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USAdrop – Everything You Need To Know

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Ana Gelevska

Are you a new drop shipper looking for an efficient and cost-effective supplier? If yes, the USAdrop might be your destination. USAdrop is a one-stop solution for drop shippers like us.

With a record of fulfilling over 80,000,000 orders, USAdrop is an ideal platform to source and market products in the USA market. Besides, it offers excellent customer service, shipment processing, and inventory management. Let’s discuss the ins and outs of USAdrop and test its services to decide if this is the right platform for our dropshipping needs. 


What is USAdrop


I. What is USAdrop?

USAdrop is a dropshipping platform that manages every facet of dropshipping, from order fulfillment to delivery. It offers a great place for e-commerce merchants to link with US suppliers. We can source products from both the US warehouse and the Chinese market. Also, USAdrop offers a fast shipping service and no long processing times.

Besides, USAdrop has over ten years of valuable expertise in the e-commerce market. So, this is a reliable and efficient platform for everyone venturing into a dropshipping business. Also, the platform has around 10,000 partner factories and shipped over 10 million packages. 

USAdrop has been at the forefront of making US e-commerce accessible to the world. But why is this platform better than some of its alternatives? There are already some popular dropshipping sites available. So this question is pretty logical to arise.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • USA-Based Warehouse

USAdrop intends to be a go-to solution for drop shippers who want to source goods from the US market. No matter where in the world we are, the goods can deliver to our customer’s doorsteps. USAdrop breaks the geographical barriers in shopping. It offers a streamlined solution for those who want to access the US market. Besides, you can source products that are not already stocked. 


  • One-Stop Solution

The complexities of e-commerce fulfillment can be challenging. But USAdrop takes the stress out by offering an all-in-one solution for drop shippers. It offers:

    • Product Sourcing
    • Fulfillment
    • Inventory storage
    • Quality control 
    • Logistics


  • Products Variety

The products on USAdrop have a diverse range. We can find good quality products from fashion, electronics, beauty, home and garden, technology, pet supplies, and more. We can find products suitable to our niche and audience.  


  • High-Quality Products

USAdrop does not compromise on the quality of goods at all. It receives only the products of the highest caliber from US suppliers. These suppliers must go through the quality inspection procedure. This ensures that these suppliers are capable of delivering high-quality products.  


  • Unparalleled Services

USAdrop has a lot to offer in terms of product sourcing and fulfillment. What else? It offers plenty of services to ease order completion. These include

    • Customer service
    • Tracking
    • Custom Branding
    • Repackaging
    • Products Research
    • Video Shooting


  • Quick Delivery

Modern customers have modern demands. Fast delivery is one of them. So we can not deny the importance of quick shipment delivery. USAdrop excels in the fast delivery aspect of e-commerce as well. It sends goods from the US warehouse in less than 24 hours. Then, the products arrive at the doorsteps of merchants within 1 to 5 days. 

The fastest shipment meets customer satisfaction. Plus, the tracking feature helps customers check the status of their shipments. This means we get a competitive edge on other drop shipping platforms that send internationally.


  • Competitive Shipping Price

International shipping costs can be scary. But USAdrop helps users save money by using certain ways. For instance, it consolidates packages. This, in turn, reduces the shipping rates. USAdrop is a cost-effective solution when compared to direct shipping from US retailers.


  • Competitive Product Price

Besides reasonable shipping costs, USAdrop also has incredible product prices. It bargains with its partner factories to reduce the product price by 30 percent. So, we can get the products at reasonable prices from USAdrop and earn a handsome profit.


  • No Chinese Labels or Symbols

USAdrop sources products from China. But, we won’t ever find a Chinese label, text, or symbol on packages. This provides our customers with a more branded and professional experience.


  • Bulk Order Fulfillment

USAdrop incorporates high-level efficiency in its processes. Thereby ensuring a streamlined order shipment. It lets us fulfill multiple orders at once. As compared to AliExpress, USAdrop bulk fulfillment saves time and effort.


  • Simple Integration

Above all, USAdrop has a user-friendly platform. We can import the products to our store with just a single click. Also, the US drop can be integrated with an e-commerce store. Besides, we can run our dropshipping business entirely on USAdrop. This way, there would be no need to deal with multiple suppliers on AliExpress. 


  • Excellent Customer Service

US Drop is also known for delivering exceptional customer service. We can have them 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat. We can discuss our queries and problems with live agents. What’s more? USAdrop also takes care of the refund if customers receive defective goods.


How Does USAdrop Work


II. How Does USAdrop Work?

Dropship is an intuitive solution for dropshippers. It simplifies the complexities of e-commerce dropshipping by streamlining the whole process. If you are looking for an alternative to AliExpress, USAdrop is a great option. 

AliExpress is called a goldmine for products. But, it has several problems because it is created for consumers. On the other hand, USAdrop has been developed for drop shippers. So, the problems associated with AliExpress are reduced here.

It offers a dedicated team of fulfillment advisors. They help dropshipping beginners find the time and cost-efficient methods. Plus, it has a user-friendly interface suitable for everyone. It simplifies the approach to dropshipping and encourages us to start our journey within just a week.

If this is our first time, we have to follow the following workflow of USAdrop:

  • Set Up Account

We need to create an account with USdrop to start our dropshipping journey. A dedicated account manager provides us with personalized support and order fulfillment guidance. Also, we can get familiar with the features of USAdrop to take the most out of it. 


  • Integrate Store Into USAdrop

After we successfully sign in to our account, we need to integrate USAdrop with our Shopify store. This cutting-edge fulfillment software lets us integrate our store in just a few clicks. When we capture the orders in our store, we can propel them to USdrop for fulfillment.


  • Source Products

After linking our account, we can start browsing through thousands of products from US suppliers. 

There are two primary methods for acquiring products through USAdrop.

    1. Browsing the four sourcing sections on the USAdrop website. 
    2. Seeking the assistance of the agents to source products for us.

Initially, look for the products already available by visiting the sections mentioned above. If anything piques our interest, we are good to go. But, if specific products we wish to dropship are not available, we can ask the agent to source products for us.

To initiate this process, start by searching for the product of interest on AliExpress. Next, navigate to the “Orders” section of the USAdrop website. Then, insert the URL link of the products we intend to source, along with specifying the three countries where we plan to sell them. 

Within a timeframe of 1 to 3 days, they provide us with a quotation for the product’s price. Also, they estimate shipping costs to each of the requested countries.

If we don’t know which products to source, see the best-selling products of our competitors. But how? Use Koala Inspector to know the strategies used by our competitors on Shopify. Also, see their best-selling products and pricing.


  • Import Products

Once we source the products on USAdrop, we can import them to our store. From here, we can start promoting our services. This will help drive traffic to our site. 

When a customer makes a sale, USAdrop instantly processes the order. Once we select the “pay” option on the USAdrop website, they ship the products from the US warehouse to our customers.


  • Orders Tracking and Analytics

Once the order is dispatched, USAdrop shares the tracking number with our customers. This helps our customers check the shipping process with high transparency. This induces customer trust and satisfaction in our business. 

We won’t have to deal with shipping prices or inventory management by ourselves. We only have to pay for the products and a small service fee to fulfill orders. 


USAdrop Products


USAdrop Products

As mentioned above, there are four options when sourcing products from the USAdrop website. These include:

  • Winners

In the winners section, we can find past winners, last week’s winners, and last month’s winners. But, accessibility to these winners depends on our chosen plan. For instance:

    • Free Plan: Past winners only
    • Professional Plan: Past winners + Last month’s winners 
    • Premium Plan: Past winners + Last month’s winners+Last week’s winners


  • Super Deal

This inventory contains low-cost products, usually valued at around $1. So, if we are looking for cheap products, we can jump straight to this category. But, shipping cost is not included in it. So contact the agent and ask about their shipping costs.


  • USA Warehouse

This category on the USAdrop website contains all the products currently available in the USA. We can get the products of our choice from the inclusive category with fast shipping times. But the shipping times may vary. 

The reason is some of the products enlisted here are not present in the USA warehouse. They are delivered from POD suppliers. If we spot POD products in the USA warehouse section, we should avoid them.

The reason is these POD suppliers source these items from other POD companies. In simple words, we are going to buy from other drop shippers who add up to the price. So, it is better to buy directly from the POD companies instead of walking through a lengthy supply chain.


  • POD 

These products differ from the ones in the USA warehouse section. The reason is that they come from US-based drop shippers. In contrast, the POD (Print-on-demand) products in this section are the ones from the suppliers in China. Plus, these products are customizable.


USAdrop Shipping Times

We earlier mentioned that USAdrop is known for the fastest shipping times. But how fast are they? 

It depends on whether the shipping is from a China or USA warehouse.

  • Shipping from USA Warehouse

So, stating the obvious. If we are shipping from a USA warehouse, the shipping times will be less. Typically, it takes 2-5 days to navigate goods from a US warehouse to a merchant’s doorsteps. 

In the case of POD products, the shipping times can vary between 4 to 7 days. The reason is these products are being shipped from another location within the US.


  • Shipping from China

On the other hand, it takes longer if we opt for shipping from China. USAdrop shipping times from China take 7 to 5 days, and 5 to 8 days for high-quality products

So, if we do not go to the USA warehouse and opt for China, the shipment will take longer. But it will still be lower than AliExpress. Why? There are two possible reasons for their quick shipment service.

    • First, they use superior shipping lines, such as YunExpress, FedEx,  Yanwen Express, and UPS. These are incredibly fast as well as cost-effective.
    • Secondly, they ensure the fastest processing time as compared to other fulfillment options.


What’s Better? Sourcing from USA Warehouse or China

We can source products from PODs in China or can find ones in the USA warehouse. So, what do we think is the most suitable option?

Sourcing products is one of the compelling reasons to use USAdrop. This shows that we buy products that we actually want to sell, not those already present in the stock. 

If we want to source our ideal products at cheap costs, we can go to AliExpress and get the URL of the product

Then, simply paste the product link on the USAdrop website. USAdrop does not source products from AliExpress. It sources the same product from the suppliers in China.

It means we can get the same product at a lower price than AliExpress. For instance: 


AliExpress Camera Lens Cup


A “Camera Lens Cup” is valued at $15.99 on AliExpress. But we can find the same product in the USAdrop for $7.97. This means we will save a few bucks by shifting from USAdrop to AliExpress


USAdrop Camera Lens Cup


So, this shows how cost-effective it would be to source products from USAdrop. Besides, it prevents us from dealing with unreliable AliExpress suppliers. If we are starting a store with a small inventory, this is really a cost-saving strategy for us. Also, this dropshipping platform offers a dedicated consultant for high-volume sellers. Also, they offer a range of specialized services and free warehouse storage.


Does USAdrop Work With Shopify


III. Does USAdrop Work With Shopify?

Yes, we can link our Shopify store with USAdrop and streamline the process. In fact, it is the only e-commerce store that we can integrate with USAdrop. This integration allows us to add products from USAdrop to our Shopify store. 

Besides, it automatically processes orders and manages our inventory. This allows Shopify users to link their account with USAdrop and start selling immediately.

– How to Connect the Shopify Store to USAdrop?

To integrate our Shopify account into USAdrop, here is a step-by-step guide:

    • Sign up for a USAdrop account.
    • Go to “My stores” in the account section.
    • Click on “Add Shopify store” and add a Shopify account.
    • Then, go to the Shopify account and click on the “Install app” icon.
    • Our Shopify account is now connected to the USAdrop account.


– How to Import Products to our Shopify Store?

Just like integration, importing products to our Shopify account is also a breeze. Follow this simple process:

    • Select products from USAdrop.
    • Click on the “Import product” option available on the products page.
    • we will see the options to edit the product name, images, description, and variants.
    • Click on the “Import to store” option and add a Shopify account.
    • Our product is now imported to the product section of the Shopify store.


Still stuck in connecting the Shopify store to USAdrop? Watch this helpful video: 


IV. What Countries Does the USAdrop Ship to?

USAdrop offers international shipping services. This means we can shift to countries other than the US as well. These countries include the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand, among others.

This fulfillment and logistics solution provides us with ease and accessibility. We can source products from China and ship them right to our customers’ doorsteps. Whether we have a one-product store or boast an extensive inventory, we can use this platform for sourcing and branding our products


What Is the Best US Dropshipping Supplier


V. What Is the Best US Dropshipping Supplier?

USAdrop has been in the service for over a decade. It offers fast delivery, easy integration, and high-quality products from US suppliers. Also, they eliminate the complexities by handling all the aspects of order fulfillment and delivery.  

If we are a dropshipping beginner, we can safely say that it has a lot to offer, all while keeping the cost down. By partnering with USAdrop, we rest assured that we have chosen a reliable and efficient dropshipping supplier. 

Now that we have navigated this comprehensive USAdrop guide, we might consider it to be the go-to option for dropshipping. But, it’s essential to keep in mind that, like any service, USAdrop is not without its limitations. 

Some of the worth considering limitations of USAdrop for dropshipping include the following:

  • Limited Products

Though the USAdrop inventory offers a variety of products, the selection is still limited. We may not find some products popular in our niche. 


  • Dynamic Product Listing

The products have limited stock, which changes regularly. So, it would be difficult for drop shippers to scale.


  • Limited Integration

Currently, USAdrop can only be integrated with Shopify.

Choosing the right dropshipping supplier is important for our business success. The choice of supplier depends on our budget, preferences, and goals. By weighing down the pros and cons of this dropshipping solution, we can assess if this suits our dropshipping business model. So, do our research, test our goals, and then make an informed decision. 


VI. Sum up

USAdrop is an efficient and cost-effective solution for drop shippers. The best thing about USAdrop is that we won’t have to walk through the difficulties of e-commerce. From sourcing to global warehousing, this is a one-stop solution for drop shippers. 

If we want to test the platform before investing, USAdrop offers a free plan. However, the free plan has some limitations. So, we have to shift to a premium plan to take the most out of the platform.

If we are new to the dropshipping business and want to market in the US market, USAdrop is a good option. But, it is not a great option if we are scaling our business. It would be far better if we deal with Chinese agents and buy in bulk. So consider USAdrop as a source of stepping into the dropshipping business. 

But besides, keeping an eye on our competitors is also crucial to improving our own Shopify store. Do we want to know if our competitors have integrated USAdrop into their Shopify accounts? Use Koala Inspector to unveil Shopify apps and themes that our competitors use.



  • How do I sign up for a USAdrop account?

To sign up, we need to fill out a simple form with our email address, password, name, and phone number. Afterward, we need to integrate our Shopify account into USAdrop to start using this platform.


  • How can I track my orders on USAdrop?

We can track all our orders on the dashboard of the USAdrop website. It shares a tracking number and tracking link from where we can see the status of our orders. 


  • How do I place orders on USAdrop?

There is no need to manually place an order on USAdrop.  When an order is placed in our store, this dropshipping platform automatically processes it. Then, it makes a shipment to our customer’s address. We just need to pay product prices along with a small service fee. 


  • Is USAdrop free?

USAdrop offers free, professional, and premium plans. We can use the free plan, but it has limited features and access to only 3 product quotes per month. 


  • Is USAdrop legit?

Yes, USAdrop is a legit plattform. It is a reliable way to source products from China without having to deal with unreliable AliExpress suppliers.



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