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Printify & Etsy: Novice to Expert

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Printify & Etsy
Ana Gelevska

The integration of Printify & Etsy has revolutionized the world of eCommerce. It has emerged as the most creative way to do business. Here, the Print on Demand (POD) concept is in use, which allows you to make custom prints.

In this article, we’ll explore how Printify & Etsy work together. Also, how they work to make businesses succeed. Moreover, we will see how POD is aiding new businessmen.


POD Basics for Printify & Etsy


I. POD Basics for Printify & Etsy

POD is a business model that has become famous due to its low risks. For the sellers, it emerged as a blessing since it allowed them to start from scratch. With POD, they don’t need a large amount of investment. It works by printing customized goods only when the customer places the order. Hence it makes the business grow in a very efficient way. 

This means that things will be printed and distributed in response to customer orders. It eliminates the need to create bulk products in advance. This strategy offers flexibility because vendors focus on variety without any loss risks.

  • Printify’s Role as a POD 

Printify is enabling Etsy sellers to give customized goods to clients. It takes the role of serving as a middleman between vendors and printing partners. It operates as a POD platform and streamlines the entire production process.


  • Production and Shipping: Printify & Etsy

Printify works with many printing partners. All these partners have expertise in some kind of product category. When a customer places an order, Printify’s POD service sends a request to a printing partner. It can be about the article type, location, and shipping method.


  • The Low-Risk Nature of POD: Printify & Etsy

POD presents a low risk for sellers. Now sellers don’t require a big amount of capital to build a start-up. This is because printing takes place only when you place an order. It eliminates the chances of any financial risks in the process. 

Also, the POD strategy enables traders to test out new product designs. It enables sellers to try new things. Also, they can make designs according to hot market trends.


Linking Printify & Etsy Accounts 


II. Linking Printify & Etsy Accounts 

Etsy and Printify work together to open up a dynamic world of safe business through POD. Etsy takes care of the selling side; Printify handles the manufacturing. Printify prints the products according to the provided design. It then ships them to the customers. 

  • Setting Up a Shop

The question which might be arising in your mind is how we can get into the world of Etsy and Printify. The first step is creating an Etsy account and creating our own shop on Etsy. We only need to enter our basic information, and our account will be active. 

After the account gets active, we can name our shop with any name we like. It will land us in the biggest seller’s market. Once the shop is live on the platform now, we can link it to Printify.

It allows access to a diverse range of goods that we can customize according to our creativity. Linking to Printify takes care of manufacturing and shipping. The remarkable POD services handle it all. While the seller pours creativity into the article’s designs.


  • Configuring Payment Methods: Printify & Etsy

Linking our business details into the Printfy account handles all our finances. Also, it is necessary to mention Etsy account information on Printify. It will allow both to work smoothly.

Furthermore, we can add our preferred payment methods which suit us. After fulfilling all these criteria, both accounts work in collaboration. This makes a smooth flow of selling and making money straight to our accounts.


  • Linking Etsy and Printify Accounts

Connecting Etsy & Printify accounts can improve the functionality of our shop. Also, it can widen our selection of articles.  For this, we don’t have to make much inventory investments. As the products will print and dispatch quickly after receiving an order. It removes the need to keep a stockpile of goods. In this way, the POD model presents a low-risk strategy for traders.

As a result, we can test new concepts and designs. Also, with it, we don’t need to have excess inventory. This lowers storage costs. It enables sellers to adapt to market trends. Moreover, it helps meet the specific needs of their customers. Printify and Etsy’s partnership allows sellers to stand out on Etsy.


Creating Custom Articles Printify & Etsy


III. Creating Custom Articles: Printify & Etsy

Printify makes it easier to make customized articles. It does this by offering catalogs for every kind of product.  It allows businesses to showcase products in unique ways. It makes them gain more authority, trust, and credibility among the customers. 

It is important to build a brand’s personality for building a brand identity. Entrepreneurs have so much room for creativity, making designing very convenient. Let us explore how we can design and customize goods by using Printify:

  • Exploring Catalog

Printify offers a wide variety of goods. Merchants can serve a wide range of specialized markets. Also, they can meet a wide range of client preferences due to their huge assortment. Everyone can find something they like due to the different goods accessible. This makes it simpler to put together a collection that appeals to our target market.


  • Utilizing eRank’s Monthly Trends 

It is important to research a product before customizing it. The most important tip for boosting our business on Etsy is following the trends on social media. For this purpose, we can use eRanks’s Monthly trend tool. This tool allows us to see which products are higher in demand.

It allows you to go for the product which has the most number of buyers. This can increase the number of your sales. This will boost the finances. You can also use this clever ads strategy to boost your sales.


  • Creation Process: Printify & Etsy

Custom product creation on Printify is a simple and effective process. The first step for sellers is to choose an article from the large catalog. The next step is to beautify the chosen product with the desired artwork.

Sellers can upload their own unique designs using Printify’s design tools. They can also use customizable templates, which are available on the platform. Also, they can opt for the article versions once the design is ready. There are various options available to make the best design. Various sizes, colors, and designs are there to customize products in any way. 


Publishing Goods on Etsy


IV. Publishing Goods on Etsy

Once the products are ready after the design process, it’s time to publish them for sale on Etsy. Optimizing the goods so that they can reach the greatest number of customers is also a bit technical. Let us get into the details: 

  • Accessing and Editing Products 

Going to the “My Products” section of Printify, after logging in, we can find all the items we’ve made. We will get to the product’s details page if we click on the specific item we want to list on Etsy.

We have the chance to personalize further and change many components of the product. We only need to go to the details page. This includes improving the design, picking various options, and updating pricing data. The key is ensuring that the article is displayed in an attractive way for the Etsy audience.


  • Refining Product Details 

Paying close attention to product details is crucial when listing our articles. This is because they appeal to potential customers. For this purpose, create a catchy and descriptive title. Make sure that it accurately describes the item.

Also, it should contain pertinent keywords and be easy to remember. Use appropriate keywords in the description to increase the listings in Etsy searches. 


  • Enhancing Shop Presence

Creating a strong and memorable shop presence is key to attracting customers. It also helps in retaining customers. Coming up with a unique brand identity can set us apart in the competitive marketplace. Elevating our Etsy storefront with engaging content makes us stand out.

Using the right colors, themes, and photos can completely change your shop’s atmosphere. Customers stay to spend more time on a website if they experience pleasant visuals.


  • Marketing and Selling Products: Printify & Etsy

The process of marketing and selling products on the Etsy shop starts once they are live. To increase brand recognition, it is important to use efficient marketing methods. It will draw in potential customers and raise sales.

To succeed in this venture, synchronizing Printify & Etsy is important. Focus on optimizing Etsy listings. For this purpose, use a variety of marketing and promotional strategies.


This video will help you understand how Etsy works and how to skyrocket your Etsy sales with a few simple steps:


V. Enhancing Etsy Shop Presence

Improving your Etsy Shop presence is essential to boost your sales. It is especially important in today’s digital landscape. It is imperative for the business to stand out due to more competition in online shopping. For this purpose, sellers need to focus on building brand credibility and trust. How to stay ahead in your e-commerce business is important to know. Let us dive into these steps:

  • Optimizing Etsy Order Management 

We need to optimize our Etsy listings if we want to appear more prominent in searches and draw in customers. It is important to incorporate pertinent keywords into our products’ descriptions and tags. It will boost the score of  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Providing clients with a good shopping experience requires effective order management. We need to maintain the shop by quickly completing orders. There are tools available on the Seller Dashboard on Etsy to manage our business. They track orders, manage inventory, and guarantee prompt shipments.


  •  Marketing and Promotional Tactics for Printify & Etsy

It is important to explore various promotional tactics to attract new customers. Offer limited-time promotions, bundle deals, or free shipping to the buyers. Consider running seasonal or holiday-themed marketing campaigns to capitalize on festive shopping trends.

We can use email marketing to build relationships with existing customers. It will encourage repeat purchases. Also, we can send exclusive offers to keep customers engaged. This is essential to foster brand loyalty. Online strategies like SEO and content marketing can help strengthen marketing. They both boost the visibility of Etsy stores.


VI. The Bottom Line

Printify Etsy integration has brought an edge to all aspiring entrepreneurs. All aspiring business owners can now use Printify’s integration with Etsy. The POD approach has simplified e-commerce a lot. It offers a novel low-risk method and transforms how we can make money. 

It allows many businesses to prosper. This is due to the creation of customized articles targeted to each customer’s tastes.

By embracing this powerful duo, sellers can be successful in the competition. Also, they can grow their businesses while adopting the market’s ever-changing needs. Explore Koala apps to learn more about eCommerce and how to make money online.


VII. FAQs: Printify & Etsy

  • What is Printify? – Printify & Etsy

Printify is a manufacturing and selling platform that works on the POD model. Here, retailers can customize their goods without any investment. This platform allows various templates to design the products. Also, they can get the goods sold when the customer places an order. 


  • How does the integration of Printify & Etsy work? 

Sellers open their online shop on Etsy while customizing goods on Printify. When a buyer puts an order on Etsy, Printify forwards the request to the most qualified printer. Through the efficient POD service of Printify, goods get delivered to the buyer. 


  • What is Print on Demand (POD)?

It is a concept that involves the printing of goods after the placement of an order. It eliminates the need to make excess products in advance. Thus it reduces the initial need for investment. Printify is a platform that uses this concept.


  • How can I connect Printify to Etsy? – Printify & Etsy

To connect Etsy to Printify, we need to create an account on Etsy. This account will only need our basic information. Once the account is active, we will add Etsy details on Printify. Now we will add our payment method, and both our accounts are ready to work. We can create different designs on Printify for any product. Etsy will sell these customized products.





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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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