How to Spy on Shopify Competitors (And Why You Should Do It!)

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If you own an online store, you probably look for ways to boost sales all the time. But how can you find winning eCommerce strategies that work? With the right tools, you can gain critical business intelligence from other successful online stores. Find out how to spy on competitors and learn all the secrets of top-selling eCommerce sites.



Ecommerce is emerging rapidly. And to thrive among so many existing and leading online stores, you need to do something different like no one else is doing.

Of course, if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, it might not help your business progress or make you flourish — you have no means of distinguishing your products and services from the competition.

So, it would help if you keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your rivals.

Wondering, why?

Well, how can you wish to conquer your Shopify competitors if you don’t know their winning strategy?

Spying or, in technical terms, competitor analysis is a significant part of running a successful Shopify store.

Researching will inform you of the areas you’re lacking, help you minimize your risk when launching new products/services, and assure you can put your brand in the front.

All you need is the great Shopify App Inspector that can help you detect your Shopify competitors.

Still in a dilemma?

Today, we, Koala Apps, are discussing how keeping an eye on competitors is good for you. Keep reading!


How is Monitoring Competitors Beneficial?

If you have not researched your Shopify competitors yet, even for once, you might not have a picture of what your differentiators are. Indeed, it appears as a challenging task, but it is vital for an aspiring business owner whose wish is to dominate and win.

Comprehending your opponents well would enable you to acknowledge your competitive advantages specifically. The information obtained could also help you competitively set your rates and respond with your strategies to rival marketing campaigns. With this data, you would be capable of launching new marketing strategies that exploit your competitors’ weaknesses and enhance your business performance.

Benefits don’t stop there; you can also evaluate any threats presented by new candidates to your market and current rivals. Plus, you could learn the features of the marketplace where you possess that advantage. Further, to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you can pinpoint your efforts on that marketplace and work well. As a result, it will better your winnings on your branding expenditure and increase your revenue yield.

In all, for inspiration, insights, or information, it’s imperative to know how the most prosperous Shopify merchants stay ahead of the crowd. Like:

  • What are their most demanded products?
  • Which theme are they using?
  • What are the traffic sources & countries?
  • What is the pricing of the products that are similar to yours?



Use Koala Inspector to Track Shopify Stores

Koala Apps’s Koala Inspector – the best eCommerce tool, offers you all the secrets behind every Shopify store. With Koala Apps Shopify Inspector, you can reveal every method the store owner uses, the best-selling products, pricing, and much more, that too in one click.

Regardless of your eCommerce platform, be it Etsy, WooCommerce, or any other, our tool enables the opportunity to follow and track any Shopify store you want!

Why wait? Get the Koala Shopify store inspector chrome extension for all the sales details and increase conversions from your Shopify store!

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