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Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector: Which tool is the better fit for your Shopify ecommerce shop?

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Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector 2
Ana Gelevska

Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector: Which tool is the better fit for your Shopify eCommerce shop?
Ready to find out which Shopify inspector has better features?

Growing your profits and starting an eCommerce business starts with building a strong and big customer base, which rests upon your planning and implementation process. Wappalyzer and Koala Inspector come with functionality to reveal Shopify apps that are used by Shopify stores, so you can find out what your Shopify competitors use to optimize their stores.

If you think choosing the right Shopify inspector or commerce inspector is easy, think again. While both tools have useful features to fit different eCommerce needs, judging which tools between both is the best pick for you can be a time-consuming process. Depending on whether you need a Shopify theme detector Chrome extension, or want to monitor your Shopify competitors, choosing the right tool is essential.

That’s why we’ve taken matters into our hands to provide the most comprehensive comparison guide between two of the best available Shopify inspector or commerce inspector tools in the market. Read on to find out more about Wappalyzer and Koala Inspector, and to understand the differences between the two to make an informed and wise choice for your business.

Ready to find out which Shopify inspector or commerce inspector has comprehensive features, including a Shopify theme detector and Shopify apps detector to reveal Shopify apps? Read on to learn more!


Digging Deep into Pricing and Features of Wappalyzer and Koala Inspector


Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector 1


Both Wappalyzer and Koala Inspector share many features in common, some of which are non-negotiables that your eCommerce store needs to have to stay ahead of Shopify competitors. Notably, both tools come with Shopify apps detectors to reveal what Shopify apps are used by Shopify competitors. Both tools also empower Shopify sellers, by allowing them to monitor Shopify competitors’ websites and receive updates on changes to websites.

However, in terms of all other functionality, there are differences that starkly contrast Wappalyzer and Koala Inspector and set both apart. Most crucially, the pricing plans for Wappalyzer and Koala Inspector differ greatly, and this is likely to play into your decision-making process when picking the right tool for your business. Other important features include the availability of a Shopify theme detector, the Export CSV function (which is crucial for easy exporting and importing of data and product lists), in-depth product analysis across different product information categories, functionality to help find retailers which sell similar products to Shopify competitors, monitoring shop traffic and displaying all available ad campaigns to monitor Shopify competitors’ digital marketing efforts.


Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector – Pricing

When it comes to picking the right Shopify inspector or commerce inspector, pricing can be a make-or-break factor, especially if your eCommerce or dropshipping business has yet to generate profit. If that sounds like the situation that you are in, you may want a more cost-efficient option instead – or even one that’s free, so you incur no costs at all.

Wappalyzer does come with a free plan, but it tends to be limited and provides users with only 50 credits to use in order to access app functions. To access Wappalyzer’s full suite of Shopify inspector or commerce inspector features, users need to pay an exorbitant price, upwards of $149 per month.

On the other hand, Koala Inspector is entirely free to use for all users for lifetime use on the entry-level plan. If you are looking to try out a tool to get the full Shopify inspector experience, Koala Inspector is undoubtedly the better pick – you can access all features on the Free plan and need not ever pay a single cent if you do not need features that come with the paid plans.


Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector 2


Monitoring Shopify Competitors’ Websites

Need a Shopify inspector or commerce inspector that keeps you updated on your Shopify competitors’ websites? As an eCommerce business owner, it’s important to stay abreast of developments in the industry and keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing. That way, you can remain relevant in the eyes of consumers and retain their attention, adapting as the landscape changes.

Both Koala Inspector and Wappalyzer offer website alerts on your Shopify competitors’ every move. Koala Inspector’s My Shops tab lets you track Shopify competitors’ changes, including added or removed apps and products, reductions or increases in product prices, and changes in product names. This gives you the information you need to stay agile and remain competitive. For example, if you see that your Shopify competitor has lowered the price of their best-selling product, you can react to this price change and match their offering by giving a discount on your own store.

Wappalyzer also provides notifications on when there are changes made to a website’s technology stack so that you remain in the know.

Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector 3


Shopify Apps Detector

Shopify apps allow greater store customization to accelerate your business growth, boost conversion rates and drive sales. However, with so many Shopify apps available to choose from, you may not know where to get started. Even if you read recommendations from Shopify-related blogs and websites, you cannot be certain that a particular app will work for your needs. Don’t mess up your store’s workflow with an app that doesn’t fit your use case – use a reliable Shopify apps detector to find out what your Shopify competitors use, then integrate that into your store. Koala Inspector and Wappalyzer both come with Shopify apps detectors to help you get started.


Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector 4


Shopify Theme Detector

Let’s face it – building a Shopify store from scratch is tough work. Apart from identifying your business model, picking the right product niche, stocking the right products, and deciding on a pricing strategy, there are still more considerations that can determine your eCommerce success.

That’s why a Shopify theme detector can be a life-saver for your eCommerce store.

Why not make life a little easier and use a Shopify theme detector that will tell you what Shopify theme your Shopify competitors are using? A Shopify theme detector will reveal what themes other eCommerce stores use to design intuitive shopping experiences, and which themes are best for driving conversions.

If you see the value of using a Shopify theme detector and feel that it is a must-have for your Shopify business, look no further than the Koala Inspector. Wappalyzer does not offer a Shopify theme detector, which can limit how you go about designing your store.


Export CSV

Why compile product lists manually, when a trusty Shopify inspector or commerce inspector can do the tough work for you?

Exporting favorite product lists and competitors’ products as CSV files is an underrated feature that you’ll never want to do away with, once you’ve enjoyed the convenience of using it for your Shopify store. Using Koala Inspector, you can easily export products to your store using the Export CSV functionality, which is a feature that Wappalyzer, unfortunately, does not come with.


Product Analysis

Between Koala Inspector and Wappalyzer, only Koala Inspector provides a close look into in-depth product analysis, fully diving into your Shopify competitors’ product statistics. Besides, you can also generate a complete list of products that are sold on Shopify competitors’ stores and generate a list using the Export CSV function. You can also find out what their newest and best-selling products are using Koala Inspector, which is an easy process.

Wappalyzer does not come with these product analysis features, so if this is a priority to you, you may want to consider using Koala Inspector instead.


Find Retailers

So, you’ve figured out what your Shopify competitors’ best-selling products are, and you even have an entire list of the products they sell. Now what?

A reliable Shopify inspector or commerce inspector will help you scour the internet for retailers and suppliers to fulfill your inventory needs. Between Koala Inspector and Wappalyzer, only Koala Inspector comes with a Find Retailers feature to achieve this goal. Koala Inspector includes a unique Machine-Learning Algorithm to display retailers for your convenience. Now, you’ll never have to do the tiring work of researching on your own again!


Shop Traffic

Shop traffic is a key metric to determine how many visitors your site is getting; how strong your brand presence is and whether you are getting any customers coming to your store at all. That’s why the best Shopify inspector or commerce inspector tool should give you the data you need on shop traffic, so you know if there’s a need to tweak your marketing or ad campaign strategy.

Only the Koala Inspector comes with this feature to empower you with data-driven insights. Koala Inspector provides clickable statistics from which you can hover over and learn more, to monitor Shopify competitors’ performance in your product niche.


Wappalyzer vs Koala Inspector 5


Ad Campaigns

Speaking of ad campaigns, Koala Inspector is also the only tool between the two to show you your Shopify competitors’ Google ad campaigns, so you can take note of prominent keywords for your own ad strategy. Every link generated on this tab is clickable on the Koala Inspector, making it a seamless experience.


Koala Inspector: The all-in-one Shopify inspector, jam-packed with power to grow your eCommerce business

Koala Inspector is the superior Shopify inspector and commerce inspector that includes all the features you’ll ever need, including a Shopify theme detector and Shopify apps detector. Download it now from the Google Chrome Web Store today to see how it can transform your business, tracking one competitor store at a time!


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Ana Gelevska
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