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Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector

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Saturation Inspector
Ana Gelevska

Picking the Best Dropshipping Tool for Your Store 

Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector.

Have you just started dropshipping and am not sure how you can make the most of the tools available to you to start profiting quickly? As a new dropshipping store owner, one of the first things you should be looking into is to download a trusty Shopify inspector or commerce inspector that will deliver timely insights on your competitors’ stores, reveal Shopify apps used and that comes with a Shopify theme detector.

With all these functions in mind, you’ll be able to spy on your Shopify dropshipping competitors to see how they are performing, what Shopify apps they use to improve their processes, and what theme is best for driving dropshipping conversion rates.

Read on to find out more about using a Shopify inspector or commerce inspector for your dropshipping business, between the Saturation Inspector and Koala Inspector. Find out which is likely to be a better fit for your dropshipping store, and find out which wins – Saturation Inspector or Koala Inspector!


Why Should I Install a Shopify Inspector or Commerce Inspector for My Dropshipping Store?

A Shopify inspector or commerce inspector, like Saturation Inspector and Koala Inspector, can help you save time and effort crawling through the web to find useful statistics or data for your dropshipping business.

We know how important it is for business owners like you to maximize the little time you have to spend on what matters most – building your dropshipping business and scaling it so that you have a nifty and reliable side hustle that can bring in a sizeable amount of income each month.


Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector 1


What Is Saturation Inspector?

Saturation Inspector dubs itself as a Shopify inspector which helps Shopify dropshipping stores determine the saturation level of a particular product before they start testing it. Saturation Inspector thus allows you to find out the competition level for products on different supplier sites, namely AliExpress, CJDropshipping, Spocket, and Alibaba.

The different competition levels are scored by Saturation Inspector on a scale, and the categories are Untapped, Competitive, and Saturated, to visually illustrate how saturated the product niche is in the dropshipping space.


Does Saturation Inspector Let Me Spy on My Competitors?

Saturation Inspector advertises itself as a tool that lets you “spy on your competitors”, but the functionality is severely limited. In short, if spying on your dropshipping competitors is your main objective with downloading a Shopify inspector or commerce inspector, you might have better luck elsewhere than trying out Saturation Inspector.


Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector 3


Are there other limitations to Saturation Inspector?


Different Search Results for the Same Product – Saturation Inspector

Saturation Inspector comes with limitations that may complicate your workflow. Under Saturation Inspector’s FAQ section, the issue of different dropshipping suppliers showing up under different search results is addressed, because of product variations such as shape, color, and size. Saturation Inspector, unfortunately, considers these to be different dropshipping products, so you still do not get a comprehensive idea of the actual saturation levels of the product, since they are segmented into different product types on Saturation Inspector.

No Free Version

Saturation Inspector does not come with a free version – in fact, you can only try it out free for the first 7 days to get a moneyback guarantee. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a low-cost option or have virtually no budget to kick start your dropshipping journey, you’d be out of luck with Saturation Inspector. It also takes time for PayPal to load payment data and activate the tool, so Saturation Inspector could hinder the ease-of-use for dropshipping store owners like you.

Unable to Detect Product Page

According to Saturation Inspector’s FAQs, sometimes the commerce inspector has difficulty identifying product pages. Users are encouraged to find pages with at least 5 images and visit different dropshipping product pages to get the tool to work. Saturation Inspector can be troublesome, and not all product pages contain 5 images, limiting the effectiveness of this tool.

Limited Number of Searches Per Month – Saturation Inspector

Saturation Inspector limits the number of search queries to 300 a month, so if you have many products to search for, you may want to consider a different option. 300 searches a month averages out to a mere 10 searches per day – far from sufficient for serious dropshipping store owners who intend to use the tool for in-depth market and product research.


Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector 4


List of Links with No Actionable Data

Saturation Inspector merely generates a list of links to other websites which sell similar products but doesn’t provide an in-depth analysis of dropshipping competitors’ performance, ad campaigns, or statistics. Saturation Inspector may be useful if you’re looking for an extensive list of merchants which are selling the exact same product, but even with this data in your hands, it can be difficult to find any actionable points or useful information when there’s no real insight into the store’s performance. If you’re looking for a tool that will give you all the insights you need on your dropshipping competitors’ store, Saturation Inspector’s features may lack in this aspect.

Saturation Inspector – Limitations of Saturation Levels

Besides, Saturation Inspector’s rationale for showing the saturation level is because they believe that more dropshipping stores selling a particular product on AliExpress are indicative of higher saturation levels that make selling the product difficult. This is not necessarily true – even if there are more dropshipping stores selling a product, it may simply mean customer demand is that high. More stores selling that product doesn’t mean everyone profits less, especially if it’s a product everyone continues to buy and loves.

What Does Saturation Inspector Lack?

Saturation Inspector comes with a saturation levels indicator but lacks many other useful dropshipping features such as a Shopify apps detector, Shopify theme detector, Export CSV functionality, daily tracking of competitors’ websites, shop traffic, and ad campaigns data.


Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector 5


Is There a Better Alternative to Saturation Inspector?

If you are searching for a Shopify inspector or commerce inspector that makes up for Saturation Inspector’s shortcomings, we have just the tool for dropshipping store owners like you!

Koala Inspector comes with a chock-full of functionality that is missing from the Saturation Inspector.


Introducing Koala Inspector

Shopify Apps Detector

Shopify apps are a must-have for every dropshipping store owner on the platform. A reliable Shopify inspector or commerce inspector should come with a Shopify apps detector function, which Saturation Inspector simply does not provide.

This is where the Koala Inspector comes in handy. With over 6000 Shopify apps available, you’ll want to cut through the noise and identify the Shopify apps which provide the most value to your dropshipping business. Use the Koala Inspector to figure out what Shopify apps your closest Shopify competitors are using, so you can start including it for your own dropshipping store.

This useful feature is an integral part of any dropshipping store’s success on platforms like Shopify and AliExpress. Now, with the Koala Inspector, you can immediately find out which Shopify apps are the most used among your competitors.

Shopify Theme Detector – Saturation Inspector  

Another crucial feature that Saturation Inspector lacks, and which any useful Shopify inspector or commerce inspector should have for dropshipping stores, is a Shopify theme detector.

Especially for those who have just started dropshipping, setting up a Shopify store can be intimidating. If you lack experience building themes and don’t know how to tell a good theme from bad, the good news is that Koala Inspector will do the tough work for you, by showing you what themes your competitors use. This way, you can instantly discover what Shopify themes work best with the Koala Inspector’s inbuilt Shopify theme detector.

A Shopify theme detector is a much savvier and time-efficient option, as it reveals competitors’ choice of Shopify themes so you need not ponder over which is the best to use. If you like the look and feel of a competitor’s store and want to recreate it, or feel that customers will enjoy the theme that they are currently using, then you can now use the Shopify theme detector for your own dropshipping needs.

Export CSV Functionality

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time crawling through dropshipping product pages manually, then painstakingly compiling your findings into excel sheets?

Why waste your time and get into such a hassle when the Koala Inspector has just the solution for you?

Koala Inspector comes built with Export CSV functionality, allowing you to easily export dropshipping product lists and favorites lists with just the click of a button. On the flip side, Saturation Inspector does not come with an Export CSV button, so you won’t be able to enjoy this convenient feature using it. Choose the Shopify inspector or commerce inspector that makes your dropshipping journey a little easier – go with Koala Inspector.

Daily Tracking of Dropshipping Competitors’ Product Pages

Stay one step ahead of the competition as you monitor your dropshipping competitors’ product pages and track their every move, so you know exactly what’s the best move for your dropshipping business! Koala Inspector offers you website alerts in the My Shops tab so that you can have instant visibility over changes to their Shopify store.

You can view changes to apps and products (added products, removed products, added apps, removed apps), changes in product prices, and product names.

Saturation Inspector – Dropshipping Shop Traffic Data

Even if you have access to your own Shop Traffic data, you won’t know how well you’re doing when stacked against the competition, especially without key metrics on dropshipping store visits and conversions. Having visibility over your competitors’ Shop Traffic information lets you know what the gaps are and whether you’re on track to winning customers over in your competitive and saturated dropshipping product niche.

Unfortunately, Saturation Inspector does not come with Shop Traffic functionality. You’ll need to download Koala Inspector to spy on your competitors’ website traffic data to determine how well they are doing, and how well-received their products are among real customers.


Saturation Inspector vs Koala Inspector 6


Saturation Inspector – Dropshipping Ad Campaigns Data

Great marketing can make or break a dropshipping business. With a sound digital marketing strategy, you could speed up the process of turning a profit on your new dropshipping store, with Google Ads campaigns for your Shopify or AliExpress product listings.

But the question is, how can you have the most well-optimized ad campaigns and get the best bang for your buck? How well should your ad campaigns be performing?

By peeking into Shopify or AliExpress competitors’ ad campaign data, you’ll be able to benchmark their ad campaigns against your own and identify gaps that you can address. Perhaps you’ll need to amp up your ad budget, or maybe you want to target certain niche segments of customers. Whatever the action points may be, Koala Inspector will be the best solution for your ad campaign dilemmas, to provide the answers you need to help your dropshipping store thrive amid stiff competition.


Final Notes for Comparison: Saturation Inspector VS Koala Inspector

As our article has highlighted, the Koala Inspector comes with more useful functions than the Saturation Inspector for dropshipping store owners like you. When you’re picking out a Shopify inspector or commerce inspector, the priority should always be to make your workflow easier and automate parts of the process, wherever possible.

Koala Inspector’s Export CSV function is a great way to automate processes, and you can finally bid farewell to manual processes like compiling product lists and avoiding human errors. Plus, the Koala Inspector’s Shopify apps detector and Shopify theme detector tools provide functionality missing in the Saturation Inspector.



Best of all? Koala Inspector is FREE for lifetime use, unlike Saturation Inspector, and comes with premium packages available for dropshipping entrepreneurs who wish to maximize all features. Take advantage of the best Shopify inspector and commerce inspector tool available for Shopify and AliExpress businesses.

Download Koala Inspector from the Google Chrome Web Store today, and join more than 80,000 users on their journey to make dropshipping a fun, rewarding, and seamless process from day one.



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