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Top Shopify Clothing Stores

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Ana Gelevska

As global retail sales of apparel continue to increase annually, the fashion industry is also experiencing consistatn growth.

A significant portion of this expansion is occurring in the online sphere, where Shopify is playing a key role for clothing stores. 

If you are looking for new ideas, products, or design inspiration to create or enhance your own online clothing store, we have compiled a selection of the top Shopify clothing stores.

This list of the best 20 Shopify clothing stores are a great place to start for inspiration, as each one acts as an example for building a successful clothing business in the digital space. They showcase a wide range of products, boost user-friendly designs, and provide exceptional customer service. 

To create this list, we used data extracted from our custom Shopify tool, Koala Inspector.

Top 20 Shopify Clothing & Apparel Stores

RankURLStore DetailsDate first Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
1Fashion NovaFashion Nova is a top online fashion store for women, offering a wide range of clothing items. They specialize in club dresses, jeans, shoes, bodysuits, skirts27 Jan 2024>5000$24.34Very High2.19 PREZ CODE SLICE & TIMER UPDATE (Custom Theme)
2Adored VintageAdored Vintage provides a thoughtfully curated selection of women’s clothing inspired by vintage styles18 Dec 2021754$69.18HighWORKING-Q2-SPRING-23 (Custom Theme)
3GoodfairGoodfair specialize in selling second-hand clothing as a way to reduce the carbon footprint7 Sep 2023>5000$16.46HighLive as on 21 feb 2022 (Custom Theme)
4RipndipRIPNDIP offers a unique collection of apparel, accessories, and skate gear, featuring their own iconic designs.29 Oct 20191893$91.28Very HighRIPNDIP2-v50-spring24 (Custom Theme)
5Hiut Denim Co.Hiut Denim Co. focuses on exclusively making high-quality jeans.9 Aug 201965$234.30Very HighHiut Denim Jan2024 (MAIN)
6Taylor StitchTaylor Stitch focuses on classic men’s clothing from shirting, outerwear, denim, and basics.25 Jun 20142847$113.97Very HighMaster (Custom Theme)
7tentreeTentree is a sustainable clothing brand that plants ten trees for every item purchased. They offer a variety of organic clothing options, including casual wear for men, women, and children3 Nov 20174115$52.16Very HighProduction US – AWS Search – Theme A (Custom Theme)
8Roden GrayRoden Gray is a designer store offering a selection of high-end fashion from various designers.24 May 2019965$378.05HighRoden Gray – 2023.12.27 (Custom Theme)
9KerritsKerrits specializes in equestrian apparel for women and girls, offering durable breeches, riding tights, equestrian tops, outerwear, show jackets, and accessories.29 Jun 2018260$77.68Very HighBoost V3 Reinstall – Kerrits/Eql merge – 02/01 (Custom Theme)
10WindsorWindsor makes women’s clothing & fashion accessible from dresses, tops, skirts, denim, shoes19 May 2023>5000$35.99Very HighWK 5 2/27 – NEW MARKDOWNS – FINAL (Custom Theme)
11Black HaloBlack Halo is a clothing store known for its dresses and jumpsuits.27 Jul 2017184$346.46HighPLP Swatches fix | 06/02 (Custom Theme)
12Love LunaLove Luna specializes in period underwear, offering comfortable, washable, and sustainable underwear options, aiming to provide confidence and convenience to women and girls during their menstrual cycle.7 Apr 2020103$28.88Highstreamline – 10/1/24 – AW24 (Custom Theme)
13ZANEROBEZANEROBE offers considered and contemporary men’s apparel, including fashion, streetwear, joggers, T-shirts, and shorts.9 May 20182116$68.23HighPost Black Friday 23 + Yotpo 3.0 Widgets
14JADED LondonJaded London provides global-inspired street style and cutting-edge trends.7 Jul 20231161$44.81Very HighPaul Frank Go Live (Custom Theme)
15UNTUCKitUNTUCKit specializes in shirts designed to be worn untucked, offering a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes.11 May 2016342$85.85Very HighUTK | Presidents Day Sale 2.15.24 (Custom Theme)
16Oh PollyOh Polly is a fashion brand that specialize in dresses that are perfect for nights out, special occasions19 May 2022>5000£37.57Very HighOh Polly by BAO (master) (Custom Theme)
17DKNYDKNY offers a wide range of clothing with modern, urban-inspired designs.7 Feb 2024156$137.79Very HighDKNY 2.12 Campaign – 2.15 Category Updates (Custom Theme)
18Beginning BoutiqueOffer a wide selection of prom dresses, party outfits, casual wear, and swimwear, the store regularly collaborates with influencers on new fashion trends.16 Nov 20183175$47.85Very HighBB PDP launch (Custom Theme)
19Grunt StyleGrunt Style is a patriotic apparel brand that offers a wide range of T-shirts, outerwear, and accessories with military and American pride themes.14 May 20161074$33.20Very Highgs-shopify/main [MASTER] (Custom Theme)
20Juicy CoutureJuicy Couture is renowned for its glamorous and playful luxury casual wear and velour tracksuits.26 Apr 2021753$77.32Very High022124_revert

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Is Shopify a Good Platform for a Clothing Brand?

Shopify stands out as the dominant e-commerce platform, boasting a substantial user base and remarkable expansion.

In 2023, Shopify vendors generated $9.3 billion in revenue during Black Friday sales, with clothing and accessories emerging as the leading sector.

Approximately 22.4% of all Shopify stores specialize in offering clothing items. Therefore, Shopify proves to be an excellent platform for hosting a Shopify clothing store.

How Many Clothing Brands Use Shopify?

In 2023, projections indicate that the global e-commerce fashion industry will achieve a total market worth of US$821 billion. Estimates suggest that by 2027, the industry is anticipated to surpass US$1.2 trillion in value.

As of June 2023, the fashion sector emerged as the predominant user of Shopify, with over 500 000 clothing brands utilizing its e-commerce platforms. 

What Makes a Good Shopify Clothing Store?

First impressions matter the most when it comes to Shopify clothing stores, as they play a crucial role in converting digital passersby into customers.

A thriving Shopify store excels in offering visitors a smooth shopping journey, an intuitive user interface, and powerful marketing strategies to build customer trust.  

In addition, here are some key insights into what makes a top Shopify clothing store:

  • Establishing your presence: Developing an engaging brand identity.
  • Store Design: Creating appealing visuals and layouts.
  • Showcasing your products: Selecting a captivating collection.
  • Promotional tactics: Strategies to retain and attract consumers.
  • Technical Enhancement: Maximizing your Shopify configuration.
  • Client Relations: Fostering loyalty with outstanding support.

Can I Dropship Clothing from Shopify?

The best e-commerce platform for dropshipping entrepreneurs is Shopify. Through Shopify apps, you can directly link your store with vendors across platforms such as AliExpress and Amazon to automate shipping and order fulfillment. Discovering the best Shopify store dropshipper involves factors like shipping efficiency, product quality, excellent customer service, and overall reliability to assure a sustainable and successful partnership. 

Dropshipping on Shopify presents a profitable avenue for both businesses and individuals. Products or services are only paid for by retailers after they are sold to customers, significantly reducing the risk of financial loss or overstocking on products.

Are Shopify Clothing Stores Profitable?

Without a doubt, you can make money selling clothes on Shopify. With the clothing industry valued at over a trillion dollars, there is ample opportunity for anyone interested in entering this market and launching Shopify apparel stores. In the clothing industry there are constant new trends for those who can keep up to date, and master the art of product research.

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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