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Ali Hunter and Koala Inspector

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how to use the ali hunter and koala inspector
Ana Gelevska

Skyrocket Your Sales for eCom Success Using Ali Hunter & Koala Inspector!

Have you ever landed on a Shopify competitor’s store and wondered how much revenue they are generating monthly, and what strategies are they using to succeed? The odds are that even if you have, it’s not easy to gain insight into such statistics as they are not readily available to casual website visitors. Typically, if you rely only on your Shopify dashboard, you can only view your own performance and cannot access key data and information on other sellers.


It may be difficult to get insider data on how your competitors on Shopify and AliExpress are performing, but it’s not a completely impossible task. If you’re looking for the perfect tools to pry into your competitors’ stores and find out what drives their sales, we’ve got great news for you!


Keep on reading to learn more, as we’ll unveil two useful apps to give you the insights you need. These are Ali Hunter and Koala Inspector respectively, and we’ll show you how you can use both tools together to achieve sustainable e-commerce victory.


find out what competitors' strategies are


I. Why would I need to find out what my competitors’ strategies are?

If you are questioning the importance of identifying your competitors’ strategies, think again. Just like any traditional business, succeeding in the e-commerce world requires market research and a good understanding of your business’s unique selling proposition.


This involves finding out what exactly your Shopify or AliExpress store offers that makes you a preferable pick for shoppers who land on your store. If two stores are selling the same item, why should customers buy from yours over another? It could be for reasons such as stellar customer service and after-sales support, a fuss-free shopping experience, or a wide selection of items within your product niche.


Without defining your niche offering or competitive edge, it can be difficult to stand out among a crowd of sellers who are selling identical products. Moreover, as an example, selling pet supplies would require a vastly different strategy from selling menswear. You would need different approaches to ensure your products sell and resonate with the audiences you’re trying to capture.


Define your strategy to beat the competition


Define Your Strategy to Beat the Competition

That’s where you need solid knowledge of your dropshipping competitors’ strategies. By knowing what your dropshipping competitors are doing, you can adjust and refine existing approaches to do an even better job so you can surpass them on Google searches and product rankings to become customers’ preferred stores.

While that may take quite a long time to achieve, you’ll want to get started early so you can get ahead of the curve sooner. Tools like Ali Hunter and Koala Inspector can make the journey a whole lot easier to navigate, and you’ll be joining communities of over 100,000 users on their dropshipping journey.


How can I get insider insight into my competitors’ performance and tools used?

 If you’re looking for reliable, instant insight into your competitors’ stores, there are two tools that are perfect to serve your dropshipping needs on Shopify: Ali Hunter and Koala Inspector. These are free Google Chrome extensions that have different features and strengths to help accelerate your dropshipping and e-commerce growth. All you’ve got to do is install both tools, use them to pry into your competitors’ stores on Shopify, and there you go! You’ve got all the information you need at your fingertips to thrive.

Both Ali Hunter and Koala Inspector allow dropshipping sellers like you to get ahead of the competition with vital information that will impact your dropshipping business.


Ali Hunter website screenshot


II. What is Ali Hunter?

Made for dropshipping sellers who understand how crucial it is to assess the competition, Ali Hunter is a free Google Chrome Extension that prides itself on a winning AliExpress tool to optimize your dropshipping store for maximum performance. With over 100,000 users on the Chrome Web Store and an average 4-star rating, it is trusted by dropshipping sellers worldwide to build, grow, and scale their Shopify and AliExpress stores.


III. How Ali Hunter can boost your sales and revenue on Shopify and AliExpress

With just one click, you can identify best-selling AliExpress products for your Shopify business, track competitors’ revenues, track prices, and seller ratings, and generate order listings.

However, with so many tools and free chrome extensions available in the market for dropshipping store owners, what differentiates Ali Hunter and makes it a compelling pick? Here are some of Ali Hunter’s differentiating factors, as listed on their Chrome extension writeup.


Easy to use tool


Ali Hunter is an easy-to-use dropshipping tool

When it comes to finding the best e-commerce tool for your Shopify dropshipping business, usability is of utmost importance. You’ll want the most intuitive tool that isn’t too hard to figure out, so you don’t waste precious time trying to understand convoluted or inaccessible features.

Ali Hunter is easy to install as it’s a free Chrome extension and can be downloaded with just a click, activating within minutes to deliver a premier dropshipping companion experience. Plus, it simplifies the product research process for you, automating the process so you don’t have to painstakingly comb through different marketplaces like AliExpress and other Shopify stores just to find a product that is worth selling. This gives you the concrete proof you need that a particular product will be worth the investment, so you won’t incur unnecessary losses along the way.


Ali Hunter is Instant and Timesaving

Whether you’re trying to find out how much revenue a Shopify competitor is making with their dropshipping venture, or you’re trying to find the best product to sell from AliExpress, Ali Hunter helps you save time. You can view all the important details and data on your dashboard immediately, making it a preferable option if you want to make things quick. You won’t have to spend lots of time waiting for data to load as the tool generates these details instantly.


Ali Hunter Understands Your Needs

Every e-commerce business requires personalized data to succeed and generate profit. Depending on your product niche or category, Ali Hunter connects you with the insights you need to make a drastic change for your e-commerce business sales to skyrocket.


Wide Selection of AliExpress Sellers to Choose from with Ali Hunter

Ali Hunter brings a wide variety of sellers from AliExpress across various product niches and categories to help you pick the best offering for your customers. No matter the category – electronics like iPhones and iPads, kitchen supplies, fitness equipment or women’s apparel – you’re bound to find just the products you need here on Ali Hunter, all in one place. Furthermore, you can vet sellers according to their credibility and ratings to ensure you’re making the move that is most beneficial to your business.


Join the community


Join Ali Hunter’s Seller’s Choice Community

As a dropshipping business owner, you might sometimes be working with a team, but there are many solo entrepreneurs out there hustling for extra income.

Make new friends and connections through Ali Hunter’s Seller’s Choice Community, where you get to meet like-minded dropshipping business owners on Shopify and AliExpress! You can share tips, and product ideas and interact on the platform to make the dropshipping journey a little less lonely and a little more informative.


Top 10 selling list in shopify store


IV. Ali Hunter’s Features


View Product Summary

Get all the information you need on a product instantly – Ali Hunter’s product summary feature allows you to find out the price, rating, sales, and owner of a product immediately. In a fast-paced e-commerce world, dropshipping sellers like you need to act fast, so this is a great feature that condenses all the information you need in a readable, accessible manner.


Buyer Photos

Don’t buy a product blindly, without having seen what it looks like in real life! We all know how photos can be deceiving and paint a completely different picture. If you’re trying to make a sustainable profit with your dropshipping store on Shopify or AliExpress, then you want to make sure your product functions well and works as advertised. Ali Hunter’s Buyers’ Photos feature allows you to filter customer feedback to view photos taken. You can now view actual photos taken by real customers to decide whether the product really is what you’re looking for.


Track Price Changes

With Ali Hunter, you can now analyze product pricing trends and see how prices fluctuate or change over time. This allows you to predict and anticipate the best time to buy it so that you’re able to stretch your dollar and make a greater bang for your buck. What’s not to love?


Find The Best Products to Sell on Ali Hunter

Fretting over what products you should sell, in a sea of duplicate products, confusing customer demands, and unclear profit margins? Ali Hunter makes the decision a much easier and seamless process for you. By allowing you to discover products that are trending every day and showing you the best-selling items, you’ll be able to make a decision based on a number of popularity indicators.


Similar Products

Pricing decisions are never easy. If you price your products too low, you sell yourself short; if you price them too high, you risk losing customers. That’s why a tool like Ali Hunter, which helps you determine the optimal price point, is important. You can use the tool to compare similar products across AliExpress to figure out how much other dropshipping sellers are selling a particular product.


cart page in mobile


Track Store’s Sales Performance

As a dropshipping business owner, there’s no better feeling than seeing products getting checked out of their carts and watching as the money rolls into your bank account. Track your store’s performance easily, as Ali Hunter shows you sales data on your live orders.


Pry Into Competitors’ Sales Data

Knowing how well your Shopify competitors are performing can give you the boost you need to outcompete them. Ali Hunter allows you to explore several useful insights: their daily revenue, best-selling dropshipping products, and hourly sales. The best part is that Ali Hunter helps you stay on track with notifications every time your competitors make a change. Stay up to date in order to stay ahead!


Check Credibility

All e-commerce players would know that they must check all reviews of an item before deciding to commit to it. Dropshipping is no different. As a prudent business owner, you want to check the store reviews of an AliExpress seller to get a good idea of whether they’re the right seller to work with. You should always only work with trustworthy sellers to keep your store going, or otherwise risk running into trouble later with the fulfillment or customer support issues.



V. Using Ali Hunter with Complementary Tools

While Ali Hunter offers great benefits for dropshipping business owners on Shopify and AliExpress, there are several features that it does not offer. This goes for every application and tool out there – oftentimes, it may serve your business better to use more than one tool to maximize the capabilities and power of your Shopify or AliExpress store.


What features is Ali Hunter lacking?

Ali Hunter contains lots of incredible and high-value features which will catapult your dropshipping store’s sales on Shopify or AliExpress. With that said, it lacks functionality that isn’t centered on revenue, products, or credibility. Ali Hunter is great for determining business-centric decisions and providing the data you need to make strategic decisions. However, if you’re looking for features to complement your site’s functionality and usability, you need a different tool in your suite of Shopify apps.

Some of the features Ali Hunter lacks include a Shopify app and theme detector to determine what your competitors are using, Export CSV functionality, which is necessary for every Excel mogul out there, compiling Favorites and Product lists, detecting ad campaigns, viewing traffic data and robust customer support services.


Use Koala Inspector with Ali Hunter

If you want to make up for all the features that Ali Hunter lacks, which we’ve outlined above, then Koala Inspector is the perfect fit for your dropshipping store on Shopify or AliExpress. Koala Inspector is a great companion to Ali Hunter, with its features to improve the customer experience and make the user journey a pleasant, memorable, and enjoyable one. That way, you’ll be able to turn casual website visitors into loyal supporters of your brand, so that your product has lasting appeal and can beat out the competition and rising trends.

screenshot of the koala inspector website page


What is Koala Inspector?

Developed by Koala Apps, Koala Inspector is a must-have e-commerce tool used by over 90,000 dropshipping business owners. It is a comprehensive all-in-one solution suitable for new and experienced Shopify sellers who want to save time and money to make profits quickly. Koala Inspector is free to download on the Google Chrome Web Store, with payment plan options to unlock additional premium features and give your store the push it needs to become a rousing success.


Koala Inspector’s Features

Let’s take a deep dive into some of Koala Inspector’s highlights, which make it a great pick for your e-commerce and dropshipping workflow. Koala Inspector, like Ali Hunter, is a free Google Chrome extension that comes pre-loaded with value-adding tools for your store.


Shopify Theme Detector

While Ali Hunter focuses on the business side of things, it’s just as important for dropshipping stores on Shopify to focus on aesthetic appeal. Without a welcoming storefront, it’ll be difficult to convert customers and exude trustworthiness from the first visit. Kaola Inspector’s Shopify theme detector allows you to detect and find any Shopify theme which your Shopify competitors are using.

An essential first step in setting your store up for success is choosing the best theme with a short loading time and a design that’s easy on the eyes. And why is that important? With the right theme, you can attract buyers at zero additional cost. It’s among the easiest lead generation tools for your dropshipping business! You can also eliminate many wasted hours of tedious labor scrolling through thousands of Shopify themes with this tool, saving you time where it matters so you can focus on critical priorities.


Shopify App Detector

Much as a Shopify theme detector will help improve the usability and conversion rate of your Shopify dropshipping business, a Shopify app detector will help too. With over 6000 Shopify apps available, it’s challenging to decide which is truly worth the time and effort of downloading and learning to use. Koala Inspector’s Shopify app detector makes this a painless process, revealing which Shopify apps and plugins your competitors use. In turn, you can use this for your own e-commerce business to succeed.


Export CSV

What does it mean to export a CSV file? This simply means that you can compile useful lists and product information, and then export these lists with just the click of an “Export CSV” button. This is a feature that Ali Hunter does not come installed with, so if the convenience appeals to you, you’ll want to integrate Koala Inspector into your toolkit. This applies to your list of Favorite Products or any other lists you choose to compile using Koala Inspector. If you ever find yourself needing more Export CSV credits, our premium-paid plans are likely to do the trick.


example of typing the word analytics in google search


Reveal Google Ad Campaigns

Digital marketing and ad campaigns are a surefire way to boost sales. By bringing your product to your consumers’ consciousness and being visible on sites they use, your brand is bound to have greater recognition, improving your chances of making a sale. Therefore in 2022, ad campaigns are no longer just a supplementary tactic, but a must-have.

Yet, Ali Hunter doesn’t contain functionality to help with your ad campaigns or guide you on optimizing your ad spend. Koala Inspector makes up for its shortcomings: our tool reveals what ad campaigns your Shopify competitors are currently running to increase their sales. You’ll be able to decode their ad strategy, how much they’re spending and the placements they have chosen to succeed in making their store a profitable venture.


View Traffic Data

Ali Hunter reveals your competitors’ revenue data but not their web traffic data, which Koala Inspector provides. By using the two tools together, you will have a complete and holistic picture of how your competitors are performing in the market. From there, you can use the data to figure out how Shopify competitors selling the same AliExpress products are performing, or how many other stores in the same product category are generating high amounts of revenue. You’ll never be left lagging behind again with this useful feature.


Which tool is better for dropshipping sellers?


VI. Which tool is better for Dropshipping sellers: Ali Hunter or Koala Inspector?

All things considered, both Ali Hunter and Koala Inspector provide complementary data and insights to offer an unrivaled and seamless dropshipping experience. We think that both tools are on par with each other, and each gives you different information you need in different areas. While Ali Hunter focuses on revenue and products, Koala Inspector also reveals apps, themes, ad campaigns, and traffic data. Using both at the same time is likely to reap huge rewards for your business, as compared to using only one tool. Moreover, both tools are free, so you don’t have to prioritize one over the other.


Go Beyond and Stretch Your Dollar with Koala Inspector

With that said, if you’re a professional dropshipping seller who really needs additional features to go all the way and scale your business, you might want to check out Koala Inspector’s paid plans. There are the professional ($7.99 per month) and ultimate ($19.99 per month) plans, which offer additional Export CSV credits, find retailers credits, site traffic credits, and shop tracking credits. This removes the limitations of the free plan, so you can support the rapid growth of your Shopify store.

Ready to get started on e-commerce growth? Download Koala Inspector, the trusted e-commerce dropshipping spy tool used by over 90,000 users in different parts of the world! Get it from the Google Chrome Web Store here and start getting ahead today. And while you’re at it, feel free to check out video tutorials on how you can use the Koala Inspector!



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Ana Gelevska
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