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Peeksta: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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Ana Gelevska

If you are thinking about taking your dropshipping business to the next level, then this article is for you. There are many product research tools currently available. It can be confusing to decide where to start and which one to use and Peeksta may be the solution you are looking for.

One product research tool which offers some added extras, especially when it comes to creating online ads, is Peeksta. So let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Peeksta in 2024.

Peeksta was started by Kamil Sattar, also known as The Ecom King. Kamil has received much acclaim as a successful entrepreneur in the world of e-commerce. Let’s have a look at what his dropshipping product research tool has to offer.

We know that finding winning products is the key to a successful dropshipping business. But that is just one part of ensuring your online shop is a success.

Coming up with creative ad campaigns and keeping an eye on the latest social media trends are also vital! But doing this can become energy and time-consuming. That’s where Peeksta comes in.

Peeksta draws on The Ecom King’s experience and success with its all-in-one platform. Peeksta promises a product research tool that’s got you covered in every way. But is it really all that?

Before you decide to try Peeksta, let’s consider how this tool might help you find winning products to grow your dropshipping business


How does Peeksta work


I. How does Peeksta work? 

Let’s start by looking at how Peeksta works. And more specifically, why it can help you find winning products and improve sales for your e-commerce startup.

Peeksta is a comprehensive product research tool. It uses a variety of functions to help you start and grow your dropshipping business. Peeksta is aimed at small and medium startups. 

It has lots of handy functions that will help you spy on competitor stores. But since there are so many other similar platforms currently available, what else makes Peeksta so special?

Here are some of the most note-worthy ways in which Peeksta makes the cut:


  • Track Shopify sales with Peeksta 

Tracking sales from other Shopify stores is one of Peeksta’s core features. You can use this data to understand your target market’s buying patterns.  You can also uncover the latest trends and access critical metrics.


  • Quick access to Facebook and TikTok ads

Peeksta offers up-to-date data and access to the latest Facebook and TikTok ads. You can find links to the ads on the products.


  • Explore new products with Peeksta 

This function allows you to explore new winning products for your dropshipping venture. 

You can also set the filters to narrow your product search down. There is an easy-to-access link to each product store. 

Use the links to find ideas for new products and fresh alternatives that have done well in other Shopify stores.

The links to competitor stores will also help you decide which Shopify stores to track.


  • Advertising Campaigns Are Taken Care Of

Using the latest in AI, Peeksta has an AI-powered product description writer. This means that you don’t have to spend your precious time coming up with detailed product descriptions. 

Not only that, but Peeksta also offers you a video-ad generator and thumbnail ad generator.

Using these tools requires no expertise. Peeksta has streamlined the process for you. 

Peeksta promises high-quality professional results that are guaranteed to capture the attention of your audience.

Peeksta will also guide you with Facebook ad targeting and who your audience is. This may be helpful if you know what you want to sell but aren’t sure who your target market is.


  • Store Explorer

With Peeksta, you will have access to sales information from over 100,000 dropshipping stores.

This function also allows you to use filters to narrow your search down. You may choose to filter by sales prices, best-selling items, or other specific categories.

With information about the performance of other stores, you can grow your dropshipping business quickly. You can stay ahead of the curve, see which stores are doing well and why, and pick your winning products with confidence.


How to find winning products with Peeksta


II. How to find winning products with Peeksta?

Let’s take a look at how to find winning products for your Shopify store with Peeksta.

Peeksta’s team of trained professionals creates a curated list of winning products, offering you an idea of which products are trending.

Peeksta also offers a daily update of their product of the day.

This function is not exclusive to Peeksta, as most other product research tools available at the moment offer something similar. 

Also, beware of being too quick to follow the winning product suggestions. You don’t want to be trying to sell something that everyone else is also selling.

The information from the likes and shares received on TikTok and Facebook ads will also give you ideas of current trends, and what kinds of products people are currently interested in.

You will have to actually click on the product ad to check how many views, likes, and shares it has. Using this information you can determine whether you want to sell the product or not. 

Finding the right supplier is also key to finding winning products. Many online stores are now selling products from China, which means that deliveries can take 6-8 weeks. Not ideal if you are trying to get your products to customers as quickly as possible. Keeping up with the latest trends means quick deliveries.

Peeksta will help you find suppliers local to the US and UK. So if you are dropshipping to clients in these two parts of the world, this function is priceless. You will be able to keep your customers happier and your business running smoothly without delays.


Should I Use the Free or the Paid Peeksta plan


III. Should I Use the Free or the Paid Peeksta plan?

Peeksta only offers a paid plan – which can either be paid monthly or annually. Monthly you are looking at $20, and for the annual subscription, it is currently $150.

Peeksta doesn’t offer a free trial period or free option with limited access. So it is wise to do your research before deciding if you want to use this platform. 


Pros and Cons

While there are many features of Peeksta that one may love, there are some aspects that could be improved.

  • Pros

One of the top features is the Ad generator and Thumbnail ad generator. This is especially useful if you don’t have much experience creating video ads. The ad tools are also great if you have high-resolution photos but no time to spend creating ads. 

Peeksta’s TikTok Spy tool is especially helpful if you want to run ads on TikTok. That, along with the thumbnail ad generator, makes for a sterling match.

While there is no free option for Peeksta, the monthly or annual subscriptions are really affordable.

Their web-based interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can access all the basics you will need to start your small-to-medium dropshipping business in one place.

  • Cons

While the subscription is affordable, there is no free trial or free version of Peeksta available. This means that you have to do your research and watch some Youtube reviews to really know what you are going to be paying for.

Users of Peeksta have commented that Store Explorer doesn’t offer an option to sort stores by orders or revenue. This function would be helpful in order to find really successful stores to track. 

While Peeksta does offer access to UK and US-based dropshipping suppliers, you need to search for this information. There is no filter for suppliers. You actually have to click on the product to see the supplier. You will then be able to see the expected delivery time. This exercise can be tedious and time-consuming. 

While the links to existing TikTok ads are useful, you are not necessarily being shown viral ads. You are simply being shown product ads. You will need to click on the ad and check its likes, views, and shares yourself.

Peeksta doesn’t offer much in the way of resources or links to any social media on its web-based platform. 

This is surprising considering that it was founded by The Ecom King who has a Youtube following of about 449k subscribers, and plenty of Youtube tutorials available on his personal channel. 


From Zero to Hero With Peeksta 


IV. Conclusion – From Zero to Hero With Peeksta 

Peeksta is one of the many product research tools currently available to help grow your e-commerce business.

While Peeksta does have a lot to offer, especially in the way of its ad generator, you may find that it falls short in some areas.

Consider using an app, such as Koala Inspector, alongside Peeksta, to ensure greater success with your dropshipping business. Koala Inspector offers helpful client support, which makes up for Peeksta’s shortfall in this area.



Koala Inspector Chrome Extension also helps you find the best products and the best prices, so you can go straight to selling winning products. It is a must-have e-commerce tool that can provide extensive data on all Shopify stores. 

Are you serious about making lots of money and growing your online shop? Then using Peeksta and Koala Inspector together will be your superpower and the key to your success. 




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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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