How to Find the Right Product for Dropshipping?

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How to Find the Right Product for Dropshipping? (And Make Sure it Continues to Sell)

Ever bought a watch online? If you have, you might have even bought one from a 17-year-old named Jonah. The young entrepreneur started his own business (with a little help of course) and now makes over $13,500 a month in revenue.

Today, anyone can start an online business—even teenagers.

With the rise of eCommerce and its improving simplicity, it’s easy to start a business without going through the traditional supply chain. D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) businesses alone are now a $213 billion industry, according to Statista. 

It’s easy; it’s a no-brainer. Until it isn’t.

The eCommerce dropshipping industry is now increasingly competitive, making it tough to succeed. You can’t have a profitable and sustainable dropshipping service without expert knowledge. You must also analyze the performance of competitive stores from the technology and product perspective.

So, what should you sell and how can you hit your revenue targets to achieve financial independence? 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can find the best dropshipping products list. Plus, we’ll dive into how to market them well enough to achieve a solid income stream with your business.


Dropshipping Product Research Challenges

The dropshipping business model is fairly easy to understand. Simply put, you identify a product that consumers want, sell it to them at a retail price, purchase the product from a supplier at wholesale price, and have the supplier directly ship the product to the customer:


how dropshipping works


But finding that specific product that customers would want isn’t as easy as it seems. We’ve been through the challenge ourselves and understand what you’re experiencing right now. 

When trying to find the best products to sell online, most new players to the game deal with:

  • Manually searching for everything. You’re constantly browsing through your store, your customer reviews, and your competitors to see if there’s anything else you can do to improve business.
  • Confusion about which product or niche to focus on. You can have an excellent idea in mind, but does the market want that? You can’t just sell everything under the sun, because that’ll create confusion among buyers.
  • Getting enough accurate data on competitors. You don’t know what the great ones are doing to achieve such success, and you don’t know what the losers are doing—so you can’t avoid the same potholes.

However, these are 3 key factors that make a dropshipping business successful. 

Whatever industry you’re trying to carve a path in, you have to know how to use technology for automation and in-depth data. That way, you get the inside scoop about what the market needs, and how you can get ahead of your competition without wasting resources.


4 Most Common Dropshipping Product Research Options

Research is a key part of dropshipping. Without it, frankly—you’re toast. So, let’s look at the 4 common dropshipping product research tools as well as some of their challenges and limitations:

  1. Google Trends and Searches. Use this to see what people are talking about and buying. It’s useful to see something happening, but you won’t get instructions on taking advantage of that momentum. You’ll get good data, and that’s about it.
  2. Oberlo Chrome Extension. This is Shopify’s dropshipping app to help online retailers like you find products on AliExpress and import them into your stores. You can then manage our product listing, process all orders, and ship the items. Great tool, but it provides limited to zero data.
  3. Shopify App Detector or Theme Detector by helps you identify which Shopify apps and themes are used by a specific Shopify store (unless it’s completely custom). This “competitor spy” allows you to see how popular stores work and replicate their success, but you’ll have to use it constantly to stay updated with everything.
  4. Koala Inspector Chrome plug-in. This is a comprehensive and smart spy tool for dropshipping and Shopify or AliExpress stores. You’ll gain an edge over your competitors by having visibility over them, huge amounts of actionable data, and continuous tracking of their performance—get notified only when your competitors make a move.


koala inspector find retailers feature


As you can see, the Koala Inspector Chrome plug-in provides the best of all worlds. It’s packed with functions for eCommerce business owners to get out of the rut in their entrepreneurial journey, actively solving the problems they deal with regularly.

With Koala Inspector, there’s no need for manual research or a combination of apps to know what and how to sell your products for a successful business. 

Now, let’s talk about this in detail.


How to Find the Right Product for Dropshipping

Identifying the best-selling dropshipping products is the first and arguably the most important factor of your eCommerce or dropshipping business. It’s quintessential if you want to know where to invest your time and energy.

Here’s a snapshot of your path:

How to Find the Right Product for Dropshipping


Here’s how Koala Inspector helps you know the best product to sell and continue being the best in your chosen market or industry. With just one tap, it’ll give comprehensive data that helps you answer:

  1. What stores are selling well? First, you need to know which Shopify or AliExpress stores are gaining massive sales. Koala Inspector will show you a long list of stores, where your goal is to identify a category or industry that you can really focus on and serve.
  2. What are their hottest dropshipping products? Then, you can dive deeper and check which particular product is popular among customers. This is where Koala Inspector will show what functions or benefits the customers are trying to get, and where you’ll see market-specific purchase trends.  
  3. Why are those selling well? Get into the customers’ minds and analyze their behavior. This is where Koala Inspector will help you understand your target customers and unearth their personal pain points, reasons for purchase, and product expectations. You’ll know the core reason for their purchases.
  4. How can you take advantage of that trend? Then, Koala Inspector will point you toward a direction that you can take, where you can carve out a new niche, product, or benefit to further satisfy the customer base. Koala Inspector will also notify you of any trend shifts, like if a product goes out of style.
  5. How can you continue selling the product? With Koala Inspector, you’ll have a full market view and get notified of any shifts (e.g., if your competitors change their products, pricing, or apps). That way, you can make the necessary changes to keep up with seasonality, discounts, and price hikes.

In short, Koala Inspector empowers you and gives your superhero abilities to champion your entrepreneurial dreams. From planning to execution and continuity, this app helps you make data-driven decisions to work toward your business goals, turning your simple store into a successful business.

It’s also crazy easy to use—so you don’t need to be an eCommerce pro to get started.


koala inspector product statistics feature


Find the Most Profitable Dropshipping Products

Whether you’re 17 or 73, there’s no reason you can’t start a successful eCommerce business and dive into the world of dropshipping.

That dream is now a reality with Koala Inspector, enabling you to choose the best products to sell online. Whether that’s to sell pens, clothes, jewelry, makeup, or toys—Koala Inspector tells you what niche to take advantage of, when to promote them, and how to generate massive sales continuously. 

Download our app today to get started and join the 72,000+ people already leveraging Koala Inspector power. Oh, and it’s completely free to use—there are no strings attached, we promise.

koala inspector shopify spy

Boost Sales with Data Insights

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