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Top Shopify One Product Stores

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Shopify top one-product stores
Ana Gelevska

A one product Shopify store is a type of store that focuses on promoting and selling a single product or a product line.

Online businesses such as these aim to create a strong brand identity for their products and sell them to their customers with a clear and precise message about them.

There are tons of advantages to having a one product Shopify store.

Ultimately, a one product store has a defined target market is one where you know who your potential customers are, why they would buy this product, and when they would purchase it. 

Data also shows that one product stores have higher conversion rates because it all comes down to that one product that solves a specific pain point or consumer need.

So, if you’re interested in opening your own single-product store, we have researched the top 10 one-product stores using our custom Shopify spy tool, Koala Inspector.

We hope you find our data useful.

Top 10 Shopify One Product Stores

RankURLStore DetailsDate first Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
1SNOOZSNOOZ offers a portable white noise machine designed to promote better sleep and relaxation. 26 Apr 201717$195.59HighSNOOZ RP v3.5.0 040323 (Custom Theme)
2Death Wish CoffeeDeath Wish Coffee is a brand that specializes in producing high-caffeine coffee blends known for their bold flavor and intense caffeine kick. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, 12 Mar 201499$37.95Very HighPRODUCTION | MAIN (Custom Theme)
3EmberEmber creates smart temperature control products, including smart mugs and temperature-controlled drinkware. 15 Oct 201884$90.29Very High3/11 – JL Return (Custom Theme)
4Heraldic Jewelry/Heraldic Jewelry specializes in creating custom-made jewelry featuring family crests, coat of arms, and other heraldic symbols.12 Oct 201516$1,141.34HighNew Brooklyn w/Consultation Form
5Great CookiesThe Great Cookie offers gourmet cookies made from scratch using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes. 24 Nov 2013115$43.08Mediumlaunchpad (Custom Theme)
6BokksuBokksu offers a one-product subscription box service that delivers curated assortments of premium Japanese snacks and candies. 10 Mar 2016386$36.00Very HighExpanse-Box-Theme/main (Custom Theme)
7KulalaKulala offer a handcrafted baby sleep lamp.24 Nov 20213$269.00MediumKulala (Custom Theme)
8NEOSNEOS offers a range of innovative footwear solutions, including waterproof overshoes and protective covers designed to keep shoes clean and dry in any weather condition. 12 Oct 20187$43.50MediumLaunch [November 2020]
9Neck HammockNeck Hammock offers a portable device designed to provide relief from neck pain and tension through cervical traction22 Mar 20241$49.99HighNeck Hammock v2.2 – PDM Edit 12/3 (Custom Theme)
10Madsen CyclesMadsen Cycles designs and manufactures cargo bikes and accessories for families and individuals looking for a sustainable and fun mode of transportation. With durable construction15 Mar 201658$620.73MediumDev Copy of Live theme “Focal” | 04.08.2023

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Can I Sell One Product on Shopify

Yes, of course. You can choose a theme that promotes any kind of product and start selling on your single product website. 

This is the recommended approach for beginners to ecommerce or dropshipping. You should find one product and put in the time and effort to perfect every aspect of the sales funnel.

There are tons of features on Shopify that you can explore in your 1 product Shopify store. Shopify has many features and third-party apps, which makes it easier for single-product stores to operate and maximize their sales.

Should You Open a Shopify Store for Just One Product?

The most significant factor to contemplate is the “quality over quantity” approach. When you focus on a single product, it gives you specific advantages over stores selling numerous items.

Better Marketing Optimization
Marketing becomes highly efficient, as all your efforts can be honed in on promoting a single product. You’ll find it easier to identify your target market, craft a compelling product description, and create a marketing campaign that accurately targets the potential buyers.

Lesser Operational Challenges
Compared to a multiple-product store, a one-product store simplifies operations. Less stock management, reduced shipping complications, and fewer customer support queries are some immediate benefits.

Increased Focus
A laser-sharp focus on one product helps you become an expert for that product. This results in better customer trust, leading to more sales.

High Conversion Rates
Statistics show that a one-product Shopify store tends to have higher conversion rates. Rather than being overwhelmed with choices, customers find it easier to decide when there’s only one product.

Do One Product Shopify Stores Work?

Generally, a one product Shopify store has the highest conversion rates since all the traffic and sales are related to just one product. 

Use our research and data from the list of the top one product Shopify stores to see what  the top stores in the market do well. 

Aim to create the best Shopify one product store by branding it and working on presenting the product visually. The marketing strategy is not overwhelming since you are selling only one product, so you can focus all the attention on marketing and sales

Is a One Product Shopify Store Profitable?

The short answer is yes. Selling one product can create a niche and become an authority in that certain branch of products. So, selling a single product can be just as profitable as running a wide range of products. One-product dropshipping stores can also lower the complexity and risk of the business.

With over 620,000 stores selling less than 10 products thriving on Shopify, a 1 product Shopify store can easily be a hit.  

Remember, keeping your customers coming back is key. This means providing top-notch customer service and building brand loyalty. Don’t forget the power of effective marketing – ads and influencer partnerships can significantly boost your store’s visibility.

Should you only dropship one product?

The beauty of a one-product store lies in its simplicity and dedicated attention, but it requires an extreme focus on a single market.

Your venture’s success depends heavily on the quality, uniqueness, and demand for your product. If your store revolves around a single top-tier product, its success or failure ultimately defines the store’s destiny. On the one hand, if your product solves a pressing problem or has an extraordinary unique selling proposition, you’re likely to attract a loyal customer base.

On the other hand, the risk of failure is high if you don’t maintain the product’s relevance or fail to offer value to customers. Modern online shoppers are informed, super selective, and quickly jump to your competitors if they find a better offering.

How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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