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PPSPY: Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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Ana Gelevska

In this guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about PPSPY Chrome Extension. Through this article, you will be able to find out what the tool does,  how you can use it for your business needs. We’ll also cover the pros and cons of downloading it over other extensions. Finally, we’ll dive into whether you should get the free Chrome extension or the paid app.

There are many different Google Chrome extensions and Shopify spy tools available in the market. This can make it confusing to decide which tool is the best fit for your unique, individual business needs. It is important for business owners like yourself to identify which tool is best from the get-go. This allows you to save time and money later on. Trust us – you won’t want to find yourself wasting hard-earned money and limited time on a tool that doesn’t work or meet your needs.

With this resource, you’ll be better able to decide whether this is the tool for you. Otherwise, you might consider other options that may make your business more lucrative. Let 2023 be the year of e-commerce success for you, using tools that help grow your business to its highest potential.


I. What Does PPSPY Shopify spy tool do?


What Does PPSPY Shopify spy tool do


Like many other commerce inspectors in the market, PPSPY Chrome Extension allows you to spy on your Shopify competitors. Made for dropshipping and other e-commerce ventures, it grants you access to analytics which may be usually hidden by your competitors. This gives you the edge you need to get information right at your fingertips to pursue dropshipping.

The Chrome extension of the tool can be downloaded for free. There is also a paid version that comes with additional features. PPSPY Chrome Extension includes useful features such as sales tracking and sales reports, which help you see how well your competitors are performing. Its Shopify inspector capability also gives you in-depth store analytics, allowing you to check store information and products grouped by product type, vendors, or tags. You can also examine the store’s best-selling products, newly added products, and export products.

What we find to be a handy feature is the ability to download all product images for free without any limits. Not every commerce inspector is capable of this feature. If you need to export product visuals in bulk, PPSPY Chrome Extension is worth serious consideration.

Another useful feature is the live sales tracker, which allows you to view your competitors’ sales in real-time. Additionally, the tool also enables you to download Shopify reviews, which are an integral part of running any business, especially an e-commerce store. It allows customers to imagine what having the product would feel and look like, thus building trust in your store.

PPSPY Chrome Extension is also perfect for dropshipping store owners. It allows you to monitor competitors’ actions and improve your store. Using PPSPY, you can make the most of your dropshipping store. Whether your goal is to drive profit or build a reliable side hustle, PPSPY Chrome Extension and other Shopify spy tools is perfect for dropshipping enthusiasts like you.


II. How to Use PPSPY Chrome Extension?


PPSPY How to Use PPSPY Chrome Extension


Using PPSPY Chrome Extension is easy. It comes in the form of a Google Chrome extension that is painless to navigate. There is no need for complicated instructions or manuals with this PPSPY Shopify spy tool.

We have compiled the steps needed to start using PPSPY. Learn how to make the most of this PPSPY Shopify spy dropshipping tool for your growth.


Step 1: Install PPSPY Chrome Extension for Free

Before you can start using PPSPY Chrome Extension, you will need to first download it. One of the biggest perks is that this PPSPY Shopify spy tool is completely free.


Step 2: Determine Your Business Goals with PPSPY Chrome Extension

The key to succeeding in e-commerce is understanding your goals and taking the right steps to get there. A strong understanding of what your business goals are will allow you to decide how best to use PPSPY for dropshipping and e-commerce needs. For example, if you want to find the best products to sell, you can detect competitors’ product info. Or perhaps you want to see what is currently popular – monitoring Live Orders might just be the solution you need.

Either way, take some time to determine what your business goals are and you’ll be able to get the most out of PPSPY Chrome extension and other Shopify spy inspectors.


Step 3: Start Using PPSPY Chrome Extension’s Features Suited to Your Needs

Once you’ve determined your exact goals, you’re ready to start using the PPSPY Chrome extension!

PPSPY provides you with an arsenal of tools to succeed in dropshipping. These include sales analysis, product research and live orders.


Step 4: Track Your Competitors’ Shopify Stores in Real Time Using PPSPY Chrome Extension

When it comes to finding out what makes your competitors succeed, what better way is there than to see it in action?

Shopify spy extensions like PPSPY make it easy for you to easily access and monitor competitors’ Shopify stores live. The Live Orders feature reveals what customers are buying as you are viewing the page. This is especially useful if you want to figure out what’s on trend and worth stocking for your own store.


Step 5: Apply Knowledge Learned from Using PPSPY Chrome Extension

Using PPSPY will, without a doubt, offer you new knowledge to help you level up as an e-commerce store owner. This is because you’ll have instant access to data that you cannot usually view publicly. Knowing what products are popular and how to optimize your Shopify store for more profits can be hugely beneficial for your dropshipping journey.

Hence, it is important to apply what you have learned from using PPSPY to improving your store. For instance, if you have detected that a specific product is overwhelmingly popular, take note and learn from your competitors. Act on this insight by importing the relevant product to improve your store’s sales.


III. PPSPY Chrome Extension – Pros and Cons


PPSPY Chrome Extension - Pros and Cons


01. Pros

#1 Free of charge: Looking to start using PPSPY? One of its biggest perks is that it’s completely free to use. Hence, it is accessible to anyone looking to improve their e-commerce business.

#2 User-friendliness: Fret not, PPSPY won’t overwhelm you with a bunch of features that are difficult to use. In fact, the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for users like you to access its many features. Now, you can simply open the PPSPY Chrome extension the next time you visit competitors’ stores and conduct research with ease.

#3 Handy for research and learning about competitors’ tactics: Additionally, PPSPY offers a variety of tools that can provide users with valuable insights into their own store’s performance as well as their competitors. The product research feature, for example, allows you to easily identify top-selling products and best-performing competitors. This can help you make informed decisions about your business and find the right products to sell.


PPSPY product reviews


02. Cons

#1 Cannot be used beyond Shopify stores: If you’re looking for an all-in-one Chrome extension that can be used on not just Shopify stores, PPSPY is unfortunately not the solution you are looking for. It can only support Shopify stores. This means that if your store is hosted on a different e-commerce platform, you would need to seek out a different Shopify spy tool.

#2 Features are not as extensive as some other Shopify spy tools: While PPSPY is a useful Shopify spy tool, its feature set is not entirely comprehensive. For example, the tool noticeably lacks the ability to detect which Shopify apps and Shopify themes your competitors are using. A good Shopify theme, alongside a suite of apps to optimize your processes, is crucial for dropshipping and running an online business. Hence, it may be a better choice for you to opt for a Shopify spy tool like Koala Inspector, which features a Shopify app detector and Shopify theme detector. It is also a free Chrome extension, providing equally powerful capabilities for your business.


IV. Should I Use the Free Chrome Extension or Paid App for PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool?

Every Shopify store owner wants the best for the business they have built from scratch. With that said, you are likely to want to splurge on a paid app if it can provide you with the power you need to win. However, is that truly the case when it comes to downloading the paid version of PPSPY?

When it comes to considering whether you should use for PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool’s free version or opt for its paid app instead, the pricing plan is a huge consideration.


PPSPY pricing


As seen in the screenshot above, there are five different pricing plans for PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool. The plans range from Starter to Enterprise, showing that there are different tiers which meet various e-commerce requirements.

The PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool Starter plan comes in at an affordable subscription cost of $9.90 per month. This provides you with the ability to track sales for 5 shops monthly, while tracking 50 live orders daily and exporting 50 product reviews daily. If you’re looking for more, you might want to opt for either the Basic plan at $19.90 per month, or the Advanced plan at $39.90. Basically, the jump from each plan – Starter to Basic, and Basic to Advanced – doubles the number of shops you can track and product reviews you can export. In fact, PPSPY recommends going for the Advanced plan as it is the most popular option when it comes to using PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool.

Sometimes, having a limit to the number of shops you can track or the number of reviews you can export may hinder your operations. Unfortunately, the PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool Unlimited plan doesn’t uncap the limits, but provides 100 monthly shops tracked, 1000 daily live sales tracked and 1000 daily product review experts. This should be more than sufficient for most e-commerce owners, but don’t expect it to actually be unlimited!

Lastly, for big teams, the PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool Enterprise plan comes in at $299 per month. This option should be reserved for stores which are immensely successful and require the extra bandwidth. It is also worth considering that at this price point, there may be a larger variety of other options that are just as good, if not better, than PPSPY’s paid offerings. Hence, you should do your due diligence and research adequately before committing your hard-earned revenue to this plan.

Having covered the numerous pricing plans available for PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool, the question remains: is it a good idea to opt for the paid plan? Or is the free plan the way to go?

This would largely depend on your objectives, needs, size of business and profitability. If your Shopify store is performing well and you do not mind investing in it, then you might consider opting for the paid plan. However, for most averagely performing stores, new stores and those which are not performing exceedingly well, we’d recommend sticking to the free PPSPY Chrome extension. After all, it provides sufficient functionality – enough for you to optimize performance, at least marginally.


V. Conclusion

PPSPY conclusion


Finally, PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool is a beneficial resource that enhances e-commerce operations. You may not only accelerate your growth but also attain your goals faster if you use it or other Shopify spy tools like Koala Inspector to acquire insight into rival performance. Notably, PPSPY has a variety of capabilities, such as product research, live orders, and sales analysis, that provide helpful insights into your own business’s success. You may also use it to peek into your rivals’ performance and assess how they are doing.

These features can help you make smart business decisions and locate the greatest and most popular products to sell. However, keep in mind that PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool is only available to Shopify stores. Additionally, the data may not be totally accurate, and the functionality can oftentimes be restricted. As with any other tool, it’s critical to assess the benefits and drawbacks before deciding whether PPSPY Shopify Spy Tool is the right Shopify spy tool for your business.




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