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Top Shopify Craft Stores

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top shopify craft stores
Ana Gelevska

The global craft market is booming, and its rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down.

This presents a massive opportunity for any creative entrepreneur and artisan.

The Shopify platform has helped revolutionized the industry, empowering craft businesses to build great stores that showcase their unique, handmade products and reach a broader customer base.

If you are looking for inspiration for your own store, or want to take that first step in selling online, there’s no better place to start than checking out the top stores in the industry.

We have compiled a list of the top Shopify craft stores in 2024 using data from our custom Shopify spy tool – Koala Inspector.

Dig into their designs, product offerings, and strategies to spark ideas for your own business.

Top 20 Shopify Craft Stores

RankURLStore DetailsDate first Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
1Staghead DesignsStaghead Designs specializes in handcrafted, unique wedding rings and jewelry, often incorporating natural materials such as wood, antler, and turquoise. 11 Apr 2022>5000$2,932.44Very HighNEW Extend Checkout – Staghead Designs 2.0
2Simon Says StampSimon Says Stamp is a one-stop-shop for all things related to papercrafting, cardmaking, and scrapbooking. They offer a vast selection of stamps, dies, inks, papers, and embellishments.23 Oct 2023>5000$17.89Very HighPost PPP Sale Late Feb 2024 (Custom Theme)
3Lion Brand YarnLion Brand Yarn is a leading provider of quality yarns for knitting, crochet, and crafting projects. With a wide range of fibers, weights, and colors available, Lion Brand Yarn offers options suitable for every skill level and project type.9 Jul 2020>5000$0.77Very HighLBY-Release 2.6.24 (Custom Theme)
4Premier YarnsPremier Yarns offers a diverse range of yarns, including traditional fibers like wool and cotton, as well as innovative blends and specialty yarns. 20 Jul 20161879$0.99Very HighFebruary 16th Update (Custom Theme)
5Mary MaximMary Maxim is a beloved crafting brand known for its extensive selection of knitting, crochet, and needlework kits, patterns, and supplies. 11 Mar 2021>5000$13.77Very HighImpulse 7.3.4 Live | Bold | May.17.2023
6Darn Good YarnDarn Good Yarn offers eco-friendly yarns made from recycled and sustainable materials, as well as unique artisan yarns sourced from around the world. 12 Jul 20161298$39.02Very High[STP] Impulse-v7.3.4 – Development – Stamped (Custom Theme)
7Spellbinders Paper ArtsSpellbinders Paper Arts is a leading provider of die-cutting machines, dies, embossing folders, and other crafting tools for paper-based projects. 7 Apr 20222624$14.22Very HighCopy of Grid 1-22-2024 MC Live
8Old Time PotteryOld Time Pottery offers a wide range of home decor, furniture, and seasonal items at affordable prices. From stylish accents to practical essentials.28 Feb 20240$0.00Very HighNon-ecommerce Theme
9Maison MiruMaison Miru specializes in delicate and minimalist jewelry designs, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Their pieces are crafted from high-quality materials such as sterling silver and gold vermeil, offering timeless elegance for everyday wear.31 Aug 2015306$110.05Very HighVenue 4.8.6 (Custom Theme)
10BeadaholiqueBeadaholique is a go-to destination for jewelry-making enthusiasts, offering a vast selection of beads, findings, tools, and supplies for creating handmade jewelry. 12 Sep 2022>5000$5.22Very HighEmpire: End Sale Tuesday 2024-02-20
11Missoma Missoma is a jewelry brand known for its contemporary and stylish designs, specializing in high-quality necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. With a focus on modern aesthetics and craftsmanship.24 Jan 20231331£163.57Very HighMISSOMA 2.0 (Custom Theme)
12TeckwrapCraftTeckwrapCraft offers a wide range of crafting supplies, including vinyl wraps, adhesive films, and DIY tools for customization projects.29 May 2020179$53.49Very HighAvon-2 (Custom Theme)
13Arteza.comArteza.com is an online art supply store offering a diverse range of high-quality art materials, including paints, brushes, canvases, and sketchbooks.18 Dec 2018891$26.57Very HighArteza Live (09/26/2023) – CUPIX (Custom Theme)
14The WooblesThe Woobles specializes in crochet kits and patterns for creating adorable amigurumi toys and accessories. With easy-to-follow instructions and premium yarns included in their kits.8 Aug 2021241$42.83Very HighLIVE – v2.5.11 (b8dd771) – 12.01.23, 02:57 (Custom Theme)
15TREASURIETreasurie is an online store specializing in sewing patterns, fabric, and crafting supplies. Treasurie offers a wide selection of patterns for clothing, accessories, and home decor projects.16 Dec 2013219$6.07Very HighTestament April 2021
16Ring ConciergeRing Concierge offers a curated selection of fine jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom-designed pieces. Known for their personalized service and attention to detail.23 Dec 2023>5000$18,346.25Very HighRC-February-27 [Production] (Custom Theme)
17Heath Ceramics Heath Ceramics is a pottery studio and homeware brand known for its beautifully crafted tableware, tiles, and home accessories. With a focus on timeless design and sustainable practices.3 Feb 20181937$342.60HighHeath Ceramics – Live
18Fabric Wholesale DirectFabric Wholesale Direct offers a vast selection of fabrics, including apparel fabrics, upholstery fabrics, and craft fabrics, at wholesale prices. Fabric Wholesale Direct provides affordable options for your fabric needs.19 Aug 20143560$41.27Very High12/6/23 – Changes to intl collection pricing (Custom Theme)
19The Leather GuyThe Leather Guy is a supplier of premium leather hides, tools, and accessories for leathercraft projects. 8 Mar 201982892.85€HighStandard Theme (Oct Update 4.0.1) (Custom Theme)
20Swing DesignSwing Design specializes in vinyl cutting machines, heat transfer materials, and crafting supplies for DIY projects. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and user-friendly tools.26 Jun 20143010$1,437.07Very High[Navidium] 20-09-2020 – ShareASale App Install (Custom Theme)

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Is Shopify a Good Place to Sell Crafts?

Absolutely! Shopify stands as a powerful platform for selling your crafts. What makes a good Shopify crafts store? Here is why it is an excellent choice:

Statistics Supporting Shopify’s Growth

While exact figures can fluctuate, sources like StoreLeads indicate that craft stores within Shopify’s “Toys & Hobbies” category have experienced remarkable growth. In 2023 Q4, Shopify stores in this category increased by 11.8% quarter-over-quarter and by 39% year-over-year.  

While the “Toys & Hobbies” data includes more than solely craft stores, this impressive growth still indicates a favorable climate for selling handmade goods on Shopify.

Focus on Visuals

Shopify offers a vast array of beautiful themes specifically designed to showcase the artistry of handcrafted goods. Choosing the right theme is essential for crafting a successful online store showcasing artistic creations. Here is a curated selection:

  • Craft – This theme prioritizes visual storytelling and is an ample space to showcase images and dedicated sections for your brand’s narrative. This is the top Shopify theme used for craft stores.
  • Canopy – Ideal for quick launchers, Canopy boasts features like a store locator, color swatches, and a quick view for a streamlined shopping experience.
  • Exhibit – Designed for powerful brand storytelling. This theme gives your pieces center space with versatile grids, carousels, video integration, and plenty of white space for a gallery-like effect.

Specialized Tools

The Shopify app store is brimming with apps tailored to the needs of craft businesses. These apps assist with everything from inventory management and order fulfillment to social media marketing for showcasing your product, and customer relationship management.

User-Friendly Experience

Shopify’s platform is known for its ease of use, both for store owners and shoppers. Intuitive navigation and a streamlined checkout process make it simple for customers to discover, admire, and purchase your crafts.

Can I Dropship Crafts From Shopify?

Yes! Dropshipping is a viable business model for Shopify craft stores. Partnering with drop shipping suppliers and integrating drop shipping apps streamlines the process, allowing you to offer a wider selection of craft items without handling inventory yourself.

The advantage of using Shopify for dropshipping is its focus on ease-of-use and support for growth. With a robust set of tools and resources at your disposal, not only can you launch quickly, but you can also keep up with the business as it grows.

What Kinds of Craft Products Sell Best?

Great Shopify craft store often excels in these popular categories:

  • Personalized Items – Custom jewelry, engraved home décor, and other personalized pieces appeal to shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind products and self-expression.
  • Eco-Conscious Crafts – Sustainable and ethically sourced materials resonate with environmentally-minded consumers.
  • DIY Kits and Suppliers – Tap into people’s desire to learn new skills and create their crafts.
  • Unique Home Decor – Eye-catching home decor items with a handcrafted touch add personality to any space.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Crafts – Capitalize on festive occasions with themed crafts and decorations.

Despite the trends, your store’s success ultimately hinges on your passion for your products, understanding your target audience, and fine-tuning your marketing strategies.

Your products should reflect your brand, resonate with customers, and tap into current market demand. The beauty of Shopify’s dropshipping model is that it affords you the flexibility to switch products or suppliers until you find what works best for your online craft store.

Is it better to sell crafts on Shopify or Etsy?

In the long run, Shopify is better than Etsy as a platform to sell your crafts.

If you’re deciding between selling crafts on Shopify or Etsy, one aspect to consider is control over your store.

Shopify allows you to have complete authority over your store’s design, SEO optimization, checkout process, and marketing strategies, which is a desirable factor for serious sellers. You’re in the driver’s seat with Shopify and you can shape and modify your store as you please, without limiting customization options.

Etsy, on the other hand, doesn’t provide much room for customization. Your store will have the same layout as all other Etsy stores. You’ll only be able to adjust your logo, banner, and product listing images. From the SEO perspective, Etsy manages your store’s optimization. So, if you’re a beginner in SEO, this might be a silver lining.

Moving on to fees, Shopify charges a monthly subscription which can range from $29 to $299, depending on the plan. On top of the subscription fee, there’s a small transaction fee unless you use Shopify Payments.

In contrast, Etsy doesn’t charge a monthly fee. It has a “Pay as You Go” model which charges $0.20 for each listing and a 5% transaction fee for each sale.

While Etsy’s no monthly-fee model might initially seem like a better deal, keep in mind that the costs can quickly add up as your sales grow. 

Plus, if you want run ads especially at peak seasons, Etsy ads are far more expensive than Facebook or Google ads for your own store.





Complete authority over your store’s design and marketing.

Limited store customization. SEO and Ads managed by Etsy.


Monthly subscription ($29 to $299) and small transaction fee.

No monthly fee. $0.20 for each listing and 5% transaction fee per sale.

How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

If you think there’s a store that we missed in our list, or want to carry out further research yourself, you can do this with our custom Shopify spy tool.

Using the Koala Inspector spy tool is incredibly easy. Just click the install link below, or find the link to our Chrome Extension for your browser here.

Simply install the Chrome Extension, open any Shopify store, and click the Koala Inspector extension to open a world of information in just 1 click.

Koala Inspector

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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