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Top Shopify Antique Stores

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top shopify antique stores
Ana Gelevska

The digital advancements have completely changed the way people buy and sell any product, and that is true for the antiques market too.

A Shopify antique store is the new online place where a collector can sell and buy antiques and unique pieces without leaving their homes. 

The total art and antiques market worldwide increased by 7% in 2023 from the previous year. Overall, the value of the art and antique market totaled around 11.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

Are you thinking about opening an antiques online store? Or need some ideas to improve your current store?

We have created a list of top 20 Shopify antique stores in 2024 to provide you with all the information about what makes a successful Shopify antique store.

The list was created using data found in our Shopify tool – Koala Inspector. We hope you find our data useful for your research.

Top 20 Shopify Antique Stores

RankURLStore DetailsDate first Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
1Gold & Silver Pawn ShopGold & Silver Pawn Shop, featured in the popular television series “Pawn Stars,” offers a diverse array of antiques, collectibles, and unique items. With a focus on buying, selling, and trading.19 May 20223657$2,248.71Very HighDiscount test backup – GSPawn (Custom Theme)
2New Zealand MintNew Zealand Mint is a minting facility and collectibles manufacturer known for producing legal tender coins, bullion, and commemorative coins. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality.19 Feb 2020355$711.47Very High— NZMINT | prod-1-main | Death Star | 1-Mar (Custom Theme)
3Antique ArchaeologyAntique Archaeology, founded by Mike Wolfe of the TV show “American Pickers,” curates a collection of vintage and salvaged goods. 26 Feb 2023151$43.36HighCopy of Live Reformation(Expand Search)
4M.S. Rau AntiquesM.S. Rau Antiques is a renowned gallery in New Orleans specializing in fine art, antiques, and jewelry. M.S. Rau Antiques offers an extensive collection of rare and exceptional pieces, including paintings, furniture, sculptures, and decorative arts.18 May 20182421$133,465.44Very Highrauantiques-theme/Main (Custom Theme)
5Boyle RPFBoyle RPF specializes in vintage and rare collectibles, including toys, action figures, and memorabilia from past decades. Boyle RPF offers collectors a curated selection of sought-after treasures.22 Apr 20183805$420.41HighVenue Theme
6Antique Lamp SupplyAntique Lamp Supply is a supplier of vintage and reproduction lamp parts, components, and lighting accessories. Antique Lamp Supply offers enthusiasts the tools and materials needed to repair and preserve antique lamps and fixtures.7 Sep 20224912$40.94HighProduction (Custom Theme)
7Franklin MintFranklin Mint is a manufacturer of collectible coins, medals, and memorabilia, offering a wide range of limited edition products for collectors. Franklin Mint provides collectors with finely crafted pieces to treasure for generations.24 Sep 2020>5000$404.46HighFranklin Mint [Production] (Custom Theme)
8Chalice CollectiblesChalice Collectibles specializes in rare and exclusive collectibles, including Funko Pop figures, trading cards, and memorabilia from popular franchises. Chalice Collectibles offers collectors unique and sought-after items.5 Sep 20211958$50.94Very HighFebruary 2020 (Shop Pay) – 216 a11y
9Arms & ArmorArms & Armor is a manufacturer of historical and reproduction arms and armor, offering high-quality swords, armor, and medieval weaponry. Arms & Armor provides enthusiasts with authentic pieces for reenactment, collecting, and display.7 May 2019289$409.85HighVenue Theme
10Doyle & DoyleDoyle & Doyle is a renowned jewelry boutique located in New York City. Specializing in vintage, antique, and estate jewelry.4 Nov 2017>5000$4,450.17HighRS: release/DOYLE-v2023.12
11Trees of AntiquityTrees of Antiquity specializes in heirloom fruit trees and plants, offering a selection of rare and historic varieties. 10 May 2019434$50.97HighGalleria (MHT-DEV)
12The Vintage GentlemenThe Vintage Gentlemen offers a curated collection of vintage-inspired accessories and goods for the modern gentleman. The Vintage Gentlemen provides timeless and stylish products for men with a nostalgic aesthetic.20 Sep 2017369$165.54Very HighSpeed Optimized : Turbo – Default (Custom Theme)
13Treasure Valley Antiques & CollectiblesTreasure Valley Antiques & Collectibles is an online marketplace featuring a diverse range of antiques, vintage items, and collectibles. 17 Feb 2023>5000$14.79HighSimple
14Ashton-Blakey AntiquesAshton-Blakey Antiques specializes in English and Continental antique furniture, decorative arts, and accessories. Ashton-Blakey Antiques offers collectors and enthusiasts a curated selection of elegant and enduring pieces.29 Apr 2016491$817.10HighResponsive
15Plastic EmpirePlastic Empire specializes in collectible toys, vinyl figures, and designer art toys from popular brands and artists. Plastic Empire offers collectors a diverse selection of sought-after collectibles and rarities.9 Oct 2020714$36.21HighUpdated copy of Refresh
16Imperial JewelleryImperial Jewellery is a boutique jewelry store based in Australia, offering a selection of fine jewelry and bespoke designs. 9 Jul 20211016$3,624.76MediumUpdated Website (10/01/23) (Custom Theme)
17Vintage OnlineVintage Online is an Australian-based online marketplace specializing in vintage and retro clothing, accessories, and homeware. 14 Oct 2015770$49.67LowMinimal
18Grannies GarageGrannies Garage is a vintage and retro collectibles store offering a wide range of antiques, memorabilia, and quirky finds. With a nostalgic vibe and eclectic inventory.28 Jan 2020485$31.09LowCrave Theme
19Chidori VintageChidori Vintage is a vintage clothing store specializing in curated collections of retro and pre-loved fashion from various eras. 27 Sep 2022>5000$44.03HighChidori Vintage | Volpea | 12 MAY 2023 – OPT (Custom Theme)
20LillicocoLillicoco is an online antique jewelry boutique specializing in unique and collectible pieces from various periods and styles. 9 Sep 20211262£483.95Highlilicoco-shopify-theme-rebuild/live (Custom Theme)

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Is Shopify Good for Selling Antiques?

Antique sellers can set up their vintage shop at Shopify and start selling very quickly and with ease. The platform is easy to use if it is your first time creating an online store. 

Shopify’s various features make it an ideal platform for selling antiques. Product Customization feature, for example, allows you to create detailed and unique product pages. 

As an antique seller, photos and descriptions let you showcase the story behind each antique piece. When you dig into the details, your customers can appreciate the rarity and value of your unique finds.

This could ultimately drive more sales your way. You’re operating an online antique store after all, and your product page is often the first point of interaction between you and potential buyers.

Shopify has customizable templates, different payment methods, and included marketing tools so it is the perfect choice for anyone starting an antiques online business. There is also a good 24/7 support service so if you encounter a problem you won’t be left alone.

Can You Make Money Selling Antique & Vintage Online?

The global antique market is showing continuous growth in recent years, so you can certainly make money by selling antiques and vintage online. 

At the end of the day, if you can ship it, you can sell it online. 

However, it’s not just about posting a picture and price tag, then waiting for the cash to roll in. It requires strategic planning and a platform able to cater to the specifics of selling these unique items. Shopify’s suite of features supports and simplifies this process for you, offering a reliable option for capitalizing on the antique market.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of several revenue streams when you dive into online antique selling. These include not only direct sales but dropshipping partnerships as well. You can curate a selection of antiques from dropshipping vendors who handle inventory and shipping for you or mix both direct and dropshipping sales to diversify your revenue streams.

What Kind of Antique Products Sell Best Online?

In the antique business, knowing what sells online is as crucial as understanding who your target audience is. Products that appeal to a diverse range of customers often perform better. So, what antique products are the hot sellers in the digital space?

Collectible items are a crowd-favorite in the antique world. The category ranges from vintage comic books and traditional games to limited edition coins and stamps. People find value in nostalgia, and collectibles bring back fond memories. With Shopify, you’ll be able to reach both casual shoppers and serious collectors around the globe.

Antique Furniture, while somewhat tricky to manage due to the size and fragility, can be a profitable venture. Pieces from well-known designers or periods can fetch a pretty penny. However, ensure you’ve taken into consideration the logistics of shipping larger items.

Then there’s Vintage Jewelry, a category that has a broad appeal. Many people seek out these timeless pieces for their unique designs and craftsmanship. From decades-old watches to classical brooches, jewelry can make for high-ticket items, especially if they carry a story or history.

In addition, Old Books and Manuscripts can draw a pretty dedicated crowd. First editions, signed copies, and books hundreds of years old have a particular attraction to collectors and book lovers. They are not just purchasing a book; they are buying a piece of history.

While these are good starting points, it’s critical to remember that trends change. What sells today might not sell tomorrow. Constant research and keeping an ear to the ground will help you keep your Shopify store thriving with items that customers want.

If you can master to art of product research, you won’t have a problem finding an antique product to sell online.

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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