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Top 100 Shopify Stores 2024

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top 100 Shopify stores
Ana Gelevska

If you are looking for a new product idea, a new shopify site design, or just looking to get started with your first online store, finding the creme de la creme isn’t always easy. 

That’s probably why you’ve found this page.

We’ve been there before, so we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve scoured the web using our custom Shopify spy tool Koala Inspector and compiled a list of the top 100 Shopify stores that are successful in 2024.

We hope you find our data useful.

And if there is a store you can’t find on this list, or think you might find this data valuable for your own research, feel free to give our Shopify spy tool a try. You can find the link in the banner below.

In no particular order, here are the best shopify websites of 2024. You can filter by columns below.

Top 100 Shopify  Stores 2024

URLIndustryFirst Product Published# ProductsAvg Product ValueMonthly TrafficTheme Used
SanrioPlush & Toys20 Oct 20222874$29.67High02/5/24 HK&F Care Bears x Loungefly (Custom Theme)
ColourPop CosmeticsCosmetics9 Jun 20162174$13.11High12/15 12AM Cheek Stix Homepage Refresh
Steve MaddenClothing21 Aug 20183745$74.44HighAlgolia Dynamic Facets | 2/14/2024 (Custom Theme)
FashionNovaClothing26 Jan 2024>5000$24.37High2.16 TIMER UPDATE (Custom Theme)
JB Hi-FiHome Entertainment15 Nov 2023>5000$208.40Highrelease/20240213.1 (Custom Theme)
Adored VintageClothing18 Dec 2021754$69.18MediumWORKING-Q2-SPRING-23 (Custom Theme)
GlossierFace & Body Care6 Apr 202390$28.25High2/15 | Mini BB | Release 2.29.1 (Custom Theme)
Jeffree Star CosmeticsCosmetics28 Sep 2018276$45.90HighJeffree – max product on PDP (Custom Theme)
KithClothing1 Sep 2023>5000$324.66High02/09 Homepage Refresh (Custom Theme)
AllbirdsShoes1 Nov 2019506$93.85Highfeat_test_images V1109 (Custom Theme)
Leif ShopHome Decor28 Oct 2018>5000$48.59Mediumnew theme larger images [CURRENT/ACTIVE] (Custom Theme)
Pier 1Furniture & Home Decor30 Aug 2023>5000$225.38High01/09/24 P1 BFCM California-Launch-boost… (Custom Theme)
Inside WeatherFurniture & Home Decor5 Oct 2023>5000$1,677.16High2024 RELAUNCH (Custom Theme)
Helm BootsShoes30 May 201490$159.01MediumDawn 2.0 – helm2/master (Custom Theme)
RedDress.comWomen Clothing9 May 2023>5000$35.25MediumLive Release 2/8 (Custom Theme)
The Sophos StoreClothing20 Oct 201498$46.47MediumUpdated Category / Header Images Nov 2022
MagicLinenHome Decor23 May 20221918€55.98HighML/master (Custom Theme)
SnoweHome Decor31 May 201580$398.05MediumProduction v2.0.4 [Remove Gift Wrapping] (Custom Theme)
Emma BridgewaterHomewares & Gifts8 Apr 20191137£43.47High[OS 2.0]Feb 15th 24 – MD Tiered Promo (Custom Theme)
FangamerPlush & Toys, Clothing17 Oct 20082011$22.95HighFangamer V6 (Custom Theme)
G FuelEnergy Drinks5 Nov 2015674$30.74HighG FUEL (Persona 3 Open Pre-Order) 021524 (Custom Theme)
DecathlonClothing10 Oct 20161611$78.64HighNew Master/Live (Custom Theme)
SpigenElectronics2 Apr 2015944$40.00HighSpigen 1/31/2024 S24 Release (Custom Theme)
Bee InspiredClothing16 Nov 2017289$37.01High04-02-24 New Releases (easy size) (Custom Theme)
Mist HubVapes & Accessories14 Dec 20232898$26.05MediumASF – Local Pickup | AU (Custom Theme)
8 VapeVapes & Accessories9 Jul 2020>5000$21.23Higheightvape-shopify/ella (Custom Theme)
RipndipClothing29 Oct 20191887$91.43HighRIPNDIP2-v50-spring24 (Custom Theme)
MorpheBeauty & Makeup Products11 Jan 2015447$15.03Highmr 137 (Custom Theme)
New EraHats & Apparel23 Aug 2023>5000$49.29High[NEW ERA] LIVE (Custom Theme)
RareBeauty.comBeauty & Makeup Products30 Sep 202276$22.91HighRareBeauty/SDG: Production 2 (Custom Theme)
Grunt StyleT-Shirt & Apparel14 May 20161076$33.13Highgs-shopify/main [MASTER] (Custom Theme)
BareMineralsBeauty & Makeup Products26 Jan 2023163$25.51High[US-Production] Latest Snapshot 2.14.2024 (Custom Theme)
Oh PollyWomen Clothing1 Jun 2022>5000£37.47HighOh Polly by BAO (master) (Custom Theme)
SwimOutlet.comSwim Accessories29 Dec 2023>5000$160.94HighPublishThemeClone_20230814 (Custom Theme)
BlackstoneGriddles & Cookware5 Feb 2020396$209.21HighProd + Support Widget (Custom Theme)
Unique VintageClothing10 Oct 2023>5000$80.78High2024-02-16_Presidents_Day_30_Off (Custom Theme)
Vanity Fair ShopGames, Puzzles & Accessories17 May 202331$107.57LowShop-vanityfair-com-fh-3-18-1-oct (banner update) (Custom Theme)
ArhausFurniture & Home Decor10 Aug 2023>5000$2,274.66High[LWS][RC 4.1.1] (Custom Theme)
BodyCandy.comBody Jewelry21 Jul 2023>5000$18.03High[Ethercycle] (Custom Theme)
OlaplexHair Care10 Jun 2014453$28.79HighShopify/release (Custom Theme)
Motel RocksClothing3 Apr 2023>5000£22.85High[1.0.11] Live – 04.12.23 (Custom Theme)
Shop Miss ABeauty & Makeup Products8 Jul 20154746$1.59High6.0.3 Symmetry (With shipping protection)
RayconElectronics26 Nov 201962$73.37High1.22 | PDP ‒ Upsell Mobile Tap (Custom Theme)
Taylor StitchClothing25 Jun 20142874$113.97HighMaster (Custom Theme)
TupperwareKitchen Products1 Jan 1970250$45.36HighTrailBlazer Landing Page (Custom Theme)
1st PhormNutrition5 Nov 2019744$73.03High1ptheme/main (Custom Theme)
Laura MercierBeauty & Makeup Products13 Oct 2022194$28.25High[US-Production] Latest Snapshot 2.7.2024 (Custom Theme)
Ooni USAHome Appliance11 Jul 2022162$145.26HighOoni US – PRODUCTION (Custom Theme)
GiadzyFood & Recipes8 May 2022325$23.76High2/1
Shop Premium OutletsClothing16 Feb 20244710$137.78HighImpulse Active (Custom Theme)
LloydsPharmacyHealth3 Jun 2020200£10.50Highrelease-5.10.0 (Custom Theme)
KeychronKeyboards19 Oct 2019463$75.28HighEnterprise-1111
JackerySolar Panels2 Jan 201964$1,341.66HighUS3.0/main (Custom Theme)
EfavormartLifestyles & Weddings15 Nov 2021>5000$79.38HighTW-S-993-EmbedSurveyInAccount-v1.59.0-24/2/7 (Custom Theme)
OrthofeetShoes2 Sep 2015268$94.39High[Live] Orthofeet 1.0 – 2024 (Custom Theme)
Burke DecorFurniture & Home Decor17 Jan 2024>5000$141.72Highburkedecor-theme-expanse/optimized/theme-v2 (Custom Theme)
4 OceanEco Jewlery & Bracelets18 Jun 2020198$72.27HighPufferfish BOTM + 4th Banner | 31.08.2023 (Custom Theme)
MousDevice Accessories23 Jul 2018218$57.47HighLIVE: Release-2024-02-05
ThirdLoveUnderwear29 Sep 2022221$48.33HighJAKE-TECH-92528-PROD-D2024-02-15T16.09.55-V1.288.0 (Custom Theme)
ProozyClothing27 Jul 20221027$42.69Highproozy-dawn/main (Custom Theme)
Soko GlamBeauty & Makeup Products15 Jul 2013731$29.33HighLIVE THEME – 2022 (Custom Theme)
Tomboy XUnderwear28 Apr 2022673$36.25HighStaging: Graystone & Extra(Custom Theme)
Shop the MintWomen Clothing29 Oct 2022>5000$51.62High2.18 Leggings Start (Custom Theme)
Vessi FootwearWaterproof Shoes15 Aug 2018371$129.23Highvessi-theme/main-us (Custom Theme)
Sunglass Hut UAESunglasses22 Jun 20221051AED 954.07MediumBeyond
HuelNutrition23 Mar 2017128$50.00HighHuel [US][CI][Master] (Custom Theme)
BajaaoMusic Instruments19 Aug 2021>5000₹35,722.77HighOPT | Live Theme – 07-06-2023-Appco … (Custom Theme)
Mavi JeansClothing22 Aug 2017529$85.48High[US-Checkout] Latest Snapshot 2.14.2024 (Custom Theme)
Goulet PensPens & Papers1 Jan 20183444$185.17HighEHS | PRODUCTION — 02.14.24 (RG) (Custom Theme)
waterdrop®Drinks24 Nov 2020140$28.17HighLIVE – Focal 2.0 (Custom Theme)
Melissa & DougWooden Toys6 May 20221048$33.41HighTheme Update 2/13-2/24 (Custom Theme)
Leon’sFurniture & Home Appliance22 Aug 2023>5000$66,775.15HighLeons – Live – v54.8.0
Frankies BikinisSwimwear & Apparel18 Sep 20193111$78.96Highfrankies-shopify/main (Custom Theme)
LashifyBeauty & Makeup Products17 Feb 201889$46.00High[Github CI] lashify-theme/main-build (Custom Theme)
Wildflower CasesiPhone Cases & Accessories30 Jan 20172245$0.53High111723-Wildflower ARD Updates (Custom Theme)
Culture KingsClothing4 Dec 2023>5000$89.18HighCulture Kings USA
Ban.doClothing & Accessories26 Sep 20161922$39.96High3.23 – WHS + No Load More – 2.16.24
KEEN FootwearFootwear9 Jul 2020222$197.09MediumIcon
PacificaBeauty & Makeup Products7 Feb 2018335$20.31High02-06-24 Haircare Launch Post-PI (Custom Theme)
HALO BEAUTY Beauty & Makeup Products30 Dec 201717$29.91MediumCM – 12.19.23 – Free Anti Aging (Custom Theme)
Pura Vida BraceletsBracelets18 Nov 20131078$18.60HighProduction (Custom Theme)
Alo YogaYoga Leggings & Clothing24 Oct 20172469$8,216.58HighScheduled Settings: Sat 8PM [2024-02-17] (Custom Theme)
Timbuk2 Bags & Backpacks21 Apr 2018147$88.37HighEDC Small Bags 2024 (Custom Theme)
CALPAKLuggage & Bags13 Jul 202299$426.53High[Feb 14] Post-Galentine’s Day (Custom Theme)
Nature MadeNutrition16 Jul 2019181$21.83Highnaturemade/release/24.03-2 (Custom Theme)
Sunday Riley Beauty Skincare29 Dec 201665$55.66High2023-Feb-28
UNTUCKitClothing11 May 2016342$85.85HighUTK | Presidents Day Sale 2.15.24 (Custom Theme)
King IceMen Jewlery & Chains20 May 2016695$240.98Highnew years 2023 (sale)
Natural Baby ShowerBaby Products & Gifts6 Jun 2022>5000£200.81HighExpanse v4.4.1 (Custom Theme)
Teddy FreshClothing9 Nov 2021255$70.63HighFebruary 2/5/24
mnmlClothing27 Mar 2018810$54.18Highmnml/BFCM Launch 2 (Custom Theme)
Vaport DNAVapes & Accessories13 Dec 20181385$25.82HighSWIFT – OPTIMIZING [SWIFT-OPTIMIZING] Loyalty Dev (Custom Theme)
Glorious GamingGaming Products & Accessories29 Jun 2014158$46.37HighLive Theme (Tagged Branch) (Custom Theme)
GaiamYoga Leggings & Clothing5 Apr 2017389$41.89HighWE’VE MOVED 5.1 (Custom Theme)
Deering BanjoMusic Instruments3 Oct 2013445$107,329.70MediumImpulse 7.2.0 ARTIST PAGE | SC [SL] | 21.July.2023
The Pi HutElectronics4 Jul 2019>5000£15.76HighTPH 2022 v7.5 / Search Update (Custom Theme)
Vincero CollectiveWatches23 Oct 2016397$1.96Highvincerowatches/main (do not unpublish) (Custom Theme)
SoylentNutrition8 Feb 201967$102.47Highsoylent/main (Custom Theme)
Vital ProteinsHealth6 Jun 201752$30.18Highv1.1.213 (Custom Theme)
KeySmartPocket Key Organizers & Key Holders4 Sep 2013112$34.43Mediumkeysmart/main (Custom Theme)
Skinnydip LondonClothing28 Apr 20221932£1675.69Highskinnydip/master (Custom Theme)

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How To Use The Koala Inspector To See Shopify Store Data

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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