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Top 50 Shopify Stores for 2024

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Ana Gelevska

Looking to get started on your Shopify store building with some clever and comprehensive app solutions? Check out the top 50 Shopify stores for 2024 that Koala collected for you!

Trying to boost your shop’s web presence or conversion rate through Shopify store features and handy, high-performing widgets in your favorite Shopify themes, or help you discover new Shopify themes?

You can find all of these and more on the Shopify App Store! From winning apps in every category to various Shopify themes to widget options for product promotion and presentation, the range of Shopify store settings and apps means that you’re spoilt for choice, and then some. You can also access the multitude of spectacular Shopify themes, all customizable to your specific products and vision.

With the sheer quantity of available Shopify themes, apps, and more, however, also comes the problem of knowing which are the best for your brand, store, and products.

I. What makes the Shopify store great?

So, what makes a Shopify store great, like Kylie Cosmetics and Bon Appétit? Which Shopify theme should one choose? Are popular Shopify themes like debut and dawn right for you? What exactly makes one great enough to stand out from the sea of options on Shopify’s booming, over-a-million-strong marketplace?

Well, there’s no one definite answer, but in our book, a great Shopify store is one that knows its identity, product selling points, and customer base inside out. These champion sellers and brands, across Shopify’s 19 categories and of varying sizes, all ensure an engaging and effective experience from first contact with marketing outreach to product delivery and after-sales care.


What makes the Shopify store great


Based on our observations, Shopify’s top performers all have a few things in common:

  • A clear and consistently communicated brand.
  • Seamless UX for both Shopify store management and customers.
  • Efficient processes, from Shopify store transactions to off-platform marketing strategies, delivery, and after-sales customer services.


So to make your Shopify store setup or revamp a little easier with some quality inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 50 Shopify stores (by category) currently thriving on the e-commerce heavyweight platform that is Shopify.

If you want to know more about these stores, you can check out dropship.io. It will show you their revenue, product sales, ad campaigns, and more.


II. Top 50 Shopify Stores by Niche:


Apparel – Shopify Stores

1. Vogue

As traditional icons and brands make the move onto the digital space, maintaining timeless, unique signatures while adopting new functions is key – as fashion and culture powerhouse Vogue demonstrates.

With the various customizations available with Shopify themes, the hallmark classic font, white and black, and ample well-shot visuals that Vogue is known for have been seamlessly translated onto their Shopify store interface.


2. Fashion Nova

Wondering how Shopify supports digitally native brands and businesses? Look no further than fast-fashion giant Fashion Nova, widely known for its products’ popularity with celebrity clientele like the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

This Shopify store taps into the power of Instagram marketing to reach social media style enthusiasts with a ‘Shop the Look’ feature that links outfits featured on their page to the relevant product pages.


3. thredUP

With the various functions and customizable widgets available, Shopify provides the perfect platform for businesses with social goals and special product offerings like online thrift and consignment store thredUp.

thredUP’s Shopify store hosts both its apparel retail operations as well as its Clean Out kit and service, where customers declutter their wardrobes with suitable items to be sold on thredUP, reducing clothing waste through e-commerce.


4. ModCloth

From sizes 00 to 28, Modcloth is a size-inclusive Shopify store retailing indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothing.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the digitally native brand leans on Shopify themes for its clean look and multiple features.


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Home & Garden  

1. Ring

What about the less common but equally outstanding online retailers? Enter the wildly popular home security system Ring, described by inventor Jamie Siminoff as Caller ID for your front door.

The smart home automation company uses versatile yet professionally functional Shopify store interfaces and Shopify themes for a website that’s user-friendly and fully aligned with Ring’s simple, minimalistic brand.


2. ecobee

Advancing everyday lives and individual home sustainability efforts, Canadian smart home automation company ecobee markets its smart home devices through its Shopify store page.

Using Shopify’s many customizable widgets and features, ecobee accurately and artfully displays its varied product range, from smart thermostats to temperature and occupancy sensors, as well as its detailed About page – a must for every startup.


3. Ruggable

Running a passion project turned brainchild business and wondering if Shopify is right for your niche brand and products? Wonder no longer! Niche products like Ruggable’s machine washable rugs shine on Shopify store interfaces and Shopify themes, which support multiple visual widgets that showcase the rugs in the style of elegant, traditional furniture catalogs.


4. Pier 1

With fierce competition from e-commerce, many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses struggle to adapt to consumers’ new preferences for the convenience of online shopping.

One such company that successfully turned itself around by moving its operations online is the Texas-based home furnishing retail chain Pier 1. With the ease of navigation and attractive visual features hosted by the Shopify store interface and artfully displayed through popular Shopify themes.


Beauty & Fitness


⇒ Beauty & Fitness  

1. Kylie Cosmetics

Think Shopify works great for startups and new digital businesses, but not sure if it’s right for a rapidly growing brand already working with high-volume demand and a strong web presence.

Think again! Cosmetics heavyweight Kylie Cosmetics uses the multi-functionality of the Shopify store platform and Shopify themes for its mainstay retail cosmetics operations as well as its various other brands in skin care and baby products, Kylie Skin and Kylie Baby.


2. Gymshark US

Shopify is also the platform of choice for international businesses looking to establish and run operations in target markets, like Gymshark’s Shopify store for the US market.

The British fitness apparel and accessories brand, manufacturer, and retailer, known for the popularity of its athleticwear among social media fitness influencers, hosts its separate stores for both US and international customers on Shopify.



Another Shopify store with a widely raved brand and social media cult following is SKIMS, an American clothing, and shapewear company co-founded by celebrity icon Kim Kardashian and advertising executive Jens Grade.

Customizing the store’s Shopify theme with a ‘Shop the Feed’ feature linking the company’s Instagram account, SKIMS’s Shopify store is a shining example of how Shopify’s platform works for any and all brands.



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⇒ Food & Drink – Shopify Stores

1. Bon Appétit

Another iconic Condé Nast publication leveraging the limitless capabilities of a Shopify store interface is the food and entertainment magazine Bon Appétit.

The popular periodical’s Shopify site features a variety of relevant content from recipes to Japanese teapot reviews and even blog posts about the Paxlovid antiviral treatment and candy recommendations to remedy the aftertaste.


2. McCormick

Shopify’s list of longstanding, traditional companies expanding into e-commerce also includes American household brand McCormick & Company.

Established in 1889, the food manufacturing and service company is best known for its spices, seasoning, and condiments, which it sells through international distributors and supermarkets, as well as its Shopify store. The company demonstrates how Shopify themes tastefully organize and present multiple complementary offerings, such as recipe blogs and meal planner services, all highlighting and pushing McCormick products.


⇒ People & Society 

1. Teen Vogue

With the rise in internet use being fuelled by the digital natives of younger generations, brands focusing on youth and young adult demographics need an online presence more than any other, and few have done so better than Teen Vogue.

The sister publication to Vogue, another feature on this list, Teen Vogue follows the former’s lead in tapping Shopify stores and Shopify themes’ many features, from various categories of articles to the magazine’s events, most notably the Teen Vogue Summit.


2. Babylist

Want to get the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest to celebrate the coming arrival of their newborn? Or looking to register for gifts for your little one but unsure how to set up one with access to multiple stores?

Enter Babylist, the online baby registry linked to just about every store you can think of, with options to connect across your devices for easy use, thanks to Shopify’s many apps and widgets.


3. mindbodygreen

Another lifestyle and wellness company tapping into the multi-functionality of Shopify stores, and customization options available with Shopify themes, is mindbodygreen.

With posts ranging from beauty to integrative health, as well as health coaching, classes, and a variety of services, mindbodygreen’s significant amount of content is carefully categorized and effectively presented with the Shopify interface.


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⇒ Sports 

1. Peloton

A front-runner in Shopify’s Sports category, New York-based exercise equipment, and media company Peloton focus on Internet-connected stationary bicycles and treadmills.

The brand’s business model of monthly subscription classes via streaming media has been a hit in recent years and is currently available on its Shopify store, with its many offerings, from Peloton bikes to apparel to stream access artfully arranged with a personalized Shopify theme.


2. Decathlon

French sporting goods retailer Decathlon follows it’s over a thousand physical stores in 60 countries and regions with its own Shopify store.

Leveraging the many customizable features of Shopify themes and the capacities of the platform, Decathlon successfully presents its many products ineffective categories with visuals and information, for easy consumer perusal.


3. New Era Cap

Founded in 1920, the official cap for American Major League Baseball (MLB) is yet another traditional heavyweight tapping into e-commerce with their Shopify store.

Making the most of a personalizable Shopify theme, New Era Cap uses a variety of layouts and visuals for each of its pages, from product to the story of the brand’s decades of history.


⇒ Health – Shopify Stores

1. Bodybuilding.com

A notable Shopify store in both the Sports and Health categories, Bodybuilding.com is an Idaho-based retailer of dietary, sports, and bodybuilding supplements.

Through the versatility of Shopify themes and interfaces, Bodybuilding.com successfully expands its presence online and in the international fitness community, with complementary content such as articles and workout plans, alongside its retail products.


2. SmileDirectClub

Shopify stores include even the latest crazes in the most niche markets: such as SmileDirectClub’s 3D-printed clear aligners.

The Nashville-based teledentistry company offers its many products, from professional orthodontist consultations to retainer and aligner subscriptions, all through its many retail locations across the world and of course, its Shopify store.


3. 1st Phorm

Another industry leader expanding into e-commerce and joining the ranks of established, trusted brands that thrive online is supplement company 1st Phorm.

1st Phorm, like many other successful Shopify stores, leverages the flexibility and personalizable features of Shopify themes to effectively organize and present its products, blog content, and social media page links.


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⇒ Arts & Entertainment  

1. NTS

Founded in London in 2011, NTS Radio, also referred to as NTS Live or simply NTS is an online radio station and media platform, focused on the international music community.

The station’s Shopify store page features a variety of radio and music streams placed stylistically with the customization of their Shopify theme. This includes a distinct widget linking their ‘Infinite Mixtapes’ feature for music-only streams created from multiple radio shows.


2. Sanrio

Of all the traditional cultural icons on the Shopify store platform, Hello Kitty and Gudetama are easily two of the most recognizable.

Yes, you read that right. Japanese retailer and kawaii culture fixture Sanrio Company are one of the leading Shopify stores in the Arts & Entertainment category, with a tailored Shopify theme that encompasses the brand’s cutesy and lovable aesthetic.



3. Golf Wang

Kickstarted by the creative mind of musician Tyler, the Creator, Golf Wang is an American streetwear brand headquartered in Los Angeles.

The company’s striking and hallmark colorful visuals are perfectly placed front and center on their Shopify store through careful customization of their Shopify theme.


Toys & Hobbies

1. Missouri Star Quilt Company

Missouri-based quilting supply and services brand Missouri Star Quilt Company is a family-run business and a shining example of how community-driven niche brands can flourish online.

The business taps into the features of its Shopify store and theme to highlight attractive offerings such as their Daily Deal promotions and content by company co-founder and Youtube personality Jenny Doan, featuring Missouri Star’s products.


2. americangirl.com

Shopify is also home to the inimitable American Girl doll line by the Pleasant company, currently owned by toy heavyweight Mattel.

A testament to the popularity of Shopify among established businesses with distinctive brand personalities, across all industries, the Shopify stores like that of American Girl feature a perfectly customized Shopify theme and various special offerings.


3. Hasbro Pulse

Another iconic business in the toy industry that’s making strides in e-commerce with its Shopify store is Hasbro Pulse.

The Hasbro Pulse Shopify store features a clean, classically simple Shopify theme that reserves the center stage for visuals of their products, from Marvel to Monopoly, as well as the company’s blogs, Unboxed and Avalon Hill.


koala inspector gif


⇒ Gifts & Special Events – Shopify Stores

1. FTD

Maximizing the personalization options of the various Shopify themes, Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD) successfully translates the handmade, artsy touch of their floral gift-giving business to e-commerce.

The choice of an olive green color scheme, pretty drawn icons, and colorful visuals highlight both the 110-year-old company’s distinctive brand and varied product range on their Shopify store.


2. Proflowers

Ever wanted to get flowers delivered but are unsure if you’re getting them fresh? Proflowers’ Shopify store features its many products including both farm-to-door and florist-to-door bouquets, as well as choice edible arrangements.

Their Shopify theme translates the brand’s focus on “the fun side of flowers” into the bright color scheme and creative layout of the ProFlowers Shopify store.


Pets & Animals


⇒ Pets & Animals

1. Whistle

Leading stores in Shopify’s Pets & Animals category include Whistle, a pet health monitoring products and services company with an emphasis on expert collaborations from veterinarians to data scientists.

The Whistle Shopify store customizes a classic Shopify theme with a dark green color scheme and fun-yet-professional visuals, highlighting the brand’s focus on working for beloved animal companions and with pet care professionals.


2. PETstock Australia

Shopify is also home to the Australian family business PETstock, pet products, and services company with a focus on industry expertise and customer-first service.

PETstock’s Shopify store conveniently organizes its wide range of pet products intuitively, by animal and service, and is extremely easy to use and navigate. The business also customizes its store interface through its Shopify theme, with a clean yet colorful scheme and ample product pictures.


3. Aquarium Co-Op

Getting started on your aquarium owner journey, but intimidated and confused by the range of products?

Aquarium Co-Op’s Shopify store puts those fears to rest with a distinctive green Shopify theme that also keeps the site simple and user-friendly, especially with a distinctive “EASY Range” which clearly highlights products made for beginner use.


koala inspector gif


⇒ Autos & Vehicles – Shopify Stores

1. Turo Car-Sharing Marketplace

Boasting the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace with operations in the US, Canada, and the UK, Turo is yet another successful business with a winning Shopify store site.

With a straightforward layout with options to browse by car make or destination, as well as page links for both car hosts and rentals, Turo is a clear example of how Shopify themes can be used to effectively display various necessary sets of information and services.


2. Omaze

Omaze is an American for-profit fundraising company partnering with charities in fundraising events featuring a variety of material prizes, especially top-of-the-line and luxury cars from Tesla and McLaren.

Omaze’s Shopify store uses a custom Shopify theme pushing large, attention-grabbing visuals of potential prizes to effectively draw in participants and drive fundraising.


3. LeatherUp USA

Founded in 1999, American retailer LeatherUp focuses on motorcycle riding gear, apparel, parts, and more, which they proudly showcase on their Shopify store.

With a Shopify theme personalized in the brand’s signature black, red, and white and numerous clear product categories for easy navigation, the LeatherUp Shopify store is a definite winner in the Autos & Vehicles category.


⇒ Consumer Electronics

1. Wyze

Built by tech experts with experience in retail, Wyze is an affordable smart home technology company with a wide variety of products and services.

Wyze’s site keeps its Shopify theme simple and to the point in full black and white, with clear tabs for product categories and Shopify store pages.


2. JB Hi-Fi

Founded in 1974 in Victoria, Australia, JB Hi-Fi is a home entertainment retailer focused on widely affordable consumer electronics, especially music and audio devices.

Currently, Australasia’s fastest-growing and largest home entertainment business, JB Hi-Fi’s e-commerce operations are hosted on their Shopify store, leaning on the versatility of Shopify themes for their numerous pages and product categories.


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Business & Industrial – Shopify Stores

1. Staples.ca

Staples Canada is an office stationery and technology company with over 300 physical stores across Canada, as well as a top-performing Shopify store.

The Staples Shopify store connects loyal customers of the brand’s traditional offerings to new ones, such as the company’s one-stop business solutions marketplace Solution shop, with a minimalist Shopify theme is the brand’s iconic red and white.


2. FastGrowingTrees.com

From patio plants to palm trees, plant, and tree retailer FastGrowingTrees.com offers a wide range of botanical products with doorstep delivery, as well as access to a Plant Care Resource Center for expert gardening advice.

The brand’s Shopify store uses a simple and creative layout with Shopify themes that clearly and tastefully organize their varied content.




Specializing in affordable computers for avid gamers, NZXT is a major manufacturer of computer cases, components, and more.

The company’s Shopify store highlights its latest product offers and promotions with full window visuals while keeping overall store navigation simple and easy through the customizable layouts of Shopify themes.



Yet another industry heavyweight taking to Shopify for their e-commerce needs, Sega Corporation is a Japanese multinational video game and entertainment company headquartered in Tokyo.

Sega’s Shopify store features its newest product releases and social media content links, leaning on the personalization and professional quality of Shopify themes to effectively present both products and promotions.


3. glowforge.com

Leveraging top-of-the-line laser cutter & engraver technology, Glowforge is a company specializing in at-home 3D laser printers and is also currently a thriving business in Shopify’s Computer category.

Glowforge’s Shopify store makes good use of highly customized Shopify themes to display their many product offerings, from laser printers to catalog designs, as well as a reel from their Instagram page, clearly illustrating the potential end-products of Glowforge-crafted projects.


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Games – Shopify Stores


A fixture in the gaming scene, G FUEL is the official drink of Esports® and the beverage of choice for high-profile gaming content creators like PewDiePie.

Through its Shopify store, Gamma Labs’ caffeinated drink mix line promotes a range of products from drink mixes to Energy Crystal snacks and related bottles and shaker cups. Their many product promotions such as Daily Deals and Coming Soon Preview also use Shopify themes and their many layout and widget options.


2. CluedUpp Games

CluedUpp Games, an events company operating in over 80 countries worldwide, demonstrates that even in-person, offline products and services can benefit from the advantages of a Shopify store.

ClueddUpp’s Shopify store showcases its product offerings, history, and features like a “Find An Event Near You” search bar that facilitates event searches by postal code — all in a simple, easy-to-navigate layout with a custom Shopify theme.


Smoking & Vaping – Shopify Stores

1. Design Milk

Leading design blog and store Design Milk taps into the versatility and numerous functions of the Shopify store interface, as well as their personalized Shopify theme, to host both their articles and product pages — all arranged according to topic and type.

Design Milk’s various smoke and vape paraphernalia sales have placed the company as one of the top Shopify stores in the category.


Jobs & Educations

1. Sphero

With a bright blue color scheme and creative Shopify theme layout, Sphero stands out with its fun and effective presentation of brand and product via its custom Shopify theme.

The Sphero Shopify store sells the company’s K-12 educational products, such as the Sphero Coding Robots, with an emphasis on the company’s mission to support STEAM and computer science.


2. Life Over C’s Hands

With its diversified product range targeting children of up to 2 years of age, Life Over C’s Shopify store features their English reading and Maths learning tools and games in a colorful and creative customized Shopify theme.


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Books & Literature – Shopify Stores

1. The Happy Planner

The Happy Planner leads in Shopify’s Books category with its range of daily planner products, including their special customizable disc-bound planner systems and sticker books.

Their Shopify store leverages the many useful widgets available on the interface and chooses a Shopify theme to run promotional banners for the store’s e-commerce options.


2. St. Louis Magazine

Tapping into the support of its home audience, St. Louis Magazine promotes its unique history and continues its proud tradition as a regional periodical by adapting to the demands of digital consumers.

Their Shopify store features their many print publications and digital products—the St. Louis Magazine, Design STL, stlmag.com, and newsletter suite, through high-performing personalizations of their Shopify theme.


Turn Your Shopify Stores into Top Performers with Koala Inspector


III. Turn Your Shopify Stores into Top Performers with Koala Inspector

Today, with e-commerce on the once-unthinkable rise, and platforms like Shopify seeing similar growth patterns. Selling online has never been simpler and more profitable, but also more competitive.

Survival and growth for your business are only possible with a cautious but opportunity-seizing approach to every aspect of your online operations. This is especially so with the setup of your Shopify store, as we’ve seen with those on our list.

From overall Shopify themes to product prices and competitor strategies, companies looking to gain and keep an advantage while on Shopify need access to such key information.


Koala Apps – Koala Inspector

This is where Koala Apps’ very own Koala Inspector comes in!

The Koala Inspector boasts cutting-edge capabilities in securing such information and presenting them to you quickly, efficiently, and discreetly. With the Koala Inspector, it’s never been easier for you to get your own Shopify store on track to level with any of the top stores on our list.



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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