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10 Ways To Grow With The Commerce Inspector

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Structure with a Koala Inspector
Ana Gelevska

What is the Commerce Inspector?

Are you looking for the tools and strategies that will skyrocket your eCommerce Shopify website? Now introducing to you the Koala Inspector, eCommerce inspector tool, we can now spy on winning Shopify stores with just a click of a button. We created this Commerce Inspector for you, making running a Shopify store easier and more efficient than ever.

 The Commerce Inspector gives the Shopify community the boost we need to stay ahead of competitors, by selling top quality products, running winning ad campaigns, and driving traffic to your Shopify store. The Commerce Inspector opens doors to new opportunities, giving Shopify businesses beneficial tools and strategies to find out which retailers are selling the product, therefore optimizing your conversion rate. The Koala Commerce Inspector is extremely user friendly and reveals all the secrets to any Shopify store from the comfort of your own home.

Ecommerce websites are growing rapidly, first, we need to understand the ins and outs of how to successfully run an eCommerce business. Using the right tools will not only get the store up and running but in addition, will also help to increase the traffic. The Commerce Inspector gathers data to help Shopify store owners develop and gain strategies to improve and grow their business in every way possible. The Commerce Inspector provides ways to navigate our way through the eCommerce world of online shopping. 

Companies are introducing their users to the Koala Commerce Inspector, giving Koala Commerce Inspector social proof with high rankings:

  • Oberalo ranked it number 1 Commerce Inspector
  • Pagyfly ranked it number 1 Commerce Inspector
  • Autods ranked Koala number 1 Commerce Inspector


The Koala Commerce Inspector offers many features to drive traffic by using winning ad campaigns, themes, apps, and products to our business. Can’t decide if this Koala Commerce Inspector is right for your business? I’m here to personally explain the features and how to take advantage of each. The Koala Commerce Inspector gives us the ability to keep track of any Shopify store, including all products, new products, and best selling products. The product feature on the Commerce Inspector gives us the ability to choose the products we want to see on our website, in addition, being able to see which retailers are selling the products and take advantage of the app discount feature to help improve and grow your business. 


Install and use the Koala Commerce Inspector in just 2 easy steps!

Step 1:
Install the Koala Commerce Inspector Extension

Commerce Inspector install in 2 steps


Step 2: Search for the Shopify store of interest, click “Track Shop” and start taking advantage of the features with the Commerce Inspector

commerce inspector koala inspector


10 features Commerce Inspectors offers


1. Track any Shopify store

Commerce Inspector track any Shopify store

Tracking shops will give you fast updates on every change the product has from your competitors. You can track any Shopify store with the Koala Commerce Inspector, from knowing the ins and outs of any product, traffic source, winning ad campaigns, apps discounts, and more relevant information to grow your business. Find out what winning competitors are doing and take advantage of the strategies and tools being implemented. Click the “Send email Notifications” to get updates on any product change,


2. Structure  

commerce inspector structure tab

The structure features give us ways to implement the best Shopify apps and themes that other Shopify stores are using. Spy on winning stores to see how they are growing their business with the look and feel of the website. Give your shoppers a fun and engaging experience, making the website easy and clear to navigate.


3. Product insights and statistic 

commerce inspector products insights

Save money and time trying to figure out what the best products are to sell on your Shopify store. Stop experimenting on products that never leave the store. The Koala Commerce Inspector allows you to check out what the new and best selling products are. Create your very own niche with the product’s insight! The product statistic tab brings attention to the highest, lowest, and average price on products being sold in the store. Have your store sell what people are already buying! Know when a product was first published, last published, and number of products sold on any Shopify store!


4. Ad Campaign 

Commerce Inspector ad campaigns

Want to run paid ad campaigns for your Shopify store? With the Koala Inspector, we can easily reveal our competitors’ paid ad campaigns from any Shopify store. Start saving money and time on advertisements campaigns that will bring your Shopify store brand awareness. No more wasting time on poorly developed ads.



5. App Discounts 

Commerce Inspector app discounts

Koala has partnered with top Shopify apps to give you discounts on tools and strategies on all the beneficial apps to grow your Shopify store! Shopify apps are made to give your store the spark it needs, lighting it up with an easy way to navigate the website. 

6. Shop Traffic  

Commerce Inspector shop traffic

Understand your competitors’ strategies and optimize your digital performance with the shop traffic feature. The Shop traffic tab lets you spy on other Shopify stores’ traffic numbers and traffic sources with just a click of a button. Develop ways to stay ahead of your competitors by consistently checking the shop traffic data provided, including monthly visits, what countries the store reaches in, and which social media channels the store is running on.



7. Favorite Products

Commerce Inspector favorite product

See what products your competitors are selling and create your very own list of best selling and new release products from any Shopify store. The Koala Commerce Inspector makes our lives easier and more organized. Use this feature to stock your inventory by exporting and downloading the CSV file straight to your store.



8. Find Retailer 

Commerce Inspector find retailers

Save time and money when figuring out the best products to sell. With just a click of a button, our unique Koala Commerce Inspector analyzes the product information and presents to you all the retailers who sell the product currently. Take advantage of this feature to create a winning Shopify store.



9. Export CSV

Commerce Inspector export CSV

Avoid piling up files, in just 3 easy steps download products straight to your Shopify store. The steps are, first Export the CSV file on the Koala Commerce Inspector, second save the excel file, and finally import the products through your Shopify admin page. These files contain product information such as, best seller, price range, and product name. Giving Koala Inspetor uses the gateway to keeping up with trends and popular products.



10. Upgrade now!

Commerce Inspector upgrade now

The Koala Commerce Inspector offers 3 different subscription plans by increasing the credits of each feature. Allowing us to keep track of more Shopify stores. Choose your plan with the option of joining the Free plan, or upgrading to a Professional plan at a price of $7.99, or the option of upgrading to the Ultimate plan at a price of $19.99.


Pros Commerce Inspector

  • Reveal running ad campaigns
  • Get insight on apps competitors are using
  • Get insight on competitor product launches
  • Check out product statistics
  • Find the retailers any Shopify store are using
  • Best-selling products of competitors
  • Reveal stores’ app usage
  • Find out competitor traffic


Cons of the Commerce Inspector 

  • The free plan gives a limited amount of credits, giving us fewer Shopify stores to track 
  • Even with the full upgrade, we still reach a limit with the number of credits given
  • The build up of emails with store changes may be overwhelming to both you and your email.


The Koala Commerce Inspectors
provides users with a free plan to get started with a variety of benefits, however, if you want to continuously keep track of your competitors and dig out more information, we need to take advantage of the upgrade plan that is available. We hate spending money and try to save as much as we possibly can. Keeping within our budget can be tricky but sometimes worth it in the end.



Final comments

Overall, eCommerce sales are exploding all over the world. People who had never shopped online before made the shift at the start of the pandemic and the numbers show that the shift to online shopping is not stopping anytime soon. The Koala Commerce Inspector feeds us information that helps us stay ahead of our competitors and continues to give your store the sales and growth it needs to stay alive. 

According to Forbes.com, “It is predicting that global e-commerce sales will reach $4.2 trillion this year, with U.S. consumers accounting for close to one-quarter of that spending. For the first quarter of 2021, U.S. eCommerce sales grew 39% year-over-year, to $199 billion.”

Online shopping is quick, easy, and convenient so it is not surprising that more and more consumers are turning to eCommerce for their purchasing needs. 

With the increasing number of shoppers, retailers should have no trouble attracting people to their site, right? Unfortunately, with the abundance of online stores, consumers have thousands and thousands of choices available to them. So as a Shopify store, are you worried that the only way to get customers and increase sales is by spending tons of money on any opportunity we come across? With the Commerce Inspector, we are handed everything we need to save time, money, and increase growth in sales. The Koala Commerce Inspector gives us the confidence, boost, and thrill of running any Shopify store. 


koala inspector shopify spy

Boost Sales with Data Insights

Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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