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15 Best Shopify Spy Tools To Stay Ahead Of The Competition

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Shopify spy tools 2023

Shopify spy tools allow e-commerce sellers to analyze what their competitors are doing. They can also assess the success and failures of competitors. Hence, Shopify store owners will be able to adopt proven strategies and avoid costly mistakes. 

BuiltWith reports that there are over 4.1 million Shopify stores worldwide. More stores are vying for customers’ attention and the landscape is becoming much more competitive. Therefore, having access to insights and data is more crucial than ever. 

Facing such stiff competition in digital markets, how can Shopify store owners ensure they are meeting their business objectives? The answer is simple. To obtain key information on competitors, you can use a Shopify spy tool. These are also known as Shopify scrapers or Shopify store analyzers

Are you curious to learn what the 15 best Shopify tools for 2023 are? Read on and find out more. We will identify the best spy tools which you can use to succeed. Thrive with your Shopify store in the new year. 


I. What is Shopify Spy?

Firstly, it is important to understand what a Shopify spy tool is. These tools enable e-commerce store owners to analyze how competitors are performing. They achieve this by allowing users to obtain insights. This can be done with just the click of a few buttons. These include product lists, Shopify themes, Shopify app detection, ad campaign data, and more. 

With the right Shopify spy tool, you can set up a successful marketing campaign to increase sales. You can also detect Shopify themes and apps used by your competitors. Hence, you will be able to integrate them wherever necessary to grow your business. 

We know the value of finding this information, so that’s why we have custom-built our own Chrome extension, Koala Inspector. Koala Inspector comes with a built-in Shopify theme spy feature that shows you any Shopify theme in the click of a button.



II. Shopify Spy – Which options do you have?

There are lots of Shopify spy tools in the market, ranging from free to paid options. To pick the right tool, you need to understand your e-commerce needs. Do you prioritize digital marketing strategy? Or is finding a Shopify theme more crucial for you? Depending on these needs, you can then choose the best fit. 

We have compiled a list of the 15 best choices to pick from. 


koala inspector shopify spy tool

1. Koala Inspector

Koala Inspector is trusted by over 100,000 users. It is one of the best Shopify spy chrome extensions in the market. It delivers consistently high-quality insights for free. Made for dropshippers and Shopify store owners across product niches, this tool reveals all your competitors’ e-commerce secrets. You will have access to features including Shopify apps, themes, newest products, bestsellers, monthly traffic visits, sources, ad campaigns, and find retailers. Using this tool, you can reach your goals faster, without needing to compromise quality and convenience. 

Pricing: Koala Inspector’s features can be enjoyed completely free of charge forever. You will be able to leverage its Shopify spy functionality. The best part? You do not need to fork out a significant amount to use this tool. If you want to get the most out of it, you can also opt for its paid options. 

All paid plans include a 3-day free trial. This lets you test out its capabilities before subscribing. The Professional Plan is priced at $7.99 per month. It includes 10 export CSV credits, 10 find retailers credits, 20 site traffic credits, 20 ad campaigns, and tracking for 3 shops. On the other hand, the Ultimate Plan, priced at $19.99 per month, comes with unlimited use of all features, alongside shop tracking for 50 stores.


Free for life: You can use Koala Inspector for free, for a lifetime. As a result, you can invest in other aspects of your e-commerce business. This helps optimize growth

Full-suite solution: Eliminate the need for multiple apps and extensions. Instead, use Koala Inspector as an integrated Shopify store analyzer. It gives you all the data you need in one place. Use a reliable Shopify store analyzer to find themes, apps, ad campaigns, products, and more. 

24/7 customer support: You will never have to struggle alone when you use Koala Inspector. This Shopify spy tool comes with round-the-clock customer support. The Koala Inspector team will address your queries at any time. You can always seek advice and assistance whenever necessary, to get the most out of your Shopify store’s features.


Shopify spy Bigspy

2. BigSpy

BigSpy touts itself as the best and cheapest spy tool to detect ad campaigns. It supports more than 9 platforms. These include Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Pricing: To try out BigSpy, users can opt for a limited-time Pro plan at just $1 for 3 days. Following this, the subscription starts at $99/month for 1 user. If you do not require more advanced features like featured ads analysis and top charts, the Basic plan will fit the bill. You can purchase it for just $9 per month (1 user). Finally, for large teams, $3,600/year covers an extensive array of features alongside multi-account seat support. 


Enterprise support: Large teams oftentimes require sophisticated solutions. BigSpy offers enterprise support for these teams. This solution can ensure that their complex e-commerce needs are sufficiently met. 

Support for multiple platforms: Whether you’re detecting ads on up-and-coming platforms like TikTok or gunning for more established social channels like Facebook, BigSpy has coverage for multiple ad networks. 


Lacks functionality beyond ad detection: If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, BigSpy offers only ad detection support. It does not contain other features. This might mean you will need to download other extensions and tools to make up for its shortfalls. 


Shopify spy SpyFu

3. SpyFu 

SpyFu is focused on Search Engine Optimization and pay-per-click campaigns. With this tool, you can quickly tap into resources for competitor analysis, SERP analysis, keyword research, and more. 

Pricing: SpyFu’s basic monthly plan starts at $39/month. The professional plan comes up to $79/month. While the basic plan offers limited results (up to about 10k rows of search results and 6 months of historical data), the professional plan stretches beyond these limits. You can access unlimited search results and data, accessing data that spans more than 10 years. 


30-day refund policy: This Shopify store analyzer gives customers 30 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. This policy gives customers the opportunity to try out the product. They can then assess if it meets their needs and expectations. If the customer is not satisfied with the product within the first 30 days of use, they can request a full refund.

Benefits to SEO and PPC insights. SEO and PPC insights reveal which keywords and phrases are most successful at bringing in new leads. These keywords and phrases can then be targeted in website content and advertising initiatives. 

This data may be utilized to increase the website’s visibility and search results by making modifications. Furthermore, businesses may increase traffic to their website by optimizing them for search engines. As a result, sales and revenue growth.


Lack of extensive features. A Shopify spy tool like SpyFu that focuses just on SEO and PPC does not provide a comprehensive set of features. As a result, it may be unable to give users a comprehensive picture of their competitors’ operations. This results in insufficient or unreliable information. It will hence affect a company’s performance. Business owners may be unable to keep up with their competition in terms of tracking and assessing their online performance. This is especially the case if they do not have access to a comprehensive range of tools.


Shopify spy Xpareto

4. Xpareto 

Xpareto allows users to look at the best-selling items of their competitors and analyze their business methods to learn more about their strategy. Users may easily acquire this knowledge using the tool by following a few straightforward steps.

Pricing: Since Xpareto can be accessed without an account on its website, it is free and does not require a subscription. All visitors can leverage its features to get ahead without needing to sign up. 


Cost-efficiency: Shopify spy tools which require a monthly fee tend to be much more expensive than Xpareto. Hence, individuals searching for more affordable solutions may find this browser-based application more appealing.

Compatibility: In comparison to an app extension, Xpareto may be more compatible with a larger range of operating systems. This improves accessibility for e-commerce business owners who may prefer other operating systems. 


Limited functionality: Xpareto is solely available as a website. A Shopify spy tool app extension often provides more flexibility, simplicity of use, integration, and performance than a Shopify spy tool that is exclusively accessible through an internet browser. An app extension may be more capable of integrating with other tools and systems. Users that rely on several tools to manage their business may find other apps more useful and efficient as a result.


Shopify spy PowerAdSpy

5. PowerAdSpy

Description: Want to gain a comprehensive understanding of your Shopify competitors? Keen to find out how competitors are coming up with their dropshipping ad strategies? PowerAdSpy provides the answers to your burning questions. Using PowerAdSpy, you can monitor ad campaigns across a range of platforms. You can also use filters to find targeted and specific keywords for your needs. Hence, you will be able to identify the best-performing keywords and geographical regions to target your ad campaigns. 

Pricing: PowerAdSpy offers 7 different types of plans across free and paid options. Aside from the free plan, the basic plan starts at $24.50 per month. The paid plans go all the way up to the Palladium plan, at $174.50 per month. 


Drive great and targeted ad campaigns: PowerAdSpy allows businesses to see what competitors are doing, in terms of advertising and how effective their campaigns are. This helps businesses identify opportunities and make informed decisions about advertising strategies. By analyzing the targeting strategies of competitors, e-commerce business owners can better understand their audience and target their campaigns more effectively.


High cost: Some of PowerAdSpy’s plans can be expensive, which may not be cost-effective for all businesses.


Shopify spy chrome extension

6. Shopify Spy

Shopify Spy is a Shopify scraper tool and Shopify store analyzer. It allows you to easily export your findings and product listings from competitors as CSV files. Following this, you would be able to open up these CSV files in Excel to extract the data you need. This process can be done in a matter of minutes and is extensive, providing all product listing fields. It offers a great amount of flexibility for different users, available for download on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. 

Pricing: Shopify Spy has solutions for every budget, just like the other Shopify spy tools on this list. However, the free plan limits search for up to 100 products. This may be insufficient for larger e-commerce stores. In this case, business owners may consider upgrading to the Premium plan for $29/month or $199/year. 


Export as CSV. If you love compiling your data neatly on Excel and getting data-driven information conveniently, Shopify Spy efficiently scrapes product lists as CSV files. It does so without requiring an extraordinary amount of app permissions. 


Limited features. Shopify Spy is best used as a Shopify scraper, extracting thousands of products at one go. However, if you’re looking for a Shopify spy tool that offers more, you might want to consider other options. For example, it is not capable of detecting Shopify themes and apps easily, which may hinder your comprehensive e-commerce growth goals.


Shopify spy commerce inspector

7. Commerce Inspector

Want to get instant access to products and prices from your Shopify competitors? All you need to do is download and use Commerce Inspector. Commerce Inspector is a Shopify spy tool and Shopify store analyzer, which offers information on product availability, pricing, and delivery alternatives. Using this tool, you can obtain useful data and make e-commerce business decisions with confidence.

Pricing: Commerce Inspector’s pricing structure gives users access to a shared set of features. The main difference between the free plan and its choice of 4 different tiers of paid plans is the number of stores it can track. Additionally, sophisticated features like shop-level revenue, product-level revenue, and top and trending product lists can only be accessed via paid plans. Its paid solutions start at $29 per month and go up to $149 per month, and offer unlimited data for 3-30 stores depending on your plan. 


Track price changes: Curious to see how prices change over time in competitors’ stores? You may monitor product pricing on numerous e-commerce websites with Commerce Inspector. Stay informed of price changes as they occur by configuring alerts to reflect them.

Comparison tool: Users may evaluate the costs and features of items on various e-commerce websites using Commerce Inspector.


Lack of flexibility: Once you decide to subscribe to a store, you must commit to this decision for a 30-day time window. You will not be able to switch this store out for a different one. According to Commerce Inspector’s website, this is to avoid allowing consumers to repeatedly subscribe to and unsubscribe from shops, giving them access to more data than is permitted by their subscription.


Shopify spy BuiltWith

8. BuiltWith 

BuiltWith is a Shopify spy tool that covers three pillars of analytics and insights: lead generation, market share, and sales intelligence. By providing coverage across these segments, this Shopify store analyzer helps you understand important data points which define your competitors’ success. Its other features include global data coverage, report filtering, and cyber risk auditing. 

Pricing: While BuiltWith is completely free when used to detect metrics on standalone e-commerce sites, using additional features requires a subscription. For starters, the basic plan starts at a hefty $295 per month, and the Pro plan goes up to $495 per month. Its team plan at $995 per month offers unlimited access for enterprise teams, which may be the most prudent option on the list. 


Extensive reports: BuiltWith allows users unlimited report downloads without constraints, with the ability to export these as CSV files in Excel. These lists also contain a full spectrum of data that is integral to your business intelligence needs


Pricing: BuiltWith’s price plans can be pricey for teams on a budget and may not be the most cost-efficient option available. For e-commerce beginners and novice dropshippers, committing to a plan which costs upwards of $295 may feel like a significant expense at first. 


Shopify spy-Shopify App Detector by Fera.ai

9. Shopify App Detector by Fera.ai 

Do you need to find out which Shopify apps your competitors are using? Or do you want to find out what Shopify theme is best when it comes to maximizing conversion rates? Find out which apps and themes are being used by a Shopify store easily with this Shopify App Detector. 

Pricing: Shopify App Detector by Fera.ai is free and will not require users to sign up for a subscription, removing the need for extra charges. This is great news for e-commerce business owners who would appreciate the flexibility to try out the tool, without needing to pay a substantial fee monthly. 


Find the best apps and themes instantly: Optimize your time and eliminate the need for time-consuming research when you use Shopify App Detector by Fera.ai. With this Shopify spy tool and Shopify store analyzer, you can find out what apps and themes are used by your competitors in a fuss-free and organized manner. 

Easy to Install: To install Shopify App Detector by Fera.ai, all you need to do is visit the Google Chrome web store and find the extension and add it to Chrome. You can start using the extension instantly and find out what apps and themes you should consider downloading quickly. 


Limited capabilities: Considering that Shopify App Detector by Fera.ai specializes in detecting Shopify apps and themes, you won’t be able to get other features you may need with this tool. While other Shopify store analyzers like Koala Inspector include a full suite of features, Fera.ai’s offering is less comprehensive. 


Shopify spy - Shopify Theme Detector

10. Shopify Theme Detector

Experienced e-commerce sellers would know that building a Shopify store is no easy feat. To complicate matters further, there are thousands of themes to choose from. That’s why a Shopify theme detector is useful for every budding e-commerce entrepreneur. It reveals which themes your competitors are using, and all you have to do is key in the link of the selected Shopify store. These simple steps will generate the results you’re looking for, revealing information that is usually obscured from public view. 

Pricing: Shopify Theme Detector is free to use on the web. You will just need your competitor’s Shopify store link. The tool will return the relevant results with no hassle. 


Easy to use: Learning how to use complex e-commerce tools can be quite a hassle. Thankfully, Shopify Theme Detector is relatively easy to navigate and the learning curve is rather straightforward. 

No costs incurred: Unlike some other Shopify spy tools on this list, Shopify Theme Detector can be used completely free without installation. On its website, you can run diagnostics to find out what Shopify theme is being used immediately. This is a great option for novice sellers. Those who want a quick yet painless and cost-effective solution will find it useful.


No paid plans to choose from: While Shopify Theme Detector’s cost-efficiency is a huge plus, there are no paid plans for those who seek a more advanced tool for their needs. 


Shopify spy - Uuspy

11. Uuspy 

Uuspy is a free Shopify spy tool and Shopify store analyzer. It enables e-commerce store owners to examine and follow competitors’ sales strategies. You may use it to determine your competitors’ best-selling items, most popular categories, and daily sales volume. Additionally, you can use it to remain updated on competitors’ sales performance and order statuses.

Pricing: Uuspy can be installed at zero cost as a handy Chrome extension. 


Real-Time Tracking: Look no further than Uuspy if you’re looking for a tool that can track how your other competitors are performing. You can see which orders are being placed in real-time, giving you an idea of how frequently orders are coming through. 

Understand best-selling products: Scoping the market is essential to win at the e-commerce game. With UUSPY, you can keep an eye on your competitors. This lets you exceed their performance by identifying their top-selling products and hottest product categories. You can also find out how much sales are transacted daily.


Lack of dedicated customer support. Uuspy’s website lacks information on how you can reach customer support live, and there is no support service being advertised. 


Shopify spy - PPspy

12. PPSPY 

PPSPY helps Shopify store owners analyze competitors’ stores and identify best-selling products. Hence, they can use these insights to make more informed decisions for their businesses.

Pricing: PPSPY can be utilized for free with no hidden charges. There are also no paid plans, meaning the experience is consistent throughout for all users.


Detailed store analysis: PPSPY doesn’t just provide the basics. It goes above and beyond to offer an extensive range of information. These include identifying Facebook and TikTok ad pixels. Other tools on this list do not frequently offer such detailed analysis. 

Ability to download Shopify reviews: Trust is a crucial instrument to winning customers over. That is why PPSPY’s Shopify review download function is useful. You can easily import Shopify reviews for existing competitors’ products right into your store with ease. 


No ad campaign detection: Digital marketing strategies are essential in driving business success. Therefore, PSPY’s lack of ad campaign detection limits its full potential. 


Shopify spy - Shopify Raise

13. Shopify Raise 

Built by the FindNiche team, Shopify Raise can be used to inspect competitor stores and to decode their tactics which help them gain revenue. This Shopify store analyzer and Shopify scraper give you data on store analysis, products, live sales, reviews, apps, tools, and more. 

Pricing: Shopify Raise does not feature any paid plans. Users can utilize its full suite of features, all for zero cost. 


Product tag analysis. Not every e-commerce spy tool available has this feature, but Shopify Raise allows you to conduct product tag analysis. This helps you find out how your competitors are tagging their products. It is great for cataloging and organizational purposes.

Free of charge. Running an e-commerce store is an expensive endeavor. You can keep costs low with Shopify Raise. This Shopify spy tool does not require exorbitant fees to download. 


Lack of a Shopify theme detector. A great theme makes all the difference in creating a superior shopping experience. Unfortunately, Shopify Raise lacks a theme detection feature.  This makes it difficult to find out which theme competitors are using. 


Shopify spy - Ali Hunter

14. Ali Hunter

Ali Hunter brings together a range of useful Shopify spy features in one place. You will be able to explore best-selling items to decide what to sell to your customers. Moreover, you can use the tool to find the best-reviewed products. This ensures you are able to meet your customers’ demands and keep them satisfied

Pricing: You can try out Ali Hunter for the first 7 days for free. Thereafter, you will need to subscribe to one of its payment plans. These are the Startup plan, Growing plan, Professional plan, and Enterprise plan. The prices for these plans are $19, $29, $49, and $99 per month, respectively. 


All-in-one solution: As we have established, comprehensive tools are ideal for e-commerce sellers. Ali Hunter brings all its features under one roof. You will no longer need to switch between apps and extensions to complete your competitive analysis. 

Assess trustworthiness: Ali Hunter’s seller credibility feature gives you the autonomy to choose the best sellers in your niche. This ensures you work with only the best suppliers available.


No free plan: Beyond the 7-day free trial, you will need to subscribe to Ali Hunter for a monthly fee. This may not be the right choice for e-commerce store owners who have a tight budget. 


Shopify spy - Ecomhunt

15. Ecomhunt 

Ecomhunt’s premise is simple: use it to find out what the best new products are. With its respective tools and resources, Shopify store owners can find ways to get ahead. Whether you want to find new products, Facebook ads, or Shopify apps, you can achieve any of these with this Shopify spy tool. 

Pricing: Ecomhunt is 100% free and incurs no extra charges. There is no need for users to subscribe to enjoy its many features. 


Comprehensive: ​​Ecomhunt’s Shopify spy chrome extension is one of many offerings available on the company’s website. It merges several features conveniently, so you can start spying on your competitors effectively. 

Free of charge: Don’t feel like forking out a fortune on your e-commerce store? With Ecomhunt, you can save money on spying on competitors. 


Manually added: According to Ecomhunt, winning products are added manually every day. This means there is a lack of a smart algorithm. Updates may be slower and laggier than other Shopify spy tools on this list. 


III. Shopify Spy Tools F&Q


I want to use a Shopify spy tool or Shopify scraper. Is a free or paid one better?

It depends. If you have a large team, enterprise plans may be more useful. Paid plans also tend to include more features. For bigger teams and more established stores, we recommend considering a paid option. 

Is an all-in-one Shopify store analyzer better? Or should I have different tools for different features?

All-in-one tools are better. Save yourself the hassle of downloading multiple extensions and apps. You can achieve your goals with just one comprehensive tool. Such tools like Koala Inspector save you time, effort, and money. You should opt for these instead of downloading apps separately. 

Can I succeed without Shopify spy tools, Shopify scrapers, and Shopify store analyzers?

You might be able to. However, thousands of sellers use these tools to succeed. To get ahead of your competitors, you need crucial data and insights

What do I do with the insights?

Shopify spy tools, Shopify scrapers, and Shopify store analyzers provide you with competitor insights. Using these, you can either modify your strategies or implement new tactics. The possibilities are endless. You just need to decide how to improve your business with these insights. 

Is a Shopify spy chrome extension useful?

Yes! They are convenient and easy to use. They are featured within your browser. You do not have to launch an app separately. Everything is included in one place. 


Conclusion – Shopify Spy Tools

In conclusion, Shopify spy tools, Shopify scrapers, and Shopify store analyzers help accelerate your e-commerce expansion. You can reach new heights with ease with access to data and insights. Stop guessing what your competitors’ best-selling products are. Start acting immediately!

Download Koala Inspector today to fuel your business growth. It contains many features rolled into one convenient Shopify spy chrome extension. Use it as a Shopify scraper to get your hands on information quickly. 



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