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Shopify Theme Detector – How to Find Any Shopify Theme?

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Shopify is by far and away the largest e-commerce platform out there.  Shopify merchants run over 1 million businesses in 175 different countries.  That’s pretty impressive!

It’s no wonder, then, that for most of us it’s the e-commerce platform of choice.

However, where to start with setting up your store is another matter entirely.

We understand the frustration of starting a new Shopify store or having a store set up that is arguably underperforming.  It is especially galling when you see your competitors doing so well with a beautiful store and great functionality.

We know you start to wonder – how did they get their store to look like that?  What Shopify theme did they use?

The good news is you can find out!

Being able to see under the hood of your favorite Shopify stores and see what themes and services your competitors are using can be invaluable information in helping boost your store’s performance.

This is especially important these days with so many themes to choose from.  Where do you even start!

There are over 70 official Shopify themes and well over 10,000 themes that have been created by third-party designers.

Knowing what themes the big Shopify stores are using gives you a great advantage.  It means you can also use these themes for your own shop to ensure your site has the best workflow, is one visitors will enjoy using, and generates the most traffic.

So how do you find out what Shopify theme your favorite stores are using?

Use a Shopify Theme Detector!

That’s right, we have designed a simple to use, but incredibly powerful, Shopify inspector software that lets you go behind the scenes of your favorite Shopify stores to see just what they use.

Koala Inspector.

Let’s have a look at how it works…

What is a Shopify theme detector?

First, let’s just clarify exactly what a Shopify theme detector is and does.

Simply put, a Shopify theme detector lets you find out which Shopify theme was used on any Shopify store online.

The detector will let you know what the theme is and whether it has been customized or not.

shopify theme detector - competitor's

Why detecting your competitor’s Shopify Theme is Important?

There are an awful lot of Shopify themes out there and it can be difficult and time-consuming to trawl through them all to find the one that suits your needs perfectly.

When we research Shopify themes it’s also hard to fully grasp how they will actually look and feel when being used.

So even when you find what you think is the perfect theme, once you start to build your store, it might not actually do what you want it to.

The best way to find a theme for your store is to actually look at other Shopify sites, see how their stores look, work, and flow.  This way you can get a proper feel for the theme in action to know if it is the right one for you.

This method also allows us to focus on stores and themes that we know have a great user experience, draw traffic, and convert sales.  Which is exactly what you want for your store.

Once you find a site and store that you like then trawling through all the themes on Shopify to find the matching theme is again, time-consuming.

If they have customized the theme in any way you might never find it manually.

BUT a Shopify Theme Detector will find the theme instantly, saving hours and hours of wasted time.

Our Shopify Store Inspector, Koala Inspector is ideal for doing just this!

It finds the store’s theme in seconds (as well as having a whole host of other incredible features to help you get the most out of your online store).

Let’s have a look at how to use Koala Inspector.

How to use Koala Inspector?

It honestly couldn’t be easier to use Koala inspector.

Simply download and install the google chrome extension from here.

Once the chrome extension is installed visit any Shopify store.

Click on the Koala Inspector extensions.

And that’s it!

With just one click all the information we could possibly want about the theme the store uses, as well as any other apps the merchant is using to make their store function can be seen.

It really is that quick and easy to find the Shopify theme for any store.

The best part is, it’s completely FREE to use too!

Our theme detector is just one function that Koala Inspector does to help you, however.  Let’s have a quick look at what else it can tell you about your favorite or rivals store…

What else can Koala do for you?

Finding the right theme using Koala Inspector is only the first step.  You can also do a deeper dive into any Shopify store to really find out how they work and what is driving their success.

Here are some of the other things Koala can do for you:

  • Shopify Applications – we will also show you what extra Shopify applications are used on the site to help them manage and run their store.
  • Product Statistics – We will show you in an instant how many products they have in their store, what their best-sellers are, what their average sales price is, and much much more.
  • Shop Traffic – we will show you how much traffic their shop gets as well as what drives that traffic – from social media to web searches, we break down the source of the traffic, the countries the traffic comes from, etc. We will even show you the keywords used for that shop!
  • Ad Campaigns – we also find their ad campaigns so you can see exactly what they are doing to promote themselves.


Finding and using the right Shopify theme for your online store will make all the difference in your success.

It’s important, however, that this isn’t a hugely time-consuming task (we know you have better things to be doing with your time!) and so using a Shopify Theme Detector like Koala Inspector is an absolute must.

It’s quick, easy, and simple, and is absolutely free.  So why not give it a go.