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How to Turn Shopify Store to App

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Ana Gelevska

Would you like to Convert Your Shopify Store into a Mobile App? Learn how to turn Shopify store to app with 5 Simple Steps.

As e-commerce platforms like Shopify become more widely adopted and customers start getting used to shopping online, online merchants are looking for inventive new ways to acquire new customers, build a loyal customer base and create a strong and resilient brand. E-commerce mobile applications are now one of the preferred shopping channels, making it imperative for businesses to find inventive new ways to succeed against the digital competition. The statistics reveal a significant shift in shoppers’ behavior: according to Newstore, every 1 in 3 customers in the United States would actually opt to shop via mobile apps, rather than go through other channels to make their purchases. 


What does this mean for e-commerce merchants and Shopify sellers like you? As consumer behavior changes, so should your overall business strategy. Staying relevant is crucial for businesses that want to keep staying successful. A great way to adapt to these changing needs is to turn your Shopify store into a mobile app, so that your customers can shop on the go on your app, amongst other app benefits that can drive growth for your Shopify store


Curious to know what the benefits of hopping on the digital bandwagon are, or unsure why you should even bother to put in the effort to come up with a mobile app for your customers? Here are some reasons why you should consider turning your Shopify store into a mobile app. 


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3 Reasons Why You Should Turn Your Shopify Store into App 


1. Drive Revenue and Attract Sales on Your Shopify Mobile App

More sales channels like a Shopify mobile app will lead to increased opportunities for customers to make a purchase, and an app is always great news for a growing Shopify business like yours. If you are keen to explore new ways to drive revenue and attract sales on your Shopify store, a Shopify mobile app would be a fitting option you might consider exploring. 

2. Improve Brand Loyalty with a Shopify Mobile App

Repeat customers are most likely to continue spending on your products, and creating a Shopify mobile app using a mobile app builder will pave the way to improving brand loyalty.

In addition to that we recommend creating loyalty programs to provide incentives for customers’ loyalty thus increasing repeat purchase rate. A Shopify mobile app is a fantastic touch point to maintain with your customer and to build a thoughtful customer journey through the app, personalized recommendations and the app shopping experience for them. 


3. Maximize Efficiency with a Shopify Mobile App

What’s not to love about an efficient workflow, where you can take the pain out of complex manual processes and automate them instead? Using a Shopify mobile app builder to turn your store into a convenient, interactive app will be a cost-effective method of streamlining order management while allowing you to interact with customers more easily within the Shopify mobile app. 


Shopify sells options


5 Simple Steps to Turn Your Shopify Store into a Mobile App

So you’re on board with the idea of turning your Shopify store into a Shopify mobile app – what next? Here are 5 simple steps to follow. 


1. Decide which Shopify mobile app builder you will use to build your mobile app

In order to build your Shopify mobile app, the first thing you need to do is pick the right mobile app builder for your needs. This is a crucial step that requires careful thought – given that there are so many choices for Shopify mobile app builders available, you might be tempted to just pick the most popular or affordable option. However, it is important to understand what your individual needs are for your Shopify store, before settling on one mobile app builder. 

After having a good grasp of what your requirements are for a suitable Shopify mobile app builder, you can then start using the builder of your choice. 

2. Get started with your preferred Shopify mobile app builder

Once you have picked out the Shopify mobile app builder of your choice, you can then proceed to install it so that it will sync up with your Shopify store. Following this step, you need to set up an account. There are Shopify Certified Partners which allow you to try out mobile app builders for free first on a trial basis, and you should opt for this to see how well it works for you. 

3. Add your Shopify store link to the Shopify mobile app builder

Complete the app setup process by adding your Shopify store link to your preferred mobile app builder, and let it do the work for you by syncing the store to the app. 

4. Make customized adjustments for your Shopify mobile app 

You wouldn’t want to publish a Shopify mobile app just for the sake of having an app, with no real value served to customers or a well-thought process backing each design choice. Instead, you should spend some time customizing your Shopify mobile app layout so that it provides a personalized and unique app experience for your loyal app users and customers. However, if you choose to tweak your app layout, make sure it speaks to your brand’s aesthetic before going to publish it! 

5. The Final Step – Publishing Your Shopify Mobile App

After getting the above 4 steps completed, you can then publish your Shopify mobile app on iOS and Android for app users all around the world to enjoy and use. Now, you can reach millions of customers on the go via your app, as they browse through your product catalogs on the mobile app. 



The 7 Best Shopify Mobile App Builders 

With the variety of Shopify mobile app builders available in the market, how do you choose the best app builder? We have compiled a list of the 7 best Shopify mobile app builders that are listed in the Shopify app store, including Vajro, Shopney, Magenative, Tapcart, Automizely, Mexico and Drobile. 


Varjo shopify app builder


1. Vajro 

With the option of a 30-day free trial, you can try out Vajro, one of the leading Shopify mobile app builders, to see if it aligns with your expectations before you fully commit to its $99/month starting price. Vajro’s capabilities allow you to set up your mobile app easily without coding, building mobile apps for iOS and Android devices easily. 


As an app builder, Vajro boasts notable selling points, such as the ability to use any of its four themes that have been built beforehand. This allows you to tailor your store’s layout and theme colors so that your app accurately portrays your brand personality. Moreover, you can keep your audience engaged with Vajro’s push notifications feature for your app, making sure you keep them up-to-date with your Shopify store’s latest promotions and deals via the mobile app.


You can also engage with Live Selling on your mobile app, allowing you to go live right from the Shopify mobile app to boost engagement. Live streams on your app are also a great way to boost sales, given that past streams can be archived, rewatched, and turned into bite-sized marketing content right from your app. There are many powerful ways to use Vajro to your advantage and meet your business goals, so don’t underestimate how important a good Shopify mobile app experience is in driving sales. 


Vajro integrates with a full suite of apps including Smile.io, Facebook SDK, Sezzle, Google Analytics, Apple Pay, and Avada Size Chart. You can even get full reports on your app, such as your sales and other important data to drive your e-commerce decisions. Lastly, if you ever need to reach out to Vajro staff about your app, they pride themselves on 24/7 support to help you with any difficulties you may face along the way. 




Shopney shopify app builder


2. Shopney

Shopney starts at $99 per month and comes with the option to choose a 30-day free trial. This Shopify mobile app builder markets itself as a great way to have a seamless workflow and is also speed-tested to ensure your online store runs smoothly every time a customer logs on. They even promise up to 5x higher conversion rates, making this a compelling purchase for serious e-commerce store owners who are looking to build the best possible Shopify mobile app. 


With Shopney, you can get your Shopify mobile app launched in 24 hours or less, even if you do not know how to do app design or coding. You can leverage its many unique features – such as the ability to add a countdown timer, launch app-only discount deals, enable faster checkout processes, and send out abandoned cart notifications – to increase sales dramatically


On top of all its features and benefits, a perk to using Shopney is its no questions asked free cancellation policy, allowing you the flexibility to try it out for an extended period of time and not have to commit for the long haul if you are unsure. Shopney integrates with Apple Pay, Klaviyo, LoyaltyLion, Whatsapp, Growave, and Judge.me. 




MageNative shopify app builder


3. MageNative

Built by CedCommerce, MageNative is a Shopify mobile app builder which starts at a very affordable price of $49 per month. Like the other options listed in this article, you can opt for a 30-day free trial to ensure it is the right fit you are looking for. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows easy app design and customization, to facilitate increased traffic and conversion rates to your Shopify store. 


Plus, you get to enjoy an array of features exclusive to the app. These features include augmented reality, which provides a realistic simulation of actual shopping experiences, as well as Instagram integration so your customers can share your products to their Instagram feed live. You can also enable the multi-currency capability to allow customers to easily buy items from your store in their currency of choice, making the process hassle-free, which means improved customer satisfaction. 




Tapcart shopify app builder


4. Tapcart

As one of the pricier options on this list, Tapcart starts at a $250 per month price tag and comes with a 14-day free trial. Its unique selling proposition is in helping customers score more repeat orders, proving that building a Shopify mobile app using a mobile app builder is a great way to improve customer retention. With unlimited push notifications for free, you’ll be able to easily reach shoppers who are already consistently engaged with you, saving you advertising and digital media spending. 


Moreover, Tapcart also paves the way for a seamless one-click checkout experience to speed up orders and enhance the customer experience. Customers can also opt for a range of now-or-later payment options, giving them the flexibility to shop when and how they want to. 


Unsurprisingly, for the steep price point, you’re getting a suite of extra perks with your purchase. For starters, you’ll be in the hands of a dedicated implementation specialist who will champion your growth and help bring you to launch quickly – in just a matter of weeks. Plus, rest assured that a dedicated account manager and in-house designers will take care of all your needs, from design to performance optimization. 




Automizely shopify app builder


5. Automizely 

We’ve covered a range of Shopify mobile app builders which help turn your Shopify store into a powerful mobile app, but what if you’re looking to start selling on up-and-coming marketplaces like TikTok Shop


Automizely Feed powers your e-commerce growth by giving you the ability to sync all your Shopify store details – products, orders, and more – and export them from Shopify to TikTok Shop or your own mobile store. Built and designed to be compatible with a variety of e-commerce mediums, Automizely Feed is your best bet for cross-platform adaptability and growth


If you’re looking for speed and automation, Automizely will fit the bill with its fast bulk listing creation function, which allows you to migrate up to 10,000 products at once. Any and all changes on your actual e-commerce store will also be reflected on TikTok Shop instantly, so your shoppers don’t miss out on any exciting deals. The Feed for Mobile App also comes with a QR code or download link so your customers can download your app easily, making the process easier and incentivizing them to sign up more.


Automizely comes with a free plan available, making it a low-commitment choice for those who are trying out different Shopify mobile app builders in the market. 




Mowico shopify app builder


6. Mowico

Starting at $69 per month, Mowico’s affordable price plan covers a number of core features. With just 3 simple steps – Connect, Design, Publish – users can take their existing Shopify stores to an all-new mobile app format. A dedicated customer success manager will be assigned to you from the beginning, helping you along the way to ensure you get your store set up the way you want. 


Mowico comes with many great features including loyalty points, gift coupons, discount codes, and product subscriptions to boost brand loyalty. Additionally, with AR shopping capabilities, E-wallet support, and hybrid checkout, customers can enjoy an enhanced digital shopping experience. Like many of the other Shopify mobile app builders on this list, you can also send out push notifications with the added ability of in-app messaging, creating the opportunity to personalize your messages to customers and connect with them more deeply. 




Drobile shopify app builder


7. Drobile

Drobile starts at $80 per month and comes with a 14-day free trial, touting itself as the #1 in customer service. It allows you to customize your Shopify mobile app design using their mobile app builder while being able to personalize every element of your mobile app continuously. It comes with the ability to access custom analytics, supports multiple languages and currencies, lets you publish unlimited push notifications to reach your customers, and even has an integrated rewards program for improved customer service. 




koala inspector detect shopify store


Drive Shopify Mobile App Success Forward with the Insights You Need 

Even with an ideal Shopify mobile app builder to turn your existing e-commerce Shopify store into a convenient mobile app, it’s not always clear how you should take your e-commerce growth forward, or how you can work towards profitability that can be sustained quarter on quarter. What you then need to keep momentum going is a functional e-commerce data analytics tool, which provides the business intelligence you need to make informed, cost-efficient, and timely decisions. Any wrong move in the e-commerce space could cost you and set your progress back significantly, so choose the right tool for your Shopify mobile app growth


Introducing Koala Inspector: a powerful and trusted e-commerce business intelligence tool, easily installed as a Google Chrome extension to empower you with transparency, insights to act on, and competitor data you would otherwise not have access to. Koala Inspector’s goal is simple – to provide e-commerce sellers like you with the data they need to thrive. Using their various features such as a Shopify app detector, Shopify theme detector, and ad campaigns analytics, you can then figure out what strategies you will use to grow your new Shopify mobile app and design your loyalty programs and discount campaigns around these insights. 


Get ahead of the competition today with the data you need to inform critical and smart e-commerce decisions. Download Koala Inspector to kick-start your Shopify mobile app success journey! 



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Boost Sales with Data Insights

Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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