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Shopify Theme Detector
by Koala Inspector

How the shopify theme detector from koala inspector works

visit any shopify store

Enter any of the shopify store links on the text field.

Click Koala inspector

Click “find” and watch its theme name appear on your screen.

See the stores theme

Open the installation page of this theme, then you can instal this theme for your shopify store.

Download our free chrome extension to find any shopify themes in just one click

Inspect Any Shopify Theme In 1 Click

Using this Shopify tool, you can quickly identify any Shopify theme being used on any Shopify website.

Our free-to-install Chrome extension is very accurate and can recognize even the most unusual and custom themes and can identify Shopify 2.0 themes.

It is also routinely updated to guarantee that it can recognize the most recent Shopify themes.

The Shopify Theme Detection feature in Koala Inspector Chrome extension is the most efficient and reliable approach to identifying Shopify themes.

Unlike other Shopify theme detectors, it is extremely accurate and up-to-date with the most recent Shopify themes.

Other Shopify theme detectors may be less trustworthy or up to date, resulting in erroneous or partial information.

Another key advantage of Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector function is its simplicity.

This tool does not require any technical knowledge to use. Just input the URL of the Shopify website to be checked, and the tool will handle the rest.

Find Competitors’ Shopify Themes

As a Shopify business owner, staying ahead of the Shopify competition is key regardless of what your Shopify business niche is. You need ideas that will keep you ahead on Shopify, at the lowest cost, and with the fastest results.

One foolproof method to achieve this is to examine your Shopify competitors’ strategies. Discover what works for them, so you don’t have to experiment with your own Shopify store.

By using Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector you can quickly and simply detect the Shopify themes that your rivals are using on their Shopify businesses.

This information helps you stay current with the newest and most trendy Shopify themes, ensuring that your Shopify business is competitive and appealing to potential clients.

You’ll also get to showcase your Shopify product offerings in style, with a sleek Shopify theme that speaks to your Shopify brand’s visual essence.

Beyond simply saving you time and effort, Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector also boasts other advantages.

You may gain access to significant Shopify insights, which detail your Shopify rivals’ strategy and what they are doing to attract and keep consumers by recognizing the Shopify themes used.

You may also detect any common Shopify themes or Shopify features used by successful Shopify businesses, which can help you optimize your own Shopify store for improved performance.

Moreover, understanding what Shopify themes your rivals are using will help you make more educated judgments when it comes to selecting your own Shopify theme. This ensures that your Shopify store appears current, appealing, and up-to-date.

Find The Best Shopify Themes To Increase Your eCommerce Sales

Want to increase your eCommerce sales on Shopify but not sure where to start? Standing out in a sea of Shopify websites can be extremely difficult.

Many Shopify sellers make the mistake of picking a Shopify theme without taking the most important factors into consideration.

Shopify sellers often fail to consider which Shopify theme has the fastest loading speed, has the most customizability, and is most aesthetically pleasing for customers.

The truth is, potential buyers already form their first impression within seconds of landing on your Shopify homepage. To hold their attention, you need to have an eye-catching Shopify theme.

This means that the Shopify theme you choose is essential to your Shopify success. Just like a traditional store, looks matter, and you’ll want to invest in the best theme for your Shopify needs.

With that said, the Shopify theme you pick needs to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, pleasant to the eyes and optimize loading time.

It can be tough finding the perfect Shopify theme that checks all the boxes. That is why you need an automated Shopify theme checker tool that can do the hard work for you.

4 Alternative Methods to Detect Shopify Themes

There are 4 common ways to find the theme on any Shopify store. You can check the source code, find clues in the storefront, contact the store, or the easiest way – use a Shopify theme detector tool.

Check Source Code

To find a theme using source code – navigate to any Shopify store and right-click anywhere on the page. Select “View Page Source” or use the shortcut (Ctrl+U for Windows, Cmd+Option+U for Mac).

Type in “Shopify.theme”. You should then see a result showing the theme details, usually formatted like “name”: “ThemeName”.

Check The Theme Storefront

You can check the footer section of the Shopify store’s webpage. This is the area at the bottom of all web pages.

Many of the common Shopify themes use a theme credits link inside the footer. This link contains the theme’s name and will often be clickable, with a link bringing you to the theme’s page on the Shopify Theme Store.

Contact the Store Owner

This method involves directly contacting the store owner through contact information on their website.

Be polite and explain your interest in the Shopify theme they use on their store.

Use A Shopify Theme Detector Chrome Extension (The Easiest Method)

The easiest way to find any Shopify store’s theme is to use our custom built Google Chrome extension the Koala Inspector, our Shopify spy tool that reveals any store’s theme in seconds.

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Shopify Theme Detector FAQ

Explore our FAQs about our theme detector for detailed answers and insights about our tool.

What does Koala Inspector's Shopify Theme Detector do?

Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme detector is one of the features that come with the Chrome extension Shopify spy inspector tool. It helps detect themes that your competitors are using, so you can find the Shopify themes with the best conversion rates and sell more. It’s also free to use and easily accessible via your Chrome browser, making it fuss-free and painless.

After you install Koala Inspector on your Google Chrome browser, you can visit any e-commerce store running Shopify. Then, you can click on the Koala Inspector icon on your browser, and detect the official Shopify theme being used by the e-commerce store. This will reveal what official Shopify theme is being used so you can download it instantly for your own store.

Yes! Using cutting-edge Shopify theme detector technologies, Koala Inspector can help you identify any Shopify theme that your competitors are using.

Using Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector feature saves you time and money. Using this tool, you can find themes that are guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing, have high conversion rates, and are easy to install, customize and maintain. This beats having to manually find themes that work for your individual Shopify use cases.

Yes, it is easy and quick to use. You do not need a coding background to figure out how to use this Shopify tool, simply head over to the Chrome Web Store to download it and start detecting themes! You also get access to additional features which may come in handy later for your e-commerce needs.

You can run Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector to detect any website which runs a Shopify theme. This means that the website must be hosted on Shopify, but otherwise, you can use it on any store across any niche. If the store you are detecting is not a Shopify store, there will be a pop-up message to let you know.

Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector detects themes instantly. You may need to give it a number of seconds to detect the theme, but there is no need to wait prolonged periods of time to get the results you want. This makes it one of the fastest Shopify theme checkers available, helping you save time on hunting for the best themes.

Yes, and it is free forever! If you opt for Koala Inspector’s free plan, you can stay on the free plan for a lifetime. There are no hidden costs involved. However, if you do enjoy getting use out of the Shopify tool to detect Shopify themes and want to get more features, you can opt for one of Koala Inspector’s paid plans. This helps you push your e-commerce game forward.

Yes. Usually, your computers would work off an existing theme and make customizations. If they have altered the theme in any manner, it may be impossible to find it without the use of a tool. Our Shopify Theme Detector, on the other hand,

Yes! That’s exactly what Koala Inspector was made for. If you see that your competitors are using a sleek and minimalistic theme you like, for example, then you can use the Shopify theme detector to find out what theme they are using. You can find the theme and install it on your own e-commerce store. Take advantage of the available resources to succeed.

There are no system requirements but you will need to have the Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer. This is because Koala Inspector will be downloaded onto your browser and accessed via the pinned shelf. If you would like to leverage Koala Inspector’s useful Shopify theme detector feature, make sure you have the relevant browser.

Of course you can! Using Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector is, in every way, a commercial use. This is because knowing what your competitors’ themes are will give you a competitive edge, winning customers over with an alluring theme that’s bound to convert. Feel free to use the Shopify tool to succeed on the Shopify platform.

Manually inspecting a website’s code is time-consuming, troublesome, and a pain to navigate, especially if you’re not well-acquainted with code. That’s why you should download a free Chrome Shopify tool like Koala Inspector, which automatically detects Shopify themes. All things considered, it’s better suited for most use cases. Use it to immediately identify your desired theme within a matter of seconds!

Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector comes included with the Shopify tool’s other incredible and jam-packed features, like an inbuilt app detector, ability to detect ad campaigns and find products. There will not be a need for you to integrate it with other Shopify tools, because Koala Inspector is designed as an all-in-one Shopify spy tool. It’s all you’ll ever need!

Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector feature is highly reliable. It is designed by our team, working round-the-clock to design cutting-edge approaches to detect themes, find the results you want, and get them to you within seconds. Don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself to see how quickly you can install it, find the theme you want, and succeed!

Koala Inspector’s team is always available to help. If you run into any issues while using our Shopify theme detector, know that we’re just one message away. Browse our help form to contact us, or chat with us via the live chatbot. We’re happy to help with any queries you have along your e-commerce journey, to becoming a successful Shopify merchant.

Unfortunately no you can’t use the theme detector feature on mobile, Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector does not have a mobile app. The program is only accessible for desktop PCs as a Google Chrome browser extension. We also recommend utilizing the Shopify tool on a desktop since it allows you to examine your rivals’ Shopify themes in full desktop mode rather than mobile view.

Yes! Once you get the answer on which theme your competitor is using, you may download the themes discovered by Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector. When the Shopify tool detects a theme on a Shopify store, you may download it from the Shopify Theme Store or the theme developer’s website directly. You can then install it on your own Shopify store.

Absolutely, you can locate premium themes with Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector. The Shopify tool will recognize any theme used on a Shopify store, no matter whether it is free or premium, or if there have been customizations made. If you want to use it in your own e-commerce store on Shopify, you will still need to purchase the premium theme.

Yes! If you’re concerned whether the theme detector can find a theme on a specific Shopify version, don’t fret. Koala Inspector’s Shopify Theme Detector is compatible with all Shopify versions. It makes no difference if the store uses Shopify Basic, Shopify Advanced, or Shopify Plus. The program will recognize the theme used on the store, independent of the Shopify version.

Absolutely, it’s really simple to set up. To download Koala Inspector, simply go to the Chrome Web Store, search for the Shopify tool’s name, then click “Add to Chrome.” After installing the Shopify tool, you’ll be able to use the theme detection tool with the click of a button. We recommend pinning it to your browser’s shelf so it’s always easily accessible!

The Shopify Theme Detector by Koala Inspector is one of the fastest and most accurate Shopify theme detectors available in the e-commerce space. It’s also quite simple to use and has a variety of additional handy features, making the experience seamless and easy. Plus, if you’re not keen on a paid plan, you can use the Shopify tool for free, for life.

It can be easy to overlook the importance of an official Shopify theme for your business, but it can make or break your success. Especially considering how your digital storefront makes a first impression, you must pick the right official Shopify theme so customers feel compelled to make a purchase. Getting the best and highest converting theme will boost your conversion rates so you increase sales.

You can just use the official Shopify themes which are usually the default, but having knowledge of the themes competitors are using to appear professional and attract customers will be beneficial. This gives you the flexibility to decide if you want to stay with an official theme (if that suits your visual identity better), or if you want to customize a different theme instead.

You can find this out easily without having to access any code, using Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme detector function! By using this Shopify theme checker, you can reveal with just a click what official Shopify theme a store is using. Simply access the Shopify tool via your Chrome browser once you have landed on your desired store, and start detecting.

You can definitely do so, but we recommend using Koala Inspector alongside it to speed up the process. When you use a Shopify theme website, there are typically too many options to choose from. It will be tough deciding which is the best pick, unless you have the information and data you need on hand to decide which best fits your criteria.

Once you have used Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme detector feature to find out what theme your competitor is using, you can head to either Shopify’s official theme store, or visit a different themes provider to download your ideal theme. There are many options to choose from, and they range from free to paid options.

Both free and paid themes can be great options, depending on the size and needs of your e-commerce business on Shopify. Free themes work great for businesses with a tighter budget and can provide a solid foundation for customization and additions later on. If you need more features, opting for a paid theme with templatized options or customization can work better for you.

You can visit a competitor’s Shopify store if you deem that they have better product search functionality, and use Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme checker to find out what theme they are using. Oftentimes, these themes would include ready-made search options. This may improve the search experience for your visitors, improving the customer journey overall.

Some Shopify themes offer the option to display your images in carousels or other interesting formats. Present your product in unique ways, to showcase your brand’s unique value. Use Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme detector to find a theme that features your product images front and center, so that they grab customers’ attention from the get go.

This depends on how you leverage Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme detector to revamp your checkout page. Visit your competitors’ stores and find the store with the best checkout page, and try to detect the theme to find out what base they are using. From there, find the theme on Shopify’s theme store or a third-party website, and try out the theme for yourself.

You can try to find a theme that has useful navigation functionality. To do so, visit a store that is easy to navigate and find out what theme they are using with the Shopify theme checker. Find Shopify themes which are packed with such functions, download them from the respective theme website, and get things started. That is how you can improve navigation.

Not all themes are made equal. Some load slower and others load much faster, so you’ll want to find the Shopify theme with the lowest loading time using Koala Inspector on a website that loads quickly. You can also use speed testing Shopify tools to find the fastest website, and find out the theme they are using.

Definitely! Shopify themes have a major influence on SEO ranking. The speed of your business is an important factor that the Shopify theme may influence in terms of SEO. If you use a Shopify theme that allows you to add or update structured data fields, your Shopify store’s SEO may improve. A Shopify theme with simple navigation will make it easier for people to traverse your website.

Besides the free plan, there are two paid plans to choose from: Professional, at $7.99 per month, and Ultimate, at $19.99 per month. We recommend the Ultimate plan as it gives you unlimited Export CSV credits, Find Retailers credits, site traffic credits, and ad campaign tracking. Plus, you get to track up to 50 Shopify stores!

Our hardworking Koala Team works non-stop to improve our features, fix Shopify tool vulnerabilities, listen to customers’ feedback, and make significant changes. Hence, the Shopify tool is always being updated and refined. You can rest assured that at any point, you’ll be met with an unbeatable e-commerce Shopify theme detector experience.

You can find out whether a theme being used on a Shopify store is a custom theme or a specific theme downloaded from a different source. When you reveal which theme is being used, Koala Inspector will notify you if it is a custom one. From there, you will have insight as to whether a default or customized template is being used by a successful business.

No matter what niche your e-commerce business is operating in, you can rest assured that Koala Inspector detects all Shopify themes with its industry-leading theme checker capabilities. Across all business types, all you need to do is start detecting.

Worried that using Koala Inspector’s Shopify theme detector comes with an expiry date? We’ve got good news for you. The Shopify tool is available to all users for FREE, forever. This means you can enjoy using it for your e-commerce growth for as long as you’d like, and when you’re ready to, you can upgrade to a paid plan to unlock even more features.

Without a doubt. A Shopify theme detector and theme checker does all the hard work for you, crawling through code so you don’t have to. You just have to find the actual theme from its source website, download it and install it on your own Shopify store. A strong Shopify theme can make all the difference in shoppers’ experiences.

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