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Automate Dropshipping with the Koala Inspector AutoDS Integration

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Ana Gelevska

Two powerful dropshipping apps, Koala Inspector and AutoDS, have teamed up so you can automate dropshipping in just a few clicks. Find best-selling products with Koala Inspector. Then import those products straight from any Shopify shop to your AutoDS dashboard. After syncing Koala Inspector with your AutoDS account, you can easily import products straight from any Shopify shop to your AutoDS dashboard.

Want to know how to automate a dropshipping store? Continue reading to find out how to do that with the Koala Inspector AutoDS integration and start dropshipping like a pro.

Introducing the Koala Inspector and AutoDS Dropshipping Tools

Koala Inspector and AutoDS are two top Shopify dropshipping apps. With the combined powers of these dropshipping apps, running a successful Shopify store requires very little time and effort on your part!

The Koala Inspector Chrome extension gives you business intelligence behind any Shopify store. With one click, you’ll see any Shopify store products, pricing, paid ad campaigns, and more. Then you can follow the same strategies as successful Shopify stores when it comes to product sourcing, online advertising, and other aspects of running an eCommerce site.

Key Features of Koala Inspector

  • Koala Inspector’s Find Retailers, Products, and Favorite Products feature works together to reveal where to get the best products to dropship and then import them into your store in minutes.
  • The Structure feature of Koala Inspector provides technical information about successful Shopify stores like the themes and Shopify apps they use so you can utilize similar strategies.
  • With the Shop Traffic and Ad Campaigns features, discover where and how successful Shopify stores are advertising online and where their store traffic comes from.

AutoDS has comprehensive features to automate the entire dropshipping process. The Shopify app provides dropshippers with resources to help them learn more about dropshipping and grow their operations.

Key Features of AutoDS

  • AutoDS works with world-famous top dropshipping suppliers that they hand-pick to provide trending, best-selling products.
  • The pricing and product information in your store is automatically updated using AutoDS’s intelligent pricing feature.
  • Your customer’s orders are automatically fulfilled and tracked and customer tracking updates are provided to your customers without you having to do a thing.
  • The AutoDS business dashboard lets you see a full overview of your business operations all in one place.

How to Automate Dropshipping with Koala Inspector and AutoDS

Koala Inspector and AutoDS work together so you can easily import best-selling products from any Shopify store with just a couple of clicks.

Koala Inspector and AutoDS sample

Follow these step-by-step instructions for how to dropship with the Koala Inspector AutoDS integration to make running a successful dropshipping store even easier:

Step 1: Search for best-sellers, new releases, and niche products with Koala Inspector
Step 2: Click on the “AutoDS” button next to a product to synchronize your AutoDS account with Koala Inspector
Step 3: Next time you click on the “AutoDS” button next to a product, the product will be automatically added to your AutoDS account.
Step 4: Check your AutoDS account to automatically monitor prices, manage stock, and process orders.

Why Automate Dropshipping with Koala Inspector & AutoDS Tools?

When you have both Koala Inspector and AutoDS at your fingertips, automated dropshipping becomes a breeze. These awesome dropshipping tools allow you to manage your dropshipping business – you guessed it – automatically.

The AutoDS and Koala Inspector dropshipping apps for Shopify make it easy to handle everything, starting with sourcing the best products to dropship from Koala Inspector. Then AutoDS steps in, so you can automatically fulfill and track orders, manage inventory, and monitor prices.

The Awesome Benefits of Automated Dropshipping

Once you learn how to use dropshipping apps and enable automation settings, these apps essentially do the work for you. Then you can focus more on growing your business instead of worrying about the day-to-day operations. Automate dropshipping for your online store in the following ways to free up time so you can focus on growing your business.

Create an ecommerce Shopify store in minutes

When you open a dropshipping Shopify store, you don’t have to worry about many of the hassles and stresses usually associated with running an ecommerce site. Ecommerce platforms make it easy to set up a shop in minutes, using intuitive drag and drop builders and other convenient tools.

Start an online business – with little to no overhead

Dropshipping has become so popular because anyone can do it from anywhere without a lot of money to start. With automated dropshipping, you don’t have to produce, store, or ship any products yourself. You just need to know how to find dropshipping products, where to get them, and the best way to ship products to your customers.

Automate product research and stocking inventory

Not sure where to find products to sell? Skip spending hours searching online to find products and then manually adding them to your Shopify store. You can use Koala Inspector to find best selling products already performing well online. Koala Inspector reveals data like new products, best sellers, and niche products. Then you can automatically import those products and sell them on your ecommerce site with just a couple of clicks!

Automate dropshipping order fulfillment

Dropshippers spend a huge amount of time fulfilling orders for their customers. You can save time with automated dropshipping apps like AutoDs, which totally remove you from the equation when it comes to ordering fulfillment.

Instead of having to provide your customer’s information to your supplier, you can use a dropshipping app so your customer’s information is automatically sent directly to your supplier. This not only saves you time, but it also increases your customer satisfaction because your products will ship faster and get to your customers quickly.

Run your business from anywhere online

Many people from all over the world use dropshipping tools to succeed, to start their own ecommerce businesses, or as a source of supplemental income. With so many easy-to-use ecommerce sites like Shopify, anyone can start dropshipping like a pro in no time.

In summary, scale your business with limitless growth

Dropshipping is easily scalable because you can sell and ship products all over the world.

Ready to maximize your earning potential? If you’re going to start a business, why not make it as easy and affordable as possible. Automated dropshipping could be the answer to increasing your income without even having to leave the house. Save time and maximize earnings: Automate dropshipping with the latest integration from Koala Inspector and AutoDS.


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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
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