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Dropshipping with Oberlo Chrome Extension

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Ana Gelevska

No matter where you are in your Shopify, Amazon, or AliExpress dropshipping journey, one thing is for sure – you need reliable apps, tools, and extensions to make the process easier. With millions of Shopify sellers worldwide, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll cover all things you need to know about one of the best tools available in the market: Oberlo Chrome Extension, a Shopify app that can dramatically improve your business.


I. All About Oberlo Chrome Extension

 Think of Oberlo Chrome Extension as an all-in-one digital hub for dropshipping businesses like yours. Made by Shopify, the app boasts an impressive statistic of over 100 million products sold. Whatever your goals are with your dropshipping store, Oberlo Chrome Extension promises to help you kickstart and drive your dropshipping business. Oberlo users can opt for a free plan to start with, and there’s also a “Boss Plan” going for $29.90 per month to help you get in the groove of selling on Shopify and AliExpress.


dropshipper think of oberlo chrome extension


Why would I need Oberlo Chrome Extension for my dropshipping business on Shopify?

 If you’re a seasoned dropshipping business owner who’s familiar with all the tricks of the trade, you might not immediately understand why Oberlo Chrome Extension is a great pick for new dropshippers. However, because of Oberlo’s comprehensive features and seamlessly intuitive interface, it provides new dropshippers with a great way to get into the flow of dropshipping. They can access learning materials, manage shipping and fulfillment, and import products to their stores easily.

Keen to find out more about Oberlo Chrome Extension’s impressive array of functions and how they can help elevate your e-commerce business? Read on.


II. Oberlo Chrome Extension’s Features

 Oberlo Chrome Extension comes with a wide range of features for all dropshipping sellers: beginners, advanced and intermediate. With all features neatly consolidated on one platform, you no longer have to juggle between different tools. Oberlo Chrome Extension covers shipping and fulfillment, sourcing for products, and managing order tracking amongst other useful features which we’ll discuss in this section.


You don’t have to pay a cent with Oberlo Chrome Extension

Don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles? If you just need the basic tools to get started, Oberlo Chrome Extension starts with a completely free plan for all users. You don’t even have to key in your credit card details! It’s easy to create an account and get familiar with the tools you need to make your dropshipping business a rousing success.


You can find all the hottest products to sell on Oberlo Chrome Extension

No idea what you should be selling, or what’s popular with shoppers at the moment? With Oberlo Chrome Extension, the tough work of doing market research is already done for you. You can instantly obtain useful data that tells you what the most popular products are, which products show great potential and which products could sell well on platforms like Shopify and AliExpress.


You can navigate Oberlo Chrome Extension in 6 different languages

If you prefer using your own language to navigate Oberlo Chrome Extension, here’s some good news: Oberlo Chrome Extension offers 6 different languages! You can pick between English, German, Italian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, or Spanish.


You can add multiple users to Oberlo Chrome Extension

Want to form a team to help run your dropshipping business? Scaling an online side hustle starts with knowing when and how to delegate work effectively. If you’re outsourcing your workflow to virtual assistants, you’ll be pleased to know that you can easily add multiple users to your Shopify store.


You can automate bulk orders on Oberlo Chrome Extension

Bulk orders are always great news until you realize how much work it can take to manage and fulfill them. Oberlo Chrome Extension eases the challenges by helping you with bulk order automation so that you can conveniently fulfill multiple orders with just a click. Now you can attract, sell and fulfill bulk orders on Shopify painlessly!


You get real-time updates on Oberlo Chrome Extension

We live in the information age, so it’s important to stay abreast of what’s happening. Oberlo Chrome Extension provides real-time stock and price updates so that your customers will know if products are sold out. That way, you’ll never have to stress over manually updating your data ever again.


cart page mobile app in real time


You can customize all of your listings on Oberlo Chrome Extension

Don’t like how a product is being listed as-is? You can customize them with Oberlo Chrome Extension so that your Shopify store is tweaked in just the way you like. Starting with your product photos, first impressions matter, so you’ll want to take some time to make sure you get all the details finely adjusted.


You can import product reviews from AliExpress to your Shopify store with Oberlo Chrome Extension

Social proof is the best marker of credibility, especially on platforms like AliExpress. With Oberlo Chrome Extension, you can import all product reviews directly from the AliExpress listing onto your Shopify store. You can easily leverage the feedback customers have left on the AliExpress listing to build trust and drive sales. Customer reviews on AliExpress are especially crucial in a rapid e-commerce space where users want to buy trusted and reliable products. Make sure you convert interested visitors into engaged shoppers with this underrated AliExpress product reviews feature.


You can pick and change AliExpress suppliers easily with Oberlo Chrome Extension

Why put all of your eggs in one basket when Oberlo Chrome Extension comes with a wide variety of suppliers to choose from on AliExpress? Oberlo Chrome Extension will list an extensive amount of AliExpress suppliers which sell your product of choice. For each product, there are also bound to be many AliExpress suppliers, making it a simple, fuss-free process for you to choose or change suppliers.


How you can start using Oberlo Chrome Extension?

If you’re sold on Oberlo Chrome Extension’s utility and comprehensive suite of features, the next step is figuring out how you can get started.


Step 1: Join Oberlo for Free

As we’ve mentioned, the great thing about Oberlo Chrome Extension is that joining Oberlo is completely free! Head over to their site and click “Become a member” on the homepage. You’ll be greeted with a screen that looks like this:

If you prefer, you could also head on over to the Shopify app store to join Oberlo directly. You will see the screen below, and all you have to do is click “Add app” to get started.

Oberlo Chrome Extension 3


Step 2: Connect Oberlo Chrome Extension to Shopify

If you opted to “Add app” directly on Shopify in Step 1, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, if you chose to sign up on the Oberlo home page, you can head over to the Admin dashboard on Oberlo to connect the app to your Shopify store.

Oberlo Chrome Extension 4


Step 3: Identify the products you want to sell with Oberlo Chrome Extension

You won’t ever have to manually search through products on AliExpress for your dropshipping business when you’ve connected Oberlo Chrome Extension to your Shopify store. You can just head to the Oberlo marketplace, which comes preloaded with selections from AliExpress that can be filtered into product categories that fit your niche.


Step 4: Find suppliers Using Oberlo Chrome Extension

Depending on your comfort level, Oberlo Chrome Extension allows you to connect with three different groups of suppliers. The first is Oberlo Suppliers, which are manually checked by Oberlo’s team and are as legitimate as it gets. This ensures that you’re working with the very best and that the suppliers won’t flake out on fulfilling your orders when push comes to shove. We recommend going with this option.

The second type of suppliers are Verified Suppliers, which must meet Oberlo’s strict criteria and metrics:

  • Processed at least 1,000 orders;
  • On-time delivery rating of at least 95%;
  • The dispute rate must not exceed 2%.

The very last type of supplier is AliExpress suppliers. While this may be an enticing option as AliExpress sellers typically sell their products at very cheap rates, especially in bulk, you need to be wary when you work with AliExpress suppliers. This is because these AliExpress suppliers, unlike Oberlo and Verified suppliers, are not checked by the Oberlo team. We recommend perusing reviews from AliExpress customers and scrutinizing the AliExpress seller’s feedback rating, AliExpress feedback history and any relevant information on AliExpress shipping before you decide which AliExpress supplier to work with.


Step 5: Import products to your store with Oberlo Chrome Extension

Once you’ve completed the first four steps, what you want to do next is to select the option to “add to import list”. Immediately, you’ll be able to compile an import list of products to be added to your store. It’s really that simple!

Do note that while using the free plan, you will be limited to importing a maximum of 500 products monthly.


Oberlo customer support representative provide service to dropshippers


Robust Customer Support: Connect with the Oberlo team directly

When it comes to picking the best tool for your business, useful features are a must, but there’s another crucial make-or-break factor that you should consider. We’re talking about Customer Support: how easy it is to get a hold of a team member, and how easy it is to get your query answered.

Oberlo prioritizes users’ needs and makes help accessible to all. With the Oberlo Help Center, which is essentially a user forum where you can post your doubts, troubles and queries, Oberlo’s staff members respond enthusiastically to help resolve and troubleshoot any issues. The Oberlo Help Center provides the assurance you need to know that you’re in good hands.

From setting up and managing your Oberlo account to your Oberlo store setup and fulfilling orders on Oberlo Chrome Extension, you’ll find all the answers you need from Oberlo’s team here. All you need to do is post your question and wait for a reply from the Oberlo community.


Oberlo Blog

If the Oberlo user community and forums aren’t quite enough to satisfy your curiosity on all things dropshipping, the Oberlo team has also put together a useful repository of resources on Oberlo. The Oberlo blog comes with loads of information you need to get started on your dropshipping business. Oberlo’s ultimate Shopify dropshipping guide outlines a step-by-step action plan to get you started, while their guide on how to find the perfect products for dropshipping will ensure you start off your journey on the right foot.



III. Oberlo’s Limitations

Every Shopify tool comes with its own set of limitations, and Oberlo Chrome Extension is no exception. Here are some limitations with Oberlo that you might want to take note of so that you make the best choice for your dropshipping business.


Oberlo Chrome Extension only works with Shopify stores

If you’re looking to integrate Oberlo Chrome Extension with your workflow on AliExpress, Amazon, or similar marketplaces, you’re out of luck here. Oberlo Chrome Extension is a Shopify-created app that works exclusively with the platform for maximum accessibility, ease of use, and integration of all features. That means that you’ll only be able to use it with Shopify and might have to look elsewhere if you’re an AliExpress or Amazon seller.


Each Oberlo account can only work with one Shopify store

If you’re quite the hustler and have multiple stores going, you should know that each Oberlo account supports only one Shopify store. You won’t be able to manage multiple Shopify stores on your Oberlo Chrome Extension dashboard, much less automate your workflow consisting of several businesses using this tool. You could create individual Oberlo accounts for each store, but it is entirely up to you to decide if it is worth going through the process. For dropshipping sellers on Shopify who enjoy using Oberlo Chrome Extension and appreciate its functionality, creating a few Oberlo accounts might be a viable option and a great workaround.


You can only import AliExpress products with Oberlo Chrome Extension

AliExpress comes with an incredible selection of products and categories, all of which are priced very reasonably. However, if you’re not keen on relying solely on AliExpress as a marketplace to source your products, Oberlo Chrome Extension might not be the right fit for you. Oberlo Chrome Extension works only with AliExpress products for its AliExpress product import feature. Plus, given that only AliExpress products are available, you may be dealing with highly competitive products since other Oberlo sellers will be shown a similar selection.


You can only import products in USD on Oberlo

This will probably not be an immediate dealbreaker for most Shopify sellers who are looking to list AliExpress products, but with Oberlo Chrome Extension, you can only look at USD prices when you import products. This may involve some hassle on your end, as you’ll have to manually convert the currency. Even then, you’re still able to sell products in your currency of choice on Oberlo.


You can only use Oberlo Chrome Extension on Google Chrome

Needless to say, since Oberlo is a Google Chrome extension, it will not be compatible with other browsers like Firefox or Safari. If you prefer to use other browsers, you’ll need to download Google Chrome to harness the full set of features that Oberlo Chrome Extension offers. Similarly, Oberlo Chrome Extension only works on Windows and Apple OS, so if you happen to use other operating systems, you might want to look elsewhere.


Buying process with credit card using Oberlo


Oberlo Chrome Extension Price Plans

As we’ve stated, you can start using Oberlo Chrome Extension for free if you’re on a tight budget, or if you’re just getting started. Oberlo is a great pick for Shopify sellers who want to experiment and see how Oberlo Chrome Extension can help with their new dropshipping stores. The best part is that Oberlo Chrome Extension’s free plan comes with zero obligations. You won’t be pressured to upgrade to higher price plans unless you decide, of your own accord, that you need better features.

If you find that you need better functions, you can go all out and choose Oberlo’s subscription plans, which go up to $79.90 per month.


Oberlo’s Basic Plan

Oberlo Chrome Extension’s Basic Plan comes at a price tag of $29.90 per month. It allows you to sell up to 10,000 AliExpress products on Shopify, the ability to manage up to 500 orders monthly, manage bulk orders, monitor shipments, and more.

Oberlo’s Pro Plan

If your business has grown beyond 500 orders a month and you’re looking for a solution with some serious capabilities, the Orberlo Chrome Extension’s Pro Plan is where it’s at. At $79.90 per month, you get unlimited orders, the ability to sell up to 30,000 products from AliExpress, manage more than one staff account, and even the integration of CAPTCHA. There is much to marvel over with this option, which really gives you the full range and power that Oberlo Chrome Extension has to offer for Shopify sellers like you.


Use Oberlo Chrome Extension to its Fullest Potential with Koala Inspector

While Oberlo is a great Google Chrome extension for Shopify dropshipping sellers looking to list AliExpress products, there are ways to use it to its fullest potential. We recommend using Oberlo Chrome Extension with Koala Inspector to help bring it out the very best of this tool.


IV. Why use Koala Inspector with Oberlo Chrome Extension?

Simply put, Koala Inspector makes up for Oberlo Chrome Extension’s shortcomings. Oberlo Chrome Extension allows you to run your Shopify dropshipping store and import AliExpress products with ease, but it does not allow you to spy on your competitors to get ahead of the competition.

That’s exactly where Koala Inspector shines. Koala Inspector prides itself on empowering e-commerce sellers on Shopify, AliExpress, Amazon, and other dropshipping marketplaces with data-driven information. With these findings and data, you will be able to strategically make decisions to improve your dropshipping business.


Dropshipper takes a look and spy his competitors


Koala Inspector’s Features:


* Shopify Theme Detector & Shopify App Detector

Handy features that Oberlo Chrome Extension doesn’t include our Shopify app and theme detectors. Both of these are essential in identifying the apps and themes that have worked well for your competitors, and which are able to improve conversion rates.

Rather than painstakingly going through themes and apps manually, then going through a trial and error process to determine which is best for your Shopify store, you can leave it all to the Koala Inspector. Koala Inspector will automatically detect what Shopify apps and Shopify themes other stores are using, and you can use this information to improve the layout and tool integration on your own Shopify store.


* Export CSV Functionality

More than 80,000 users who have downloaded the Koala Inspector are able to tap into its Export CSV functionality, which allows users to compile product lists and export them with just the click of a button. If you’re a fan of nifty hacks like this which can reduce the time necessary to run your store and get the data you need, we think that the Koala Inspector will be just the tool you need.


* Detect Ad Campaigns

Digital marketing efforts are the foundation of every successful dropshipping store on Shopify, Amazon, AliExpress, and other marketplaces. Without strong marketing plans and efforts, you won’t be able to gain much traction in oversaturated e-commerce spaces. With Koala Inspector, you can detect all of your competitors’ Google ad placements to understand their ad strategies.


* View Shopify Competitors’ Traffic Data

Another great feature that Koala Inspector boasts is the ability to view Shopify competitors’ traffic data, so you know exactly how much better other stores are performing. You can then also understand the gaps you need to address in order to catch up and beat the competition.



If you have your eyes set on dropshipping success, look no further than Oberlo Chrome Extension and Koala Inspector to fuel your e-commerce dropshipping business’ growth! Download Oberlo Chrome Extension and Koala Inspector today to kickstart your journey to online entrepreneurship, and let both tools do the hard work for you.


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