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Top 33 Best Shopify Themes for Your Online Store (2024)

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Ana Gelevska

Looking for the best Shopify themes? After reading this blog, you are one step closer to launching your eCommerce business! Online shopping is increasing everyday and throughout this blog, I am going to share with you the top 33 most used and best Shopify themes that will best suit your eCommerce business. Get ready, get set, go! Shopify has a wide range of Shopify themes that a Shopify store owner can take advantage of. Let’s first take a look at what Shopify themes are, why they are important, and what Shopify themes can boost your website.
Shopify themes are templates or layouts that create the website, by giving visitors a positive shopping experience with the look and feel of how the store is being presented. Giving visitors an easy way to navigate through your store with a clear and readable Shopify theme.

Shopify themes can help you stay ahead of your competitors, increase sales, and build your customer list. With a wide range of Shopify themes offering a different overall look, choosing the right themes can have an impact on store growth. When looking for the right Shopify theme, take into consideration the niche of the website. Making both the website and product flow together. Making the Shopify theme mobile and computer friendly is an important aspect of choosing a theme. Give your Shopify website personality with a fun, engaging, and easy to navigate theme.


Create a story 

The right Shopify theme can build brand awareness and grow your business. Shopify themes tell the story of your website, the niche created, products sold, and overall customer experience. When choosing a theme, know your target audience and develop a goal to optimize your store. Research winning Shopify stores to get inspiration and ideas to choose the right theme for your store. Create a story with the Shopify theme. The story is told through the niche of the website. A website that focuses on skin care products should include the right colors, keywords, and relevant pictures to give a calming and feel good experience.

Some thoughts to think about when choosing the theme for your website,

  • ¬†SEO friendly¬†
  • Provide customer reviews
  • Give an up to date template.

Top 33 Best Shopify Themes

¬†Now, let’s take a look at the top 33 most used and best Shopify themes and how to choose which is best to run your website.¬†¬†


  1. Debut Рa free basic theme by Shopify. Used mostly by Shopify newbies
  2. Brooklyn – a free Shopify theme focusing on modern apparel and brand imagery
  3. Debutify Рa free theme to give a positive first impression and win over customers, boosting your sales 
  4. Motion – a Shopify theme at a cost of $310 USD, customed to create animations and videos
  5. Prestige – a Shopify theme that costs $250 USD, for editorial content and visual storytelling. Good for in person stores as well
  6. Venture – a free Shopify theme when selling a large number of products across the website
  7. Impulse – a Shopify theme with a cost of $310 USD, to provide custom promotions, videos, and animations to your website
  8. Minimal – a free Shopify theme to give a clean and easy to navigate design focusing on the products
  9. Providence Рa Shopify theme with a cost of $200 USD, give your website a clean and no-distraction theme, focused on customer conversions
  10. Supply Рa free Shopify theme to easily present your products and filter large inventories
  11. Warehouse Рat a cost of $250 USD, this Shopify theme helps design and promote large categories of products. Great for dropshipping products
  12. Narrative Рa free Shopify theme to help design your brand and give the products a story
  13. Turbo – at a cost of $400 USD, increase the performance rate, provide high impact visuals, and give flexibility to your store with the features created
  14. Simple Рa free Shopify theme to easily navigate your products across the website
  15. EcomSolid Рoffering a free to launch theme with upgrade plans to help boost your sales and increase the conversion rate
  16. Streamline – at a cost of $310 USD, making your store mobile friendly and providing quality content
  17. Boundless – a free Shopify theme to help grab the attention of shoppers through displaying photographs front and center
  18. District – at a cost of $180 USD, the theme is to help enhance the display of products and collections
  19. Empire – at a cost of $300 USD, Empire helps to optimize large product category both domestic and international
  20. Booster Рat a cost of $249 USD per year, to help boost your average orders, Upsell/Xsell, create product bundles, and showcase  recently seen or recommended products
  21. Envy Рat a cost of $350 USD, Envy helps to classify lead products from different collections 
  22. Blockshop – at a cost of $350 USD, helping you to create bold hero imagery
  23. Pipeline Рat a cost of $280 USD, Pipeline provides a smart way to create a mobile friendly website
  24. Warehouse Рat a cost of $250 USD, designed to help display and promote large amounts of products 
  25. Dawn Рa free Shopify theme to help express your brand and grow your sales
  26. Venue Рat a cost of $280 USD, Venue helps run both online and physical stores  
  27. Boost Рat a cost of $250 USD, giving your customers a positive shopping experience by interacting and engaging with them
  28. Flow Рat a cost of $250 USD, give your customers fast and easy ways to shop and present visuals to fit your brand
  29. Symmetry -at a cost of $250 USD, Symmetry gives your store a way to grow your inventory 
  30. Icon Рat a cost of $240 USD, Icon is perfect to create brand  awareness with visually appealing images
  31. Ella Рat a cost of $89 USD, Ellas lets you choose from a variety of layouts and styles to create different structures for your website 
  32. Broadcast Рat a cost of $280 USD, grow your audience and sell with finesse
  33. Live at a price of $35 USD for Commercial and $116 USD for extended commercial, give your website ways to display over all devices


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Optimize your website with Shopify Themes

Now that we have covered the top 33 best Shopify themes, what is the best theme for launching your eCommerce website? Each Shopify theme listed will help you to create a winning Shopify website. Thanks to Shopify, with a click of a button they have made your journey of running an eCommerce website easier than ever! With a variety of given theme templates that Shopify has to offer, you can read the reviews, try out each theme, and then pick which is most suitable for your Shopify business to grow. Aim for the sky, shoot to the stairs, meaning do not just pick the first Shopify theme template that you see but pick which template will help you grow your business. Ready to optimize your conversion rate in every way possible? Shop, download and launch your website today. Take advantage of what Shopify has to offer to get your website set up and running!

You can use the Koala Inspectors built-in Shopify theme detector tool to find any Shopify theme at the click of a button.


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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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