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Top Shopify Art Stores

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top shopify art stores
Ana Gelevska

E-commerce platforms’ popularity these days doesn’t exclude art. Shopify art stores are becoming increasingly popular for any artist and art enthusiast who wants to buy art without visiting an actual gallery.

Total online sales in the art industry and antiques market worldwide show continuous growth. The value of global transactions in this market totaled around US$11.8 billion in 2023. 

The growth of e-commerce platforms has completely changed how artists can show and sell their artworks. An art collector has a more convenient way to browse and buy artworks for their collections.

If you are considering opening a Shopify art store or want to make some changes to your own store, the best place to start is seeing what the top stores are doing and what works for them.

Using information from our proprietary Shopify tool, Koala Inspector, we have compiled a list of the top 20 Shopify art stores in 2024.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best art stores and their features on the online market at the moment.

Top 20 Shopify Art Stores

RankURLStore DetailsDate first Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
1SanrioSanrio is a Japanese company best known for its iconic character, Hello Kitty, along with a wide range of other beloved characters. Their products include toys, accessories, stationery, and apparel.20 Oct 20222952$29.58Very High02/28/24 Varsity Jackets (Custom Theme)
2ArtxzayArtxzay, created by Zeinab Fofana, is a platform offering a diverse range of artistic products and services with art focused on women of color with a theme of empowerment.18 Sep 2021209$100.81LowDawn
3Artze Wall ArtArtze Wall Art offers a diverse collection of contemporary wall art and prints to elevate interior spaces. With a focus on modern design and high-quality materials.8 Sep 2019>5000£44.89HighSymmetry-6.03 – XMAS12
4Newbury Comics Newbury Comics is a retailer offering a diverse selection of music, movies, comics, and pop culture merchandise. With a focus on indie and alternative music, as well as a variety of collectibles and novelty items.24 Apr 2022>5000$36.39Very HighNC Theme (Custom Theme)
5USA Gundam StoreUSA Gundam Store is a one-stop-shop for Gundam model kits and accessories, catering to fans of the popular mecha anime franchise. They offer a wide range of model kits, tools, and paints for building and customizing Gundam models.16 Jun 2022>5000$72.26Very HighUSAGS 3.15 blog (Custom Theme)
6Andy OkayAndy Okay is an online store featuring a range of art prints, stationery, and accessories designed by artist Andy J. Pizza.16 Nov 20201506$35.02Very HighUpdated 2.0
7James NiehuesJames Niehues is renowned for his meticulously hand-painted ski resort trail maps. His website showcases his extensive portfolio of trail maps.12 Nov 2018447$294.19HighLIVE THEME – AURORA – Jump link pdp fix 112723
8Michael AramMichael Aram is a renowned designer known for his handcrafted metalwork, including home decor, tableware, and jewelry. Inspired by nature and traditional craftsmanship.24 Oct 20191161$888.99Very HighNew Theme – 2024
9PoketoPoketo is a lifestyle brand offering a curated selection of design-conscious products, including stationery, apparel, accessories, and homeware. 25 Jan 2014138$29.14Highpatterntheme-pk/main (Custom Theme)
10Simon Says StampSimon Says Stamp is a one-stop-shop for all things related to papercrafting, cardmaking, and scrapbooking. They offer a vast selection of stamps, dies, inks, papers, and embellishments from popular brands.23 Oct 2023>5000$17.84Very HighPost PPP Sale Late Feb 2024 (Custom Theme)
11IKONICKIKONICK is an art company that specializes in canvas prints featuring motivational and inspirational quotes, as well as pop culture-inspired artwork. Their collection includes pieces that aim to inspire and motivate viewers while adding a touch of style to any space.27 Dec 20211632$284.54HighNew Customer Journey (Video Collection)
12Film Art GalleryFilm Art Gallery offers a curated selection of original movie posters, lobby cards, and other vintage film memorabilia. With a focus on classic and cult films, Film Art Gallery provides collectors and movie buffs with authentic pieces of cinematic history.10 Apr 2021>5000$464.51Very HighSB GA4 – 19-11-22 (Custom Theme)
13ArtistroArtistro offers a range of art supplies and DIY craft kits designed for artists of all ages and skill levels. Their products include acrylic paint markers, ceramic pens, and rock painting kits, providing versatile tools for creative expression and artistic projects.19 Feb 201991$32.69HighCopy of Artistro New FINAL
14FantagraphicsFantagraphics is a publisher of alternative comics, graphic novels, and art books, specializing in underground and independent comics. With a focus on artistic and literary excellence.17 Jan 19872162$33.16Very HighFantagraphics – Searchspring
15I Love DoodleI Love Doodle is an art brand known for its whimsical and adorable illustrations created by Malaysian artist Lim Heng Swee. From art prints to stationery and accessories, I Love Doodle’s products feature charming characters and playful designs.21 Feb 2014564$44.01HighBlockshop
16Nellie LeNellie Le is an illustrator and designer known for her colorful and whimsical artworks. Her online shop offers a variety of art prints, stationery, and accessories featuring her delightful illustrations, perfect for adding a touch of joy to any space.10 Aug 2015233$24.28LowUpdated Studio – Spring 2024
17Lets Make ArtLets make art specializes in paint and art supplies.2 Aug 2019348$9.19HighSpring 2023 (Custom Theme)
18Riverry StudioRiverry Studios offers custom hand-painted, modern watercolor pet art.7 Sep 202217$101.43HighLive 5/3
19Yuk FunYuk Fun is a playful and vibrant brand offering a range of illustrated products, including clothing, accessories, and stationery. With quirky characters and bold designs, Yuk Fun’s products bring fun and creativity into everyday life.15 Feb 201787$98.53Highbrooklyn
20Painting to GoghPainting to Gogh offers DIY paint kits that allow customers to create their own works of art at home, guided by step-by-step instructions and video tutorials. With pre-sketched canvases and premium paint supplies included.9 Feb 2016288$38.06Very HighExpanse-v3.1.0/main (Custom Theme)

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Is Shopify Good to Sell Art on?

Shopify is an excellent platform for selling and buying art because of its user-friendly interface and the different customizable features it offers users. 

First and foremost, Shopify offers flexibility. Unlike other platforms, Shopify adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Whether you’re a veteran artist with regular stock turnover or a beginner just wanting to sell a few pieces, Shopify accommodates different sizes and types of businesses.

Then consider customization. Shopify allows you to add that personal touch to your online store, reflecting your own creativity. There’s no need to settle for generic designs when you can define your aesthetic.

Choose from hundreds of themes and customize settings, fonts, and features. By adding your personal touches, you’re essentially creating an online art gallery with your own unique branding.

The analytics tools that Shopify provides also enable you to gain insights into the shop’s performance to see where you can improve.

What Kind of Art Can You Sell on Shopify?

If you can create it, and you can ship it, you can sell it on Shopify! Here are some examples of what is selling regularly on the top Shopify art stores worldwide.

Physical Artwork

Shopify is not limited to digital products. One of the platform’s strengths is the breadth of physical artwork you can sell.

For example, paintings, sculptures, and handmade crafts can be sold in your online store. Shopify’s innovative features allow you to set up a seamless checkout process and ensure secure transactions for these types of products.

Prints and Reproductions

Shopify is also a great choice for selling prints and reproductions. If you’re a photographer or a digital artist, you can sell archival-quality prints or poster-sized reproductions of your work.

Easily create product variations for different sizes, materials, and formats making it convenient for buyers to choose their preferred option.

Digital Art Files

You can sell downloadable files of your work. This could be anything from digital paintings to graphic design templates.

With Shopify’s digital product delivery features, it becomes easy to make your digital artwork available for download immediately after purchase.

Can You Sell Digital Art on Shopify?

Yes, you can sell digital art on Shopify. Shopify supports selling digital art with a download feature that lets users download digital artwork.

Artists can earn from selling their prints online as downloadable files and art lovers can have instant access to digital art.

If you’re worried about file size limits, Shopify has you covered too. The platform allows digital files up to 5GB. This limit gives you room to sell high-quality, richly detailed digital artwork.

What Kind of Art Sells Best?

Art tastes and preferences vary significantly, but certain genres are always popular, and collectors love them. 

Abstract Art has always had a dedicated fanbase. The beauty of this genre lies in its openness to interpretation.

You’ll find a lot of art stores specializing in abstract pieces on Shopify; pieces that can notably amplify the aesthetics of any living or working space.

Landscape Paintings have sustained their charm over the centuries. Landscape paintings are always popular worldwide for their calming and rejuvenating effects.

Although popular, also a very saturated market.

Modern Art, on the other hand, appeals to a more niche audience. However, in our digitally advanced era, the appreciation for modern art has seen a sigmoid curve.

The bold expressions and striking visuals of modern pieces cater to the contemporary tastes of many art collectors.

Can You Drop Ship Art Prints on Shopify?

Absolutely, you can drop ship art prints on Shopify! Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock.

Instead, when you sell a product in your Shopify store, you purchase the item from a third party and they ship it directly to your customer.

This means that you, as the store owner, never actually touch the products you sell.

Drop shipping art prints specifically entail collaborating with a supplier who specializes in producing high-quality prints of your artwork.

When a customer purchases a print from your store, the order details are sent to your supplier, who then handles the production and shipping.

This way, it’s feasible for artists to sell prints without needing to worry about inventory, printing equipment, or shipping logistics.

How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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