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How To Adapt Your Shopify Dropshipping Shop For Halloween 2024

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Ana Gelevska

With Halloween just around the bend, everyone wonders: what costumes will we wear, and what decor will grace our spaces? But beyond the aesthetics lies a crucial question for entrepreneurs and Shopify store owners: how can we optimize our online shop to capitalize on the Halloween buzz?

Halloween is a great time of the year for shop owners to earn money, making it one of the most profitable times of the year. The NRF (National Retail Federation) estimated that “in the US, 2.6 billion total will be spent on decorations, with per-person spending just shy of $30”. Prices increase as Halloween approaches. How can you become successful this time of the year?

This is a perfect opportunity for Shopify shop owners to make good money for products such as materials for a haunted house, costumes, and treats for trick-or-treaters. University students all around are spending a good amount of money on costumes over the course of a week. Meaning, the more shopping being done the more money being spent.  Now, who is ready to trick or treat?


The Best Place To Get Halloween Products For Your Shopify Shop


I. The Best Place To Get Halloween Products For Your Shopify Shop

There are so many stores to shop at for a variety of products. The question is which is the best? The most popular suppliers are Amazon, Ali Express, and Party City. These stores have many products to make your Halloween the best one yet.

Halloween is an exciting time of the year and shopping for costumes and decorations is a priority. When looking at Party City we can explore different costume ideas and decorations, for example, what are the hottest costumes of 2024, and what kids will want to dress up as, superhero, police officer, or firefighter?

There are many Halloween supplies across the website that give you the ability to open your imagination and provide you with many ideas such as pumpkins, ghosts, and lights to light up your house. Another website that provides all you need to be prepared for Halloween is AliExpress, so check it out! AliExpress is a good place to save money when purchasing products for our Dropshipping Shopify shops. 

With many discount deals, for example, one of the target audiences for Shopify shop owners using Amazon, are students. Students are given a discount on the membership price and as a member, you can receive free shipping. We can shop more for less. 

Amazon has all your needs with trustable, reliable, and new materials. Amazon is one of the world-leading companies with top reviews, according to Snap Agency.  


How to use the Koala Inspector to find the best products on Shopify


II. How to use the Koala Inspector to find the best products other Shopify shops sell

When becoming a Shopify shop owner, it is extremely important to understand and gain knowledge to find the best products other Shopify shops sell. This knowledge will help you understand who your competitors are, the most popular products, and at what cost the product is being sold.

The number one goal for being a Shopify shop owner is attracting customers to shop at your Shopify store rather than the other million eCommerce shops that are out there. What tools can we use to identify all three components? 

Koala Inspector brings awareness to understanding who your competitors are. The Koala Inspector is an easy and effective way for Shopify shop owners to gain everything they need to know, such as all the shops that the specific product is being sold at, the price when compared, and the overall structure of how the product is being sold. All you need to do is download it for free.

Koala Inspector is a must-have tool that will help you become a successful Shopify shop owner. We are then able to have insights into our competitors, which will help us identify what works and what does not. Koala Inspector overall informs you of the overall picture of a specific product.


III. Let’s check a few Halloween Shopify shops as an example

Shop #1: Miaocosplay

Enter the product page you want to inspect, and click on Find Retailer to check out all the suppliers. This will give you information on every store the specific product is being sold in, the price of the product, and other competitors.


koala-inspector-find retailers


We found out that this product is being sold by a variety of suppliers such as Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay. Now that you know where this product can be found, click the links and find the best price for your Shopify Dropshipping shop.


Shop #2: TheHorrorDome

When using the Koala Inspector, Shopify shop owners can find out and discover the Shopify Shop Traffic for the product. This information provided can help Shopify shop owners gain a deeper understanding of when the best time for a product is being sold. This is extremely important to know, so we have the insight and all the information needed to sell the product in a smart and efficient way.


koala-inspector-shop traffic


Here we can find out how the traffic increases as we get close to the month of Halloween. In addition, we can find out that this shop gets most of its traffic from the US.


Shop #3: Department56

When clicking on Ad Campaigns in the Koala Inspector, we can find out the Google ad campaigns each shop runs. This is very beneficial and can guide us when selling or dropshipping products. Every piece of information is very important when being a Shopify shop owner. Getting every detail, such as revealing paid ads from any Shopify store benefits your store to attract customers.


koala-inspector-ad campaigns


Using this feature we can see what Google ads the shop is running, which creative they have, and what search keywords they are aiming for.

The Koala Inspector includes a wide range of knowledge and is beneficial for all Shopify shop owners. Having this tool gives you the ability to gain more of an understanding of the product a Shopify shop owner wants to use.


IV. So are you ready for this Halloween?

During this month we can test our marketing tool, dropshipping process, and overall customer shopping experience.  Halloween is a big holiday in the U.S. Canada, and Europe. There is a huge opportunity to use the Koala Inspector to bring your knowledge and experience a month before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the festive period.  



It is very important to prepare yourself for BFCM since this is one of the biggest times of the year to sell. There is a big competition during this period and it’s extremely important to understand the needs and wants of our customers. 

Online shopping has increased within the last few years and a half due to COVID, which means everyone is relying on online stores to supply all essentials for our customers. 

Who is ready for Halloween because I am! Let’s transform your Shopify shop in the best way possible!



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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