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Next Generation of Shopify Videos

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Shopify Videos
Ana Gelevska

If you want to enhance your Shopify store with more captivating Shopify Videos, read this article.

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, video significantly impacts the industry. According to Wyzowl, 89% of people say that watching a video has convinced them to make a purchase.

This makes videos a highly motivational tool for increasing sales.

There are plenty of video platforms that can help you integrate video into your store. This makes finding the one that fits your e-commerce or dropshipping needs challenging. But here we will discuss why choosing a video platform designed for e-commerce, such as Videowise, is the right choice for you.

Let’s deep-dive into the benefits of creating Shopify Videos and an e-commerce video platform and find out how a platform like Videowise can help you increase your engagement and conversation rates.


benefits of using a video platform


What are the benefits of using a video platform specially designed for e-commerce?

A video platform created for e-commerce and Shopify Videos knows what problems a business owner faces and brings solutions to the store’s engagement and conversions while being user-friendly.

Let’s see some of the benefits a video e-commerce platform can offer you:


1. Enhance customer experience with Shopify Videos

Captivate your audience’s attention and prolong their time in your store, including engaging videos.

Quiz or form videos keep your shoppers actively engaged on your platforms and enhance their overall customer experience.

Quizzes and lead capture form videos are not only a way of increasing shoppers’ time on your site, but they can also be a valuable source of gathering first-party data about your audience’s preferences.

Asking your shoppers for feedback in a quiz video is entertaining and captivating and offers insights on improving your products.


2. Improve your site’s SEO 

Shopify Videos enhance website ranking on search engine results pages. Adding shoppable videos to your store creates an interactive and engaging experience for visitors, increasing the time spent on the site.

Search engines like Google see user engagement metrics like time on site as an essential factor for a website’s authority. When users spend more time watching videos, it signals to search engines that the content on that site is valuable and relevant.

Ranking higher can make it easier for your prospects to find your store, thus increasing your organic traffic.


3. Time-saving, scalable distribution

Imagine having thousands of product pages and how manually inserting Shopify Videos on each one may seem overwhelming and time-consuming. It could take you weeks of tedious and repetitive work. 

However, with Videowise, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Its bulk action feature comes to the rescue, saving you time and effort when adding or removing videos from your store.

Now, you can effortlessly select multiple videos at once and automatically integrate them across thousands of product pages.

Videowise streamlines this process but keeps you well-organized and in full control over your content distribution.


4. Higher reach through omnichannel distribution with Shopify Videos

Your Shopify Videos shouldn’t just remain on your store, and with Videowise’s capabilities, you can distribute them everywhere you want on other websites, emails, or social media platforms.

You can even take this further by adding QR codes on your product’s packaging that redirect your shoppers to how-to videos, tutorials, or any other types of videos you want.

Sharing your videos everywhere expands your audience reach and increases viewers’ engagement. In the video below, you can also check all aspects essential for creating a successful Shopify store: 



5. Valuable customer insights with Shopify Videos

Do you know who you’re selling to? The more you know about your customers, the better you can create products for them, market your products, and eventually sell them. A platform designed for creating your Shopify Videos for e-commerce needs knows the importance of this factor.

Getting deeper insights into customer behavior, trends, and patterns helps you make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Metrics such as video sales or watch time provide a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions and the pace at which conversions happen.


6. Zero impact on your store

When adding videos on-site, most business owners fear loading time since 47% of consumers expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds.

Not meeting this standard can affect your store traffic, as 40% of people will abandon it if the pages don’t load in less than 3 seconds.

Since this is a common problem among e-commerce business owners, Videowise ensures its videos and video widgets have zero impact on your store’s page.


7. Designed for mobile

In the era of mobile-first consumers, where 45% of global consumers shop online from their phones at least once a day, having a mobile-friendly store is not an option anymore. It’s a necessity.

A well-optimized mobile store ensures that customers can easily navigate product pages, view images, and complete the checkout process with minimal effort. This builds the store’s credibility and increases the chances of conversion.


8. Seamless integration of Shopify Videos with other e-commerce platforms

The advantage of using a video platform designed for e-commerce is that it integrates with top e-commerce platforms: Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Shopify Plus.

It helps you offer a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Shoppers can purchase directly from your Shopify Videos without having any issues during the checkout process.


What is Videowise


What is Videowise?

Videowise is an e-commerce video platform that helps brands and retailers create interactive and shoppable video experiences in online stores. to increase engagement and uplift conversion while having zero impact on page speed.

With a platform such as Videowise, you save hundreds of hours of manual work embedding Shopify Videos on all your store’s pages in just a few minutes with bulk action features.

Videowise takes pre-built components to a whole new level of versatility and creativity. You can import your YouTube videos, Reels, and TikToks and turn them into branded interactive videos with no code skills required.

The platform introduces a comprehensive video widget theme gallery that offers diverse layouts to suit various content needs and goals. Additionally, these layouts encompass a wide range of interactive experiences that go beyond traditional video playback:


  • Background Video

Embed videos as dynamic background elements to captivate users’ attention and create an immersive experience.


  • Carousel Formats

Videowise has four types of carousel formats that enable you to showcase multiple videos or products visually engagingly.


  • Video Gallery

Create a visually appealing gallery of videos that users can explore and interact with.


  • Product Photo Component

Seamlessly blend product photos with video content to create engaging product presentations.


  • Single Video Display

Highlight a single video in a customizable format that aligns with your website’s aesthetics.


  • Interactive Stories

Offer interactive story formats in various styles, allowing for engaging storytelling and content consumption.


  • Pop-Up Videos

Implement pop-up videos that attract attention and provide viewers with focused content.


  • Responsive and Adaptive Design

Videowise’s video widgets are designed to adapt to any device or screen size, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience across platforms.


  • Brandable and Swipeable

Videowise’s widgets maintain your brand’s identity and are designed for intuitive navigation through swipe actions.


  • Headless Page Compatibility

Videowise’s widgets are compatible with headless pages, providing flexibility in integration and technical setups.


Leveraging videos on Shopify or any other e-commerce store keeps shoppers engaged for longer and increases their desire to purchase. Due to Videowise, shoppers can buy directly from the video, simplifying checkout.

Not knowing whether your marketing efforts are leading toward more sales can be frustrating. Videowise’s powerful analytics tool shows you relevant information about your video performance, time spent on site, and number of video orders.


Videowise vs. traditional video platforms


Videowise vs. traditional video platforms

Traditional video platforms weren’t built for e-commerce, and as a result, they lack attention to some important aspects, such as page speed, interactivity, or analytics.


1) Impact on page speed

Videowise excels in one crucial aspect from the get-go: it exerts zero impact on page speed.

Thanks to its small script size, the videos don’t affect the store speed, as happens to a video platform like YouTube or Vimeo, which offers a reputation for high-quality video hosting rather than optimizing site speed.

Embedding YouTube videos can significantly slow page loading and compromise user experience due to third-party scripts and data consumption.

But Videowise takes a fundamentally different approach.

Videowise ensures unrivaled site speed and enhances the user experience in a way that YouTube can’t match. Videowise promises up to 5X faster load times than traditional video platforms and keeps its promise.

This exceptional speed is achieved through intelligent lazy loading components, a strategic technique where videos are loaded only when they come into the viewer’s viewport. This optimizes initial load times and guarantees instant engagement for your visitors.


2) Video interactivity options

Regarding interactivity, platforms like Vimeo offer clickable calls to action (CTAs), shoppable links, quizzes, and overlays. Videowise offers all this and more.

Videowise takes interactivity to a new level. Its conversion-centric design, advanced customization, seamless branding, lightning-fast playback, and various interactive elements position our platform as an exceptional choice for online retailers looking to provide immersive, engaging, and conversion-driven video experiences.

Unlike other platforms, Videowise allows seamless integration of shoppable products, clickable links, quizzes, compelling call-to-actions, and lead capture forms directly within the video player. 

This means viewers can engage with products, make inquiries, and even complete purchases without navigating away from the video itself.


3) Video analytics

YouTube provides standard video metrics such as views, watch time, engagement (likes, shares, comments), click-through rate on annotations, and basic demographic data about viewers. 

These metrics offer a general overview of video performance and audience engagement but don’t offer detailed insights to understand the entire customer journey and optimize conversions.

In contrast, Videowise offers a comprehensive suite of analytics that goes far beyond traditional video platforms. It provides deep video performance insights encompassing every stage of the customer journey. This enables businesses to understand viewer interactions and behaviors that directly lead to conversions.

Videowise’s analytics include detailed engagement and conversion reports, offering insights into how viewers engage with your videos and the impact those engagements have on conversions.

It tracks the entire customer journey from view to purchase, providing a holistic view of how videos contribute to your sales funnel.

The platform’s enterprise-level data processing ensures that every viewer’s behavior and interaction is captured at a granular level. This means you can analyze viewer interactions with a group of unparalleled detail, allowing for data-driven decision-making.


future of video e-commerce with Shopify Videos


Unlock the future of video e-commerce with Shopify Videos

In a world where e-commerce reigns supreme, video’s power cannot be underestimated, especially in Shopify Videos.

Videowise is a game-changer for online businesses. It helps them enhance their customer experience, boost their SEO with videos, save time by providing seamless distribution, and provide valuable insights.

Traditional video platforms for creating Shopify Videos certainly have their merits. However, in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, Videowise is a clear frontrunner. Using a video platform designed for e-commerce helps businesses create engaging, interactive, conversion-driven video experiences to drive sales.

So, if you’re ready to supercharge your store and unlock the full potential of video, Videowise is your trusted partner on this exciting journey. 



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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