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How to Sell NFT’s on Shopify?

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Ana Gelevska

TLDR: What You Need to Know About NFTs

NFTs are non-fungible tokens – irreplaceable, unique units of data stored on the blockchain. They represent ownership of an original digital file. Think of collectible art pieces – anyone can make and replicate the Mona Lisa, but only the Louvre has the original.

Similarly, the content minted as an NFT can be copied, but only the holder of the NFT owns the original and can prove it.


NFTs: The Digital Game Changer

With the first NFT minted in 2014 and the initial boom of the CryptoKitties game in 2017, NFTs have become a digital game changer. Most NFTs are minted and then traded through blockchain wallets and on NFT markets. Different tokens and cryptocurrencies are used depending on the market, such as OpenSea and Nifty Gateway.


Sell NFT’s on Shopify – Why NFTs Matter

NFTs allow artists to retain rights to reproduction and the copyright of the art, but the holder of the NFT is the owner of the original copy. The blockchain-backed digital ledger that records NFT transactions not only provides proof of original ownership but also enables the tracking of NFT resales.


Selling NFTs on Shopify

Letting Art Speak for Itself

Minting your digital art and content as an NFT and selling it lets your work speak for itself on an open market platform, directly to your consumers. The prices and tracked transactions of NFTs are also empowering and fairly compensate artists, for the initial sale of their work and the royalties from resales, which can be life-changing for many.

NFTs do not repeat the problems of the current market for digital content; it solves them. By getting on board with the trends, and new market developments and finding the best platforms to sell them, you can get ahead of the curve and sell more effectively to start profiting early.



Sell NFT’s on Shopify: What’s in it for business owners like you?

NFTs and conventional e-commerce are not that different; both involve the transaction of goods and services over an electronic network, typically the Internet, with NFTs being digital rather than physical products.

E-commerce is extremely popular, with common platforms like Amazon and Shopify providing easy access to consumers everywhere, but at the cost of non-secure transactions and rampant copyright infringement and creative theft.

NFTs, on the other hand, are minted and traded on secure platforms and backed by blockchain technology and tracking of transactions, providing credit and compensation to artists and creators. However, cryptocurrency and NFT markets tend to be difficult to navigate.

E-commerce makes NFTs more accessible to those unfamiliar with the complexities of crypto and NFT markets, while NFTs address gaps in conventional e-commerce.


NFTs on Shopify


NFT’s on Shopify

 Online entrepreneurs are always looking for the most fuss-free option to get their business running. Established and popular ecommerce sites are perfectly suited to the transaction of NFTs, but not all provide a platform for it.

If you are like us and are long-time users of Shopify, who love how convenient and intuitive the user interface is, you would be delighted to know that its NFT platform is one of the first e-commerce platforms for NFTs. It makes joining, buying and selling on the NFT market as easy as selling anything else on Shopify. 

Here are some ways in which Shopify makes the experience seamless for NFT buyers and sellers alike:

Minting and Listing on Shopify

Instead of joining an NFT market and going through the hassle of learning the ins and outs of the crypto exchanges, you can simply mint and list your NFTs on popular blockchains via Shopify’s partner apps.


How to Sell NFT’s on Shopify?


Transactions with an Ease of Mind

 Those minting and selling NFTs do so through their own customized, branded websites with checkouts, which often adds costs due to complexity and regulations. Alternatively, trading on established NFT markets comes at the cost of control over your brand, checkout experience, and data and analytics.

With Shopify’s NFT platform, you can get down to the sale of your creations without such complications, while retaining much of the control over the whole transaction process and access to key information.



Secure and Easy Checkout and Payment

Not all payment providers support selling NFTs, while those that do accept only cryptocurrency. This requires buyers and sellers to first purchase volatile crypto coins before they can trade NFTs.

By using the Shopify NFT platform, payment can be accepted via Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, crypto payment gateways, credit/debit cards, or even claim their NFTs via email and add them directly to their crypto wallets.

The Shopify NFT platform is a simple, familiar one where an established customer base meets security and sale tracking, backed by established and increasingly common-use blockchain technology: a perfect solution for digital art and content transactions.


Simplify the Process: Leverage Useful, Data-Driven Tools

In addition, the growing popularity of eCommerce and platforms like Shopify is a great opportunity for sellers and would-be sellers to reach as many consumers as possible, wherever possible.

However, that also means that competition is growing just as quickly. This can be confusing and off-putting and honestly, we get it – it’s a little overwhelming, and what exactly is any Shopify seller and their store to do?

Luckily, we have just the tool for you.


koala inspector for NFT's


Koala Inspector – The Winning Tool to Inspect and Get Insights

 Using data-driven tools can help simplify the process and make it a lot easier to find success selling NFTs on Shopify. With the Koala Inspector, we get you all the information you need from any given Shopify store to benchmark price points and strategize winning marketing efforts.


Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Ultimately, the straightforward and familiar platform provided by Shopify makes the process of minting and selling NFTs is as simple as selling just about anything else, as outlined by Shopify.

With the use of blockchain technology backing NFTs, it’s about as good a guarantee of original ownership as you can get, especially with digital art and content. Selling your NFTs on Shopify is very much having your cake and eating it too.



Sell NFT’s on Shopify – Get Ahead of Competitors in the NFT Market Today

And as with anything you buy and sell through e-commerce, competition grows quickly and fiercely. With expertise gained from being established eCommerce sellers, we at Koala Apps can help. Your unique NFTs and Shopify store will get that competitive signal boost with the market researching power of our Koala Inspector, which gives you key information on your Shopify competitors.


Start converting customers, one NFT at a time

Get in touch with us to figure out what a competitive edge looks like for you and your business, especially in a new market!


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Boost Sales with Data Insights

Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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