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50 secret websites to make money

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secret websites to make money
Ana Gelevska

Ever wondered if there’s a secret society of online money makers? Well, kind of, and I’m about to spill the beans. There’s a world of websites out there that people are using to rake in some serious cash. And guess what? You’re invited to join the club.

From online marketplaces to free apps and tools, these secret websites are not just about making a quick buck. They’re about building sustainable income streams.

And, I’m sure you’ve probably tried some, and probably even been disappointed with the results. Navigating through the labyrinth of online money-making websites can often feel like an uphill battle. But the real trick lies in uncovering the secret websites and hidden online niches that hold the potential for significant income.

I’ve been navigating this online jungle for years and I’m here to guide you through it. Get ready to step into a realm where making money online isn’t just a dream. It’s a reality.

Just remember one caveat: Success in these marketplaces or using these websites is not instant or guaranteed. You’ll need to commit, work hard, and play smart, and ultimately have a plan of action.

So, let’s take a look at the secret websites to make money that the internet doesn’t want you to know about.

secret websites to make money Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Best Websites That Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in E-commerce

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the world of e-commerce is nothing new. But the way AI is being leveraged today has changed the face of online storefronts like Shopify. Research suggests the AI e-commerce market will grow to over $45 billion by 2032. Given the rapid advancements in AI, we expect that to be even higher.

That said, new trends are emerging in the AI industry every day, with yesterday’s trends dying fast. E-commerce retailers are finding new ways to innovate, automate, and ultimately, improve the customer experience. As a result, earnings and profitability are also increasing for these sellers.

Even the use of AI-generated product descriptions on Shopify is a simple game-changer. For smaller retailers, it streamlines the workflow to make many business functions much easier and faster.

Shopify itself offers many AI integrations for e-commerce businesses. All of these are designed to help merchants and improve the customer experience. AI-powered Shopify may well be the future of e-commerce, and it is time to tap into it.

AI tools transform many more areas of business operations today than ever before. And in my opinion, for e-commerce retailers, AI integrations are a must. Creating efficient business processes is the first to make a more profitable e-commerce business.

Right now, there are a number of great tools and platforms you can use to leverage AI in e-commerce. Ai has given rise to a number of secret websites to make money. Some of these money-makers you can use today include:


1. Recart

If you’re having trouble managing the social media side of customer relations, Recart is the app for you. It lets you automate business messaging over Facebook throughout every buying stage.

Recart comes with a Shopify integration that lets you launch Facebook Messenger campaigns automatically. It comes with a free trial, too, so feel free to test it out before buying.


2. Signifyd

Shopify offers you fraud protection with Signifyd. Small retailers, especially dropshipping businesses, often struggle with fraudulent orders and claims. Signifyd offers protection against such activities in the e-commerce industry.

First off, you enjoy complete transparency on all orders you receive. Second, it also helps you determine buying patterns to better serve your customers. Signifyd can be used to automatically approve or reject orders, saving you from fraud loss and liability.


3. Scribe

Looking to share your expertise and make some money? Scribe is an AI-powered tool and Chrome extension that lets you do just that. You can use it to create various types of content, including guides and tutorials.

Once you’ve created your products, you can sell them. They can then be launched on online storefronts like Shopify or even on social media.


4. Boomy

If you’ve always been into music and production but don’t know how to start, Boomy is the answer. This AI-powered music tool lets you create amazing new compositions with just a few clicks. You can even add custom or auto-generated lyrics to the mix

Make use of this simple service and turn it into a business. You can sell your composition services on sites like Shopify as a small business. It’s a simple, easy, and fun way to make money.


5. Vimeo Create

Let’s say you’ve got a product idea, and the Shopify store is all ready to go. The problem is the marketing- you’re unsure of where to start. Vimeo is an AI-powered video creator that lets you make ad campaigns in minutes.

All you have to do is upload images and answer some questions. You get a cool, customized video all set to go. You can even use it to offer video-making services to businesses.


6. Dialogue

Dialogue is a personalization app available directly through Shopify. It uses visitors’ behaviors to map out their interests and spending patterns. Then it creates custom recommendations most likely to boost sales.

What’s more, you can customize how the content is displayed on your e-commerce page. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool for automated branding that can earn you more in sales.


7. Tribescaler

Building a personal brand on social media may seem challenging, but not if you have Tribescaler. It helps you create AI-based viral tweets for Twitter that can promote your e-commerce business. Going viral means you have greater outreach and can expand your customer base.

You can use it to build your own business or offer marketing services. Either way, it ensures you make a name for yourself in the world of e-commerce.


8. Tidio

Staying connected with your customers is one of the best to ensure a sale. Tidio offers live chat and chatbot features, helping you answer customer questions quickly. Great customer service is a tenet of a successful e-commerce business.

You can link Tidio to your Shopify page, with some dedicated features only available on Shopify. Improve customer experience and boost sales all in one go with Tidio!


9. Octane

A personalized shopping experience is something many e-commerce businesses struggle to provide. With the use of short quizzes, Octane helps customers find exactly what they’re looking for. No more manual searching- businesses can speed up the product hunt with Octane.

Octane can also be used to automate marketing messages. It’s AI-powered, which means it learns from user behavior and adjusts its interactions accordingly.


10. Mesa

Mesa’s automated platform integrates directly with Shopify’s improved workflow. You can choose from a number of templates to set up and manage business functions. Using data analysis to make decisions becomes much easier with Mesa.

It takes care of all your manual tasks so you can focus on running your e-commerce business. It also comes with built-in apps to handle everything from email to instant messaging.


Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing


Websites That Use Influencer Marketing To Make Money

The influencer market reached a global value of $16.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to continue to expand. Influencer marketing is a growing industry that offers many ways to earn without too much work.

Influencer marketing is only the latest in outreach and engagement. It captures the audience’s attention in creative ways and markets directly to the people. As such, this is an industry ripe with opportunities for new entrepreneurs.

Attention has moved away from traditional marketing means to social media. Leveraging its power with influencer marketing is the smart move for any business. Luckily, there are many tools now available that can help you do so.

Here are 10 secret websites to make money through influencer marketing:


1. Upfluence

Upfluence is an influencer marketing platform that is designed for both e-commerce and direct-to-consumer use. It helps you track influencer activity, manage the relationship, review performance, and carry out marketing campaigns.

Available integrations include Shopify, WooCommerce, and a plethora of social media sites, including Instagram and TikTok. Third-party integrations include everything from email to CRM and payment processing.


2. Afluencer – secret websites to make money

If you’re looking for an influencer platform that makes collaborations simple, Afluencer is the way to go. It helps e-commerce businesses find the right influencer whose campaigns align with their marketing goal.

At the same time, influencers can find the right brands and programs to connect with. The site also comes with ready-made templates to get you started.


3. Intellifluence

Every one of the 200,000+ influencers registered with Intellifluence has opted into collaborations with various e-commerce brands. You save yourself the hassle of making a cold offer that might not receive the kind of response you expect.

The site is integrated with various tools for Shopify payment processing. It also comes with analytic tools so you can easily track the performance of your marketing campaigns.


4. Scrunch

Scrunch markets itself as the go-to tool for the “creator economy.” You get access to a database of over 20 million influencers. It also provides a simple opportunity to create targeted campaigns for e-commerce.

What’s more, influencers have the opportunity to make sure of various educational resources. Some of these are specially designed for influencers who are just starting out.


5. Influencity

One of the most important resources for dropshipping and e-commerce businesses is marketing and outreach. Influencity bridges the gap between businesses and influencers, helping you manage all your interactions when you do collaborations.

You get to manage relationships and campaigns and review AI-powered analytics to measure campaign success. Get matched with an influencer who matches the tone of your business and start creating!


6. Webfluential

Webfluencer lets you make direct-to-influencer proposals for campaigns. With a library of campaign templates, you can get started right away.  Plus, analytic tools are available to help you manage your campaign with ease.

The influencer marketing course helps e-commerce businesses and influencers understand the industry better. It also comes with an in-built calculator for your Twitter earnings.



If you don’t know where to get started with your influencer campaign, IZEA is the way to go. For aspiring influencers, IZEA can help you launch your career and begin creating paid-for content.

IZEA connects e-commerce with the influencer market in a simple way. What’s more, it lets you manage your campaign and performance directly from the site.


8. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the influencer filter you’re missing to create a successful campaign. You can use it to analyze your competition and top-performing pages. It even lets you identify the strategies your e-commerce competitors are using.

It also lets you discover various influencers and their success rates. You can also check out engagement rates for Twitter and Facebook.


9. BuzzStream

There’s no better way to get people talking about you than through BuzzStream. It helps you literally create a buzz about your e-commerce business through word-of-mouth. You also get a boost in site traffic that can earn you higher sales.

You can also track your engagement and activity to see which ones have been successful. Tracking your outreach makes sure you don’t miss out on any dropshipping opportunities.


10. Emplifi

Before you start a campaign, it’s important to know what will work. Emplifi uses a social listening tool to understand what customers are looking for. It then helps you create a campaign along those customer needs.

You can also use Emplifi to manage all your social media. This way, you maintain consistency across your social media campaigns.


Niche Research Techniques for Profitable Ventures


Websites To Help With Niche Research Techniques To Make Money

For any e-commerce business, entering a niche is a difficult decision. It seems to make more sense to enter major markets and make bigger profits. Dropshipping businesses, for example, can create great niches with good returns. But just because a niche exists does not mean it will be a profitable niche.

Doing niche research is an important step that can bridge the gap between profitable and non-profitable. With a non-profitable niche, a list of secret websites to make money can only take you so far. Once you have your niche identified, you can use platforms like Shopify to reach your target market.

The goal of a niche is to give you access to a smaller market with little to no competition. What can make for a bad niche for your e-commerce business? One factor is how often it’s in demand- a seasonal niche is not a great investment.

The niche research techniques you use may vary based on the kind of Shopify business you are looking to set up. For a dropship, you want to look into niches with reliable dropshipping suppliers.

If an industry has no other sellers, it can mean that it is not profitable. From there, you can start looking into niche keywords that can help you identify potential markets for your e-commerce business.

Here are some secret websites to make money for a niche Shopify business. These include:

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere will help you identify what items may be in demand with a keyword search. You can also check out historical data for that keyword in the e-commerce industry.

The extension also lets you analyze competitor Shopify stores and determine if it’s a viable niche for you.


2. NicheScraper

Researching millions of products to find profitable ones is a long task. NicheScraper tests out all these products and finds you the best ones to feature for dropshipping.

The products are sourced from sites like Shopify to help you set up your e-commerce business.


3. Ecomhunt

If you’re looking to build a dropshipping niche, Ecomhunt is for you. It holds a curated list of successful products you can feature on your Shopify store.

You can build your own e-commerce brand through this helpful little tool and add your own insights!


4. Answer the Public

Understanding audience needs can help you find your niche. Answer the Public presents user searches as questions that your e-commerce venture should answer.

The Shopify store you build can then cater to those unmet needs in a niche market.


5. SimilarWeb

A niche market is one that most other e-commerce businesses are overlooking. SimilarWeb helps you check out the competition and even identify which customer needs they are not satisfying.

You can then design your Shopify store stock to cover the needs your competitors can’t.

6. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a one-tool answer to setting up your niche Shopify store. You can conduct product research and estimate your sales number all in one place.

It also lets you research niche keywords and check in on your e-commerce competition.


7. Facebook Audience Insights

This hidden Facebook tool helps you check audience interests for certain demographics and start dropshipping on Facebook. These interests can become your e-commerce business.

You can localize your search and stock up accordingly for a dropshipping Shopify store as well.


8. Answer Socrates

Do you want to find out what people are looking for? Answer Socrates will help you discover trending questions that you can answer through your e-commerce store.

The questions you find can be used to provide relevant products through your Shopify store.


9. Exploding Topics

One of the best ways to find a niche is to find out what people are talking about. Exploding Topics shows you trends before they become mainstream, which can turn into your dropshipping business.

It shows both product and social trends to help build your Shopify e-commerce store.


10. AlsoAsked

In addition to keyword search, AlsoAsked shows you related questions. These can help you broaden the application for your e-commerce business.

The keywords help you find what people are looking for and then provide it. It’s also a great way to know what words can boost visibility for your e-commerce store.


Dropshipping Automation and Outsourcing  


Websites To Make Money With Dropshipping Automation and Outsourcing

Dropshipping as a business venture is suited for those of us just starting out. As a dropshipping business, you don’t have to worry about holding inventory or shipping orders. You get to focus on customer outreach and marketing while a third party does the heavy lifting.

When you first start off with dropshipping, your business process is likely to be quite simple. Few employees and few operations to look after. As it grows, however, even dropshipping can become hard to manage alone.

This is where dropshipping automation comes in. You can use a number of tools to automate many aspects of your e-commerce business. With less work for you, you can focus on boosting profits and better CRM.

Here is a collection of tools that can help you with dropshipping outsourcing and automation. Use these secret websites to make money and easily become an e-commerce entrepreneur.


1. Spocket

First up, Spocket features a range of sellers, mostly based in Europe and the United States. All you need is the plug-in to select and directly add products to your Shopify store. Your entire dropshipping order process is automated, including shipping.

The best part is the custom invoice feature. Sprocket lets you add your dropshipping brand to the invoice to create branded packing.


2. Recapture- secret websites to make money

For any dropshipping business, Recapture is a must. It’s an automated tool to prevent abandoned Shopify carts. You can customize the interface and follow up with customers to ensure a purchase.

Using Recapture helps you recover an otherwise lost sale and boost your dropshipping earnings.


3. Shopify Flow

If you need a dropshipping management app, Shopify Flow is the way to go. It can automatically create processes that would otherwise be time-consuming to do. Emails, support tickets, and even data organization can be done quickly.

Shopify Flow’s many pre-built templates also make many e-commerce tasks simple. It can also be used across all your dropshipping apps.


4. SaleHoo – secret websites to make money

Starting a dropshipping business means you need a network of trusted suppliers. Luckily, SaleHoo can help you find just that. It features millions of products from verified suppliers that you can sell through dropshipping.

SaleHoo eliminates the need to do research before you begin dropshipping. Training courses are also available for new entrepreneurs.


5. DSers (Shopify integration)

The DSers integration automates adding products to your Shopify store. It is sourced from AliExpress sellers, which offer a great collection for dropshipping.

The entire process of fulfilling an order can be automated without manual input. It’s a great tool to start dropshipping with, especially if you’re new to the game.


6. Spark Shipping

Spark Shipping is a dropshipping automation tool that works with many online platforms, including Shopify. It integrates multiple suppliers and platforms, so you can still place your order in one go.

Most dropshipping businesses look to buy from multiple suppliers. Spark Shipping makes it easy to do so without needing multiple tools.


7. Zendesk

A major part of a dropshipping business is customer relations. Zendesk helps you connect to customer needs quickly and easily.

Customer complaints are matched with live agents so they can be resolved immediately. Maintaining good customer relations can translate into higher sales for your dropshipping business.


8. Automizely – secret websites to make money

This Shopify app automates marketing for your dropshipping business. You can choose from a library of templates to set up your email and instant messaging.

Automizely improves customer engagement and builds up your dropshipping brand. Once configured, you can leave all your communication up to this nifty tool.


9. Ordoro – secret websites to make money

Ordoro takes care of everything from dropshipping to inventory management. You can use it with your Shopify store and can integrate multiple stores into one.

This tool will also take care of delivery and supply. All you need to do is set it up the rest of your dropshipping business will be taken care of!


10. Wholesale2b

You get access to millions of wholesale products with Wholesale2b. Integrated with your Shopify store, it will connect you with the closest- and cheapest dropshipping supplier.

Wholesale2b also takes care of shipping. It can even automatically update tracking info to keep the customer in the loop.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


Websites That Help With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Let’s say you’ve already got your e-commerce business set up. An online storefront like Shopify gives you a lot of benefits in getting your business going. However, there is still the issue of turning visitors into customers.

That’s what Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is all about. It helps you identify and use ways in which you can increase the number of visitors who take a desired action from your site. For an e-commerce business, this can mean a purchase.

Your CRO approach shouldn’t just look at boosting numbers. Consider people who end up on your Shopify page as individuals, and you can think more about what they want. From there it’s a simple step to catering to those needs on your site.

Using a CRO site can help you bridge the gap between visitors and customers. Here are some secret websites to make money by using a great CRO approach.


1. HotJar

If you’re into colorful mapping, HotJar is for you. It uses colors to map out a user’s activity and behavior. The greater the activity, the hotter the colors on your Shopify store.

The site is pretty simple, but it lets you pinpoint behavior patterns. You can then optimize your e-commerce business to increase engagement.


2. HelloBar

HelloBar is the website banner that’s been missing from your dropshipping store. It creates a customizable banner on your e-commerce site you can use to boost conversions. It can feature a short message, announcement, or even a call to action (CTA).

It comes with a number of templates and is compatible with your Shopify store.


3. OptinMonster

With OptinMonster, you can conduct A/B testing to measure the success of your CRO strategy. It offers lead-generation software you can use to turn visitors into customers for your dropshipping business.

The site comes with a number of templates you can use to get started. Pop-ups and opt-ins make it easier to encourage users to take the next step.


4. Instapage

A great landing page can make all the difference when you’re looking to boost conversion rates. Instapage lets you build your own landing pages without needing to know code.

With a page that captures user attention, you can generate leads for your dropshipping business.


5. Omniconvert

A personalized experience is great for conversions, which is what you can do with Omniconvert. It lets you create pop-ups and even user surveys to determine what your dropshipping customers want.

The site uses everything from the user’s cart to their location to customize their experience at your Shopify store.


6. CrazyEgg

CrazyEgg is one of the best in-depth user behavior insight tools out there. It uses mouse movement, scrolling, and heatmaps to map what users do on your Shopify store.

Not only do you know where your traffic is coming from, but also what they are doing. With this information, you can optimize your dropshipping business.

7. SurveyMonkey

Surveys help you determine what your next step should be for better customer engagement. SurveyMonkey helps you create simple surveys with pre-built templates for your Shopify store visitors.

It also gives you in-depth insights into user responses. These can be used to make the necessary changes around your dropshipping business.


8. Optimizely

Maybe you’ve got an optimization plan, but how do you know it will work? Optimizely helps you test out your marketing plan before you implement it into your dropshipping business.

It doesn’t require any code- you just set up and test out your hypotheses!


9. ContentSquare

ContentSquare takes heat mapping on your dropshipping site a step further. It can show not only user activity but also which clicks generate revenue.

This helps you optimize those items on your Shopify store. You can also conduct A/B testing for any new features.


10. ConvertBox

With A/B testing, ConvertBox lets you find effective designs and implement them in your dropshipping store. You can use it to build CTA pop-ups and opt-ins.

The site also lets you customize tools to fit in with your Shopify store theme.

You can also check this beginner guide video and learn how to start an e-commerce business in 2023:



Conclusion – Best Hidden Websites to Make Money

Setting up a new e-commerce business is not easy. With these secret websites to make money, you can simplify the process greatly. Build your own Shopify store or start dropshipping- there is no shortage of options!

Another great tool you can use is the Koala Inspector and Koala Theme Detector. This e-commerce tool lets you look into any Shopify store. You can reveal all their secrets- from best-selling products to dropshipping suppliers. Use this information to boost your dropshipping business with ease.


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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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