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Top Shopify Home Decor Stores

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Top shopify home decor stores
Ana Gelevska

The expansion of the online home decor industry is due to various trends. One is the rising favor of e-commerce, which has simplified the process for customers to explore and buy home decor products without leaving their homes.

This convenience has changed how people shop, with more individuals purchasing their home decor items from interior decor stores online.

Establishing an e-commerce store is essential in the home decor market and can offer numerous advantages. You can market your distinctive products to a broader audience while providing flexibility and convenience. 

If you are searching for design inspiration or new products from the best Shopify home decor stores for your e-commerce venture, explore our carefully curated list of the Top 20 Shopify Home Decor Stores in 2024.

These insights are all gathered from our dedicated Shopify tool – Koala Inspector.

Top 20 Shopify Home Decor Stores

RankStoreMonthly Traffic# ProductsAvg Product ValueDate first Product PublishedTheme UsedStore Details
1Pier 1Very High>5000$234.0630 Aug 202301/09/24 P1 BFCM California-Search-Fix (Custom Theme)Pier 1 is a retailer specializing in furniture, home decor, and accessories with a focus on eclectic and globally-inspired designs.
2McGee & Co.Very High>5000$534.853 Oct 20222/27: Indoor Porch STL (Custom Theme)McGee & Co. is a home decor and furnishings brand focused on furniture, lighting, rugs, and decor items designed to bring warmth, comfort, and sophistication to any living space.
3Jonathan AdlerVery High2032$987.786 Apr 20202/29-3/20 – Spring Furniture EventJonathan Adler is a designer known for his modern and whimsical approach to home decor and accessories.
42ModernVery High>5000$1,663.481 Feb 20232Modern-Shopify/main (Custom Theme)2Modern is an online retailer specializing in contemporary furniture, lighting, and home accessories from leading modern design brands.
5The CitizenryVery High606$609.3619 Jun 2014Production (Custom Theme)The Citizenry is a socially conscious home decor brand that partners with artisans around the world to create handmade, ethically sourced products.
6Old Time PotteryVery High0$0.001 Mar 2024Non-ecommerce ThemeOld Time Pottery is a retailer offering a wide selection of affordable home decor, furniture, and seasonal items.
7MagicLinenVery High1912$64.1423 May 2022ML/master (Custom Theme)MagicLinen specializes in high-quality linen bedding, bath, and kitchen linens crafted from natural flax fibers.
8TuckernuckVery High>5000$253.181 Aug 2023release/2.0.0 (Custom Theme)Tuckernuck is a lifestyle brand offering a curated selection of clothing, accessories, and home goods inspired by classic American style and coastal living.
9Burke DecorVery High>5000$237.799 Feb 2024burkedecor-theme-expanse/optimized/theme-v2 (Custom Theme)Burke Decor is an online boutique offering a diverse range of furniture, home decor, and gifts curated from around the world. With a focus on unique designs and quality craftsmanship.
10DormifyVery High1862$102.856 Apr 2018PRODUCTION (Custom Theme)Dormify specializes in stylish and functional decor and accessories tailored for dorm rooms, apartments, and small living spaces. With a focus on compact design and trendy aesthetics.
11Arthouse Medium321£15.7031 Mar 2020Arthouse – Production (Custom Theme)Arthouse offers a curated collection of contemporary art prints and wall decor designed to elevate any living space. With a focus on modern aesthetics and artistic expression.
12MirrorMate FramesVery High160$87.471 Jan 2008Backup from Live (Custom Theme)MirrorMate Frames specializes in easy-to-install frames designed specifically for updating plain, unframed mirrors.
13High Fashion HomeVery High>5000$1,509.978 Mar 2023Highfashionhome – 02-23-24 (Custom Theme)High Fashion Home is a retailer offering a diverse range of stylish furniture, decor, and accessories for modern living spaces. From statement-making furniture pieces to unique decor accents,
14Iron Accents High4112$612.938 Nov 2018Turbo-tennessee – March 13 2023 (Custom Theme)Iron Accents specializes in wrought iron furniture, home decor, and accessories with a focus on rustic and industrial-inspired designs. From ornate ironwork to vintage-inspired accents.
15Jennifer FurnitureVery High>5000$2,031.499 Sep 2020Presidents Day Sale 2024Jennifer Furniture is a retailer offering a wide selection of affordable furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more. With options ranging from classic to contemporary styles.
16Scandinavian DesignsVery High1604$700.675 May 2017online-store/sd-green (Custom Theme)Scandinavian Designs specializes in modern furniture and home decor inspired by the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian design. With an emphasis on functionality, simplicity, and quality craftsmanship.
17ElephantStockVery High>5000$100.1128 Nov 2023Live | v.48.1.0 (Custom Theme)ElephantStock offers a diverse range of wall art and canvas prints featuring nature, landscapes, animals, and abstract designs. With high-quality printing and customizable options available.
18GoodeeHigh614$432.753 May 2019Goodee MAIN (Custom Theme)Goodee is an online marketplace offering a curated selection of sustainable and socially responsible home goods and accessories.
19Decor StealsVery High5,000$60.6810 Oct 2023(Custom Theme)Decor Steals focuses on modern, vintage, rustic and farmhouse decor.
20Inspire Me!High1169$114.2427 Jun 2022
(Custom Theme)Inspire Me! Home Decor offers a wide range of home decor items including furniture for living, dining, and bedrooms.

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Is Home Decor a Good Online Business?

The steadily growing home decor industry presents numerous opportunities for success. In 2024, the projected revenue in the Home Decor Market will reach US$26.62 billion. The revenue is expected to demonstrate an 8.56% annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029), culminating in a projected market volume of US$37.13 billion by 2029.

Shoppers are always looking for unique furniture, artistic wall art, creative lighting, and comfortable bedding to personalize and spruce up their spaces. Better yet, in the era of Instagram and Pinterest, everyone is in pursuit of the perfect aesthetic. It’s all about having a home that’s picture-perfect and inviting. 

Ultimately, what’s critical here is product selection. It’s integral to your success as an online retailer. You need to select and showcase products that speak to your target audience. 

Can I Sell Home Decor on Shopify?

Shopify provides an ideal platform for an online home decor business. Its quick, easy setup process makes it a perfect choice for beginners. There’s also an ocean of themes, both free and paid, geared toward home decor enterprises, allowing your store to carry the aesthetic you envision.

Shopify manages all the backend hassles of managing an online store. This includes inventory management, payment gateway integration, and shipping calculations. While you focus on curating a beautiful collection of home decor pieces, Shopify handles the operational details.

What Makes a Good Shopify Home Decor Store?

To build a successful Shopify home decor store, explore some valuable tricks and tips:

  • Brand identity: A cohesive and consistent brand identity is essential to foster recognition and trust, which leads to improved customer loyalty.
  • Use high-quality product images: Exceptional visuals are crucial for drawing customers to your store. 
  • Craft concise and clear product descriptions: Your description should be compelling and informative.
  • Use Detailed Testimonials and Customer Reviews: Positive testimonials and reviews influence customers’ decisions to purchase, as they show credibility and trust. 
  • Maintain competitive pricing: It is important to offer prices that stand out to customers. Deliver top-notch customer service. 
  • Top-notch customer service: Be attentive and prompt in addressing customer concerns and queries.
  • Easy, user-friendly navigation: Enables customers to easily and swiftly find products or services.
  • Smooth Checkout Process: Easy checkout process enhances the overall shopping experience and diminishes cart abandonment.
  • Optimizing SEO: To attract greater organic traffic and enhance your store visibility.
  • FAQs Page: Significantly reduce common support inquiries and questions.

Is Home Decor a Good Dropshipping Niche?

Yes, home decor is a great dropshipping niche because there is a significant demand for home interior decoration products. This trend doesn’t end anytime soon, making it a promising e-commerce niche. 

Dropshipping home decor has a lot more benefits:

  • A wide variety of product categories 
  • A low initial price that typically results in a higher markup
  • Impulse purchasing as a result of low prices
  • An opportunity to draw design inspiration and create a cool online store with visually appealing products is possible.

How Profitable is Home Decor Business?

Profitability in the home decor business often hinges on various factors. Your ability to capitalize on existing market trends, effective logistics management, robust customer service skills, and the savvy use of available tools – all these contribute to your potential success in the field.

There’s no denying the enormous market scope.

In 2023, the worldwide home decor market was valued at approximately USD $727.6 billion. Forecasts suggest that by 2029, it is expected to grow around USD $1079 billion from USD $777 billion in 2024, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of USD $6.8% between 2024 and 2029.

How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
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