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5 Best Ecommerce Facebook Groups

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Ana Gelevska

Ecommerce Facebook groups provide online store owners an opportunity to link up from across the globe and build relationships for sharing advice. We’ll cover the benefits of joining Facebook ecommerce groups, the qualities to look for when deciding which groups to join, and introduce you to some of the best Shopify groups currently on Facebook.

Why Join Ecommerce Facebook Groups?

Every industry has networking events, professional associations, and even monthly newsletters to connect its members for sharing ideas and discussing new industry trends. Why would ecommerce be any different?

Facebook groups act in the same way as other more traditional resources by providing these professional benefits:

Networking Opportunities – Talk to other online store owners and exchange ideas. You can discuss strategies to improve your ecommerce site or how you operate your business. It can also help to have people from the same industry on call when you need to vent about the challenges of running a small business.

Tips From Experts – Industry experts on Facebook share advice on how to build an online store, where to source products that will sell and any other useful tips for running an online store.

Partnerships Possibilities – Go beyond just exchanging ideas and create partnerships with other entrepreneurs. You never know what kind of opportunities you’ll find by making the right connections!

Learn the Latest Trends – The ecommerce industry constantly changes. Find out about emerging trends on ecommerce Facebook groups, like how to drive sales with online store ad campaigns or the latest search engine optimization tips.

What to Look For in an Ecommerce Facebook Group

Use good judgment when selecting the Facebook groups you join for networking and ecommerce advice. That way you’ll follow quality groups with informed members, like ecommerce experts or successful online store owners.

Ask yourself these three questions when reviewing the Shopify Facebook groups you consider joining:

  • Who Operates the Facebook Group? Fact check ecommerce tips and tricks you read in a group by checking the source. Don’t devote your business resources to any new strategy or pay for any dropshipping apps for Shopify without first making sure they come from an expert source or reliable company.
  • How well is the group moderated? Some Facebook groups are like the Wild West. You have to sift through ads and scams to find useful information about Shopify dropshipping. A good Facebook ecommerce group will have multiple moderators and clear rules about posting. Check for these things in a group’s description.
  • Does the group have quality content? In a public group, you can view the kind of content members post. See if the topics and discussions posted would benefit your online business. Browse the content to see how well the group is moderated.


Best Shopify Facebook Groups

Looking for the best Shopify Facebook groups? We’ve saved you time and scoured Facebook for the go-to groups for ecommerce entrepreneurs to get Shopify dropshipping tips and tricks.

The Ecommerce Group

This group has strategies and information on topics that include ecommerce analytics, online ad campaigns, and product shipping. The private group has multiple admins who monitor content with clear posting rules.

Who should join: The Ecommerce Group posts advice for online store owners who use Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, and eBay.

Koala Apps on Facebook

Koala Apps provides value to ecommerce entrepreneurs via their Koala Inspector app. This ecommerce intelligence tool analyzes Shopify stores. Follow Koala Inspector on Facebook for ecommerce tips and tricks and to learn how to use their apps to improve your online store.

Who should join: Online store owners seeking dropshipping tips and ways to save money (like Shopify app discounts) should check out this page.

Shopify Entrepreneurs

The team at Carson runs this Facebook page, the leading Shopify seller community on Facebook. The group consists of Shopify store owners, Shopify app developers, and even Shopify staff members.

Who should join: In this group, online store owners and dropshippers can find great advice on starting and managing a successful Shopify store using Shopify’s features.

Facebook Groups for Dropshipping Services

Some Shopify groups focus content on dropshipping services. These are our choices for the best Facebook groups to get more information on topics that include how to automate dropshipping and top Shopify apps.


You can find top quality training and resources in this group operated by VerumEcom. Their Facebook group stands out as one of the many places online where you can follow them for dropshipping advice – check out their YouTube channel and online forum as well.

Who should join: Anyone starting their first online store or entrepreneurs who want to elevate their existing business can find valuable information.

Dropship Club

The Dropship Club online community emphasizes online business owners helping each other succeed. The company’s group on Facebook is an extension of the huge community that exists on their website.

Who should join: If you’re a small business owner who loves sharing your experiences or learning from the experiences of others, visit this Facebook group and check out their website.

Where to Find Other Ecommerce Groups Online

Other social sites also have great dropshipping communities where you can glean valuable information for running your ecommerce business. Check out these Facebook group alternatives to get more expert dropshipping advice:

Reddit: This online community has many subreddits devoted to all aspects of dropshipping. The only problem is it can sometimes be hard to verify the source of information posted.

YouTube: Ecommerce YouTube channels provide reliable advice. You can watch YouTube videos to learn more about topics like how to choose online store products and ways to promote your ecommerce site.


Social platforms provide a useful resource available to ecommerce entrepreneurs for networking and industry advice. Stay on top of the latest trends, learn about industry news, or even track ecommerce competitors. Just remember: Keep vigilant in your quest for knowledge by checking the source of any information you get online about dropshipping or ecommerce!

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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