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Best Shopify Themes for Selling Online Courses in 2024

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online course Shopify themes
Ana Gelevska

Finding a Shopify course theme has never been easier! If you have a great course and want to build your brand around it, Shopify is a great way to launch it online.

In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best Shopify themes for selling online courses in 2024.

We gathered the details of each theme using the theme detector feature of our custom tool Koala Inspector. You can also leverage Koala Inspector to discover what Shopify theme your competitors use and take advantage of it.

5 Best Shopify Themes for Selling Online Courses

RankThemePriceRatingMobile Page SpeedDeveloperCustomization LevelTheme StylesShopify 2.0 Compatible
1CraftFree53% (19 reviews)79/100ShopifyMediumNAYes
2SenseFree41% (55 reviews)70/100ShopifyMedium3 styles (Default, Beauty, Luxury)Yes
3Combine$36089% (18 reviews)61/100Krown ThemesHigh5 Styles (Objects, Electronics, Beauty, Books, Restaurant)Yes
5Be Yours$32099% (471 reviews)54/100RoarThemeHigh4 Styles (Beauty, Trendy, Peace, Dark)Yes

1. Craft

craft shopify store page

Craft by Shopify: Simplifies dropshipping with refined design, easy setup, and robust visual storytelling tools to enhance brand narratives and customer engagement effortlessly.

Developer – Shopify

Price – Free

Theme Styles – NA

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed – 79/100

Customization Level: Medium

Rating – 53% (19 reviews)

Theme Features

Minimalist and attractive design

Customizable theme layout

Clean and intuitive navigation

Product-focused theme

Mobile-friendly website

SEO features to rank your course well


Blog and FAQ integration

Storytelling sections

Attractive built-in styles

Easy to customize

Quality visuals

Adjustable colors and fonts

Works on any device

Free to use


Not many advanced features to integrate

Requires basic knowledge of coding

Limited to specific product types

Who Is the Theme For

Teachers who offer online courses

Experts in a specific niche

Education service providers

Knowledge base and resource websites

Book authors

2. Sense

sense theme shopify store page

One of Shopify’s new free themes in 2024. Sense has a vibrant yet professional look and feel suitable for selling online courses.

Developer – Shopify

Price – Free

Theme Styles – 3 styles (Default, Beauty, Luxury)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed – 70/100

Customization Level: Medium

Rating – 41% (55 reviews)

Theme Features

Easily customizable Shopify online course theme

Attractive design

Rich product description

Bright and beautiful colors

Drag and drop builder

Mobile-friendly theme

Aesthetically pleasing


Free to use

Quick theme setup

High-resolution visuals

Social media integration

Testimonials and social proof

Color customization

Various fonts available


The design is not so unique

Advanced customization requires coding

Limited app integration

Who Is the Theme For

New online academies

Education professionals

Experts who sell only one course 

Online library and knowledge bases

3. Combine

combine theme store page

Combine by Krown Themes: Boost sales with versatile bundle options, stunning parallax sliders, and customizable features. Ideal for dropshipping with built-in upsells and perfect for online courses with intuitive customization.

Developer – Krown Themes

Price – $360

Theme Styles – 5 Styles (Objects, Electronics, Beauty, Books, Restaurant)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed – 61/100

Customization Level: High

Rating – 89% (18 reviews)

Theme Features

Minimalist attractive design

Product bundle builder for special offers

High-volume online stores

Visual storytelling

Unified shopping experience


Fully responsive design

Customizable theme

Adaptable layout

Consistent branding

Promotional features


Can be confusing for inexperienced users

Limited customization

Not very unique

Can be too pricey for the features it offers

Who Is the Theme For

Online academies offering courses in bundle

Teachers who offer more related courses

Educational institutions providing online resources

Educators looking for the best Shopify theme for selling online courses

4. Publisher

publisher theme shopify store page

Publisher by Shopify: Embrace avant-garde design with moody aesthetics, minimalist navigation, and advanced customization. Perfect for visual storytelling and streamlined online sales experiences.

Developer – Shopify

Price – Free

Theme Styles – NA

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed – 71/100

Customization Level: Medium

Rating – No Reviews

Theme Features

Nice and minimalist design

Easy navigation

Advanced customization

Brand narration approach

Extensive visual storytelling


Image galleries

High-resolution visuals

Usage information

Recommended services

Blogs and FAQs sections

Product filtering

Free to use


Demo stores not included

Some find it overwhelmed with visuals

Who Is the Theme For

Book publishers

Online course sellers

Academies and educational institutions

Online libraries

Booksellers and exchangers

5. Be Yours

be yours theme store page dark preset

Be Yours by RoarTheme: Elevate your store with OS 2.0 enhancements, robust features like age verification and color swatches, tailored for dropshippers and physical stores alike.

Developer – RoarTheme

Price – $320

Theme Styles – 4 Styles (Beauty, Trendy, Peace, Dark)

Shopify 2.0 compatible – Yes

Speed – 54/100

Customization Level: High

Rating – 99% (471 reviews)

Theme Features

Unique design that sells

Compatible with Shopify 2.0

One of the best Shopify themes for selling online courses

One-product store focus

Attractive and eye-catching layout

Drag-and-drop builder


Minimalist design

Exceptional visual experience

Focused on conversions and sales

User-friendly theme

Pre-built and ready-to-use elements


Limited free trial

Limited customization

Higher price point

Who Is the Theme For

Established educators

Experienced teachers who build a brand around them

Online academies 

Experts in a specific niche

Book authors

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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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