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Top Shopify Pet Stores

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Ana Gelevska

Having a furry companion is not just owning a pet. It’s having a partner who dedicates their entire life to serving us and being our best friend. We love to reward them by spending more than a couple of bucks in the pet stores. There is absolutely nothing more heartwarming than seeing them jump around and play with their new toys and treats. 

And for those entrepreneurs looking to cash in, or make some extra pocket money for your own pets, data shows that Shopify stores in the Pets & Animals division have rapidly multiplied over the last few years, with an astounding annual growth of 58%.

Adjacent to the exponential growth comes a mild saturation of the market, but as always, with the right idea comes plenty of opportunity.

Here at Koala, we have used our own custom Shopify spy tool to simplify the process of researching some of the most successful Shopify stores in the niche and understand their products, design, and the strategies they implement. 

If you are looking to gain some insights into products and designs for your online pet store, we think you’ll find our data valuable.

Here is a list of the top 20 Shopify pet stores in 2024, generated using our custom Shopify spy tool – Koala Inspector

Top 20 Shopify Pet Stores

RankStoreFirst Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme UsedStore Details
1The Kind Pet3 Mar 202264$32.53High[QS] – Development Theme (11-30)Sustainable pet products aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of pets and their owners
2Paw Huggies6 Nov 202310$30.79MediumPaperSpecializes in premium dog gear that balances style, safety, and comfort.
3GUNNER 7 Apr 201982$122.36Highshopify-theme/color-fetch (Custom Theme)Known for producing the world’s toughest dog crates
4Petstock27 Oct 2023>5000$59.69High[MB] – Release 10-01-24Offers a wide range of dog and cat food, treats, toys
5Honest Paws19 Jul 202160$49.48HighHonest-Paws-Shopify-Theme/main (Custom Theme)Specializes in CBD oil and treats for dogs and cats.
6Happy & Polly1 Jul 2020283$76.73Highhp-v4.0.0-new publish20230907 (Custom Theme)Focuses on cat supplies, including bowls, toys, trees, beds,
7 Fable Pets21 Feb 201949$96.40HighMaster (Do not unpublish) (Custom Theme)Offers innovative pet gear that solves real-world problems
8Whistle Tracker26 Jun 201923$45.89High[02/06/24] EAG Whistle 3.0 – (promo next week) (Custom Theme)Specializes in pet tracking devices and health monitoring solutions
9Forthglade10 Jul 2023117$49.23Highforthglade-qf/production (Custom Theme)Specializes in natural wet and dry grain-free dog food
10Soft Pet Paws18 Jan 202011$46.13MediumPrestigeOffers products like the Dog Nail Grinder, focusing on pet grooming and care.
11Yumove27 Sep 201971$60.14HighYuMOVE-SPRINGBOARD/uk_production (Custom Theme)A scientifically backed range of supplements for dogs and cats to support joint health, mobility, and overall well-being
12Only Natural Pet30 Jul 20191283$30.89HighONP copied 2/26 Go-live 2/27 (Custom Theme)Only Natural Pet offers natural pet supplies for dogs and cats
13The Urban Pet Store16 Sep 2020661$15.37LowThe Urban Pet Store100% natural pet products, including food, treats, holistic supplements, and eco-friendly toys.
14 The Pet Shop 22 Oct 20202671$19.77MediumBrooklyn – 2018/04/13Focus on providing pets with a whole foods market of their own.
15Alen19 Sep 201499$900.42HighALEN SHOPIFY 2.0 (Custom Theme)Specializes in air purifiers for homes and businesses, including models designed to remove pet allergens and odors.
16Zee.Dog 19 Jun 2015464$27.94High2024-02-22 (Custom Theme)Zee.Dog specializes in premium & design oriented pet products
17 Heads Up For Tails23 Feb 20192346$19.56Hightheme-seo-update (Custom Theme)Sell food, toys, grooming products, and accessories for dogs and cats.
18West & Willow 9 Oct 201935$63.08HighEVERGREEN – FEB 2024 (Custom Theme)Specializes in custom pet portraits.
19Pop Your Pup!™ 8 Aug 2019445$53.39MediumNEW PDP – 4.3.0 – Published – 10/12/2021 (Custom Theme)Offers custom art pieces featuring pets created by real in-house artists
20 Patches Pet Supply Online Store 21 Aug 2015187$45.39MediumCopy of Classic (No Checkout with PayPal in Cart) (Custom Theme)All-natural pet foods and treats, grooming accessories, toys, collars, training tools, and beds.

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What Makes a Good Shopify Pet Store

There are a couple of fine tunes that any ecommerce business should put into practice in order to reach a broader audience and expand their customer base.

Top Shopify pet stores that want to stand out among the crowd must include the following key elements to ensure a successful business:

  • Well-designed, user-friendly interface: Like any Shopify store, an online pet store must feature a clutter-free website and provide an intuitive experience for customers. 
  • Durable and safe products: Pet supplies should be constructed from strong, non-hazardous materials. If a certain item breaks, it might pose a threat to our fluffy friends, as the fragments might be unintentionally ingested. PVC as a material is not dangerous, but it may contain traces of phthalates and chlorine, which are proven toxic for animals. 
  • Quality product images and descriptions: A trusted and reliable Shopify pet store should feature plenty of high-quality product images. Additionally, product descriptions should be clear and concise and include the correct product dimensions and materials used. 
  • Excellent customer support: A commonly overlooked aspect of many online stores is a good customer support system, ensuring customers of a trusted service and increased retention rates.  

Do Pet Products Sell Well On Shopify?

In 2020, approximately 20% of pet-care items were sold using ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, with an estimated increase to almost 30% by 2025.

The Pets & Animals category has witnessed a sudden surge in demand on the platform over the last couple of years. Some of the top Shopify pet stores sell and deliver up to 100,000 products globally. 

Conducting your own research on Shopify pet stores can pose quite a challenge. However, the Koala Inspector can be your go-to tool, offering ease and simplicity when exploring the varieties of products on the market.

Are Online Shopify Pet Stores Profitable?

The pet industry expenditures in the US alone reached over 143,5 billion dollars in 2023. Online pet supplies stores in the US generate an average annual revenue ranging anywhere between 1 to 10 million dollars. 

In 2022, the highest-selling pet market category was pet food, with approximate sales of 58 billion dollars.

Vet care supplies and medicine came in second and third place, with sales of around 35,9 and 31,5 billion dollars, respectively. 

Can You Dropship Pet Products on a Shopify Store?

There are plenty of pet-care suppliers globally that allow you to dropship their products easily. Modern technology has allowed meticulous on-demand systems, which enable many vendors a worry-free experience when it comes to having enough products in stock. 

Your Shopify pet store can make sales while the suppliers manufacture, package, and label the products with your branding and ship them to the respective addresses you provide.

There has never been a better time to start your own business. All you need to do is find a good dropshipping supplier, and they will do all the work for a fraction of your revenue.

How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

If you think there’s a store that we missed in our list, or want to carry out further research yourself, you can do this with our custom Shopify spy tool.

Using the Koala Inspector spy tool is incredibly easy. Just click the install link below, or find the link to our Chrome Extension for your browser here.

Simply install the Chrome Extension, open any Shopify store, and click the Koala Inspector extension to open a world of information in just 1 click.

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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