continuing to checkout.

Once shoppers land on the cart page, avoid surprising them with the additional cost of the product, give different payment options, target any audience worldwide, and offer guest checkout, so there is no commitment. Build an accessible, straightforward, ready-to-use cart page to increase revenue and profits



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
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