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Top Shopify Gaming Stores

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Ana Gelevska

Statistics show the gaming industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 8.76% between 2024 and 2027. As the gaming world is on the rise, so is the popularity of ecommerce platforms.

Shopify is a prime example of ecommerce that helps gaming stores start their trade business through a sole optimization dashboard.

You can understand their core strategies by paying attention to some successful Shopify stores. With the Koala market research tool, we’re allowing you to monitor the actions of your competitors and gain a strategic advantage.

And if you are looking for design ideas or products for your online gaming store, stay here. We’ve created a list of the 20 best Shopify Gaming stores in 2024 using data taken from Koala Inspector, our custom Shopify tool.

Top 20 Shopify Gaming Stores

RankURLStore DetailsDate first Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
1ROCCATROCCAT specializes in gaming peripherals and accessories, offering a wide range of high-performance gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and mousepads. Known for their innovative designs and customizable features.21 Nov 202067$53.84Very HighDO-Production
2Glorious GamingGlorious Gaming is a brand that focuses on providing gamers with high-quality and customizable PC gaming peripherals. Their product lineup includes gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, mousepads, and accessories.29 Jun 2014160$45.04Very HighLive Theme (Tagged Branch) (Custom Theme)
3KontrolFreek KontrolFreek specializes in gaming accessories designed to enhance precision and control for console and PC gamers. Their signature products include controller thumbsticks and grips.20 May 201893$30.18Very HighMicrosoft Edge Issue fix (Custom Theme)
4Limited Run GamesLimited Run Games is a publisher and distributor of physical copies of video games. They specialize in producing limited quantities of physical releases for digital-only and indie games, catering to collectors and fans of physical media.28 Dec 20153262$64.49Very Highlimitedrungames/main (Custom Theme)
5AtariAtari is a legendary brand in the gaming industry, known for pioneering arcade and home video game consoles. 16 May 2022226$75.49Very Highatari/main (Custom Theme)
6Build ReduxBuild Redux offers custom mechanical keyboards, keycaps, switches, and other components for enthusiasts looking to build or customize their own keyboards. 16 Sep 202063$259.56Very HighMaster – Do not unpublish | Updates done on Git (Custom Theme)
7REDRAGON ZONEREDRAGON ZONE specializes in gaming peripherals, including gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and mousepads.24 Feb 2018458$0.42Very High[Current] head search | keihen| 220718
8RetroidRetroid offers retro-inspired gaming accessories and merchandise, including controller skins, console decals, and apparel. With designs inspired by classic video games and consoles.9 Jun 202033$30.10Very HighDebut
9Digital Dream LabsDigital Dream Labs specializes in educational robotics and interactive toys designed to inspire creativity and learning in children. 1 Jun 201855$66.86No traffic data available for this siteCalifornia Theme
10Retro ModdingRetro Modding provides modding supplies and accessories for retro gaming consoles, including replacement parts, mod kits, and customization options.28 May 2016471$23.93Highmpire 9.1.1 – WIP – ShipAid Install (Custom Theme)
11HexgamingHexgaming specializes in custom and modded controllers for consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. 5 Aug 2020444$133.06High4.19
12Arcade ShockArcade Shock is a retailer specializing in arcade gaming parts and accessories, offering a wide selection of arcade sticks, buttons, joysticks, and modding supplies.29 Jan 2015510$90.34Higharcade-shock (Custom Theme)
13Pulsar Gaming GearsPulsar Gaming Gears offers gaming peripherals and accessories designed for competitive gamers, including gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets.24 Feb 2023162$46.41Very Highpulsar-gaming-gears/main (Custom Theme)
14SatisfyeSatisfye specializes in ergonomic gaming accessories, particularly grips and cases for handheld gaming consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. Their products are designed to improve comfort and control during extended gaming sessions.25 Jun 201843$46.28Very HighSatisfye [zeexo] 01/24/2023 (Custom Theme)
15PolymegaPolymega is a modular retro gaming console that supports a variety of classic gaming platforms, allowing players to enjoy their favorite retro games in high definition.10 Oct 202015$150.02Very HighCopy of Prestige with Installments message
16eXtremeRateeXtremeRate specializes in custom and modding accessories for gaming consoles, including controller shells, faceplates, and buttons. Their products allow gamers to personalize the appearance of their controllers while also adding functionality and comfort enhancements.10 Mar 20222999$19.66Very HighCopy of Copy of Studio
17Dream ControllerDream Controller offers custom-designed gaming controllers for consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox, featuring unique designs, customizable features, and ergonomic improvements.23 Sep 20201722$115.12HighKashosoftLabs 12/27/22 (Custom Theme)
18Kan JamKan Jam is an outdoor game company known for its popular disc-throwing game, Kan Jam. The game involves throwing a frisbee at a goal to score points, making it a fun and competitive activity for players of all ages at picnics, beach outings, and backyard gatherings.17 Jan 202284$53.84HighKan Jam – Production
19OptishotOptishot offers golf simulation technology for enthusiasts looking to improve their game from the comfort of their own home. Their products include golf simulators and swing analyzers that provide realistic golfing experiences and valuable feedback to players of all skill levels.30 Oct 2015119$1,174.05HighExtend – Dawn [PRODPORT | Theme update]
20BINBOK BINBOK offers a variety of board games, card games, and puzzles for players of all ages. From strategy games to party games, BINBOK provides entertainment options for families, friends, and gaming enthusiasts looking for fun and engaging experiences.6 Jan 202336$40.88HighImpact Theme

Want to see data on any Shopify store?

Download for free and start exploring a whole new ecommerce world!

Can I Sell Games And Gaming Accessories On Shopify?

Yes, using Shopify, you’re free to sell video games, gaming accessories, collectibles – practically anything related to the gaming world.

When you choose Shopify, you have all the tools to begin, run, and expand your gaming start-up. You can pick from over 4,100 Shopify apps to deal with your online store that can help you rise in the gaming industry

The Koala App facilitates the process of setting up and managing your ecommerce gaming store. This app helps find the best games and pricing and is directly involved in the creation of your Shopify gaming store.

What Kind of Gaming Products Sell Best?

Video Games often sit at the top of the sales charts. It’s logical. After all, one primarily establishes a gaming store to sell games. Whether it’s the latest triple-A releases or timeless classics, this is where the gamers’ main interest lies. However, it doesn’t always have to be physical copies of games.

The success of Digital Products is phenomenal. Indie game keys, in-game currency, DLCs (downloadable content), or even subscription services like CD Keys – these are all a hit in the gaming world.

Selling Gaming Hardware can also boost your profits. Whether it’s gaming consoles, controllers, gaming mice, headsets, or even graphic cards for PC gamers – these are all hot ticket items. These ‘gotta-have-it’ goods often keep their value well, so it’s lucrative to stock them.

Gaming Accessories are the most common gaming products found in our top 20 lists. They might not make the big bucks directly but their appeal shouldn’t be understated. Gaming chairs, mouse pads, console skins or cases – these items add the icing on the cake that gamers appreciate. And of course, they offer the biggest opportunity to stand out in the market, or discover a new trending product.

Best-Performing Countries for Shopify Stores in the Gaming Industry

Your success in this industry depends highly on cultural preferences, changeable gaming trends, and different internet penetration in each country. 

The United States tops the list. Featuring a robust gaming culture, gamers in the US don’t only play games, they buy them, and they are more than willing to spend on gaming hardware, accessories, and digital products. 58.5% of gaming stores on Shopify are located in the USA

Japan is another powerhouse in the gaming industry. Known for their love of video games, this market is a potential gold mine for innovative and popular gaming products.

Germany is Europe’s largest gaming market and a significant player in the global landscape. Germans are known for their affection for strategy games, which could be a key consideration when deciding what products to stock in your Shopify gaming store.

Other strong countries in the gaming industry include China, South Korea, and United Kingdom.

What Makes a Good Shopify Gaming Store?

Nowadays, gaming stores are everywhere. One can recognize the best Shopify gaming stores mainly by the following characteristics:

  • User-friendly Design and Interface: Top Shopify gaming stores offer a design that looks aesthetically pleasing and facilitates navigation, offering an enhanced user experience.
  • Offering Customer Engagement: A top Shopify gaming store has a variety of games in stock that can suit customer’s unique needs. 
  • Have its Own Distinctive Purpose: Only then can they set themselves apart in the competitive market. For example, KontrolFreek is a Shopify gaming store that aims to enhance the gaming experience by offering various accessories.
  • Effective Game Description: Includes relevant information yet paints a picture in the customer’s mind. 
  • Striking Visuals: Including a picture of the game lets customers know what to expect from it.

How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

Using the Koala Inspector spy tool is incredibly easy. Just click the install link below, or find the link to our Chrome Extension for your browser here.

Simply install the Chrome Extension, open any Shopify store, and click the Koala Inspector extension to open a world of information in just 1 click.

Koala Inspector

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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