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15 Best Shopify Upsell Apps for Store Owners

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Shopify Upsell Apps
Ana Gelevska

Having a steady cash flow is vital for any Shopify store owner. Poor sales and marketing tactics can put us in a bad place. Hence, to get the most from our customers, upselling becomes necessary and Shopify Upsell Apps are the best choice. 

Upselling is a good marketing strategy because it helps both the Shopify seller and customers. We get to make more money, and the customers have easy access to valuable products. According to studies, upselling can boost an online store’s revenue by 30%.

When we upsell, we help customers check out extra products. This makes it easy for them to have more options. As store owners, we can use Shopify upsell apps to offer extra products. However, choosing an app that works well with our online store is very important.

In this article, we will explore the concept of upselling along with its benefits. We will also discuss the best Shopify upsell apps we can use for our businesses. 

So let’s get down to the details! 


I. What Upsell Is?

Upselling is when we try to make our customers buy a better version of something they want to buy. It’s like when a customer wants to buy a doll, and we tell them about a cooler one that does more things or comes with extra qualities. This means that when we upsell, we can give the customers a better product and make some extra cash. But upselling shouldn’t be confused with cross selling. 


Upselling vs. Cross selling  

When we cross sell, we offer another product that goes well with the one our customer has already bought. For instance, if our customers buy a doll, an outfit or a makeup kit for the doll would be a great cross sell. This way, our customers get a great addon, and we make extra cash.


The Benefits of Upselling


II. The Benefits of Upselling and Shopify Upsell Apps 

The inclusion of upsell apps is a great way to convince customers to spend more. Let’s shed light on some of the benefits it provides.

  • More revenueShopify Store owners make more money when customers buy more or choose extra products. This helps to increase the average order value (AOV) of the store. 


  • Satisfied Customers – Upselling helps us suggest products that customers need but need to be made aware of. This helps us fulfill their needs and leads to improved satisfaction. 


  • Long Lasting Relationship – When sellers offer a high-quality product, it is evident that customers will want to return again and again. As a Shopify seller, this helps us build trust and loyalty with each other. 


  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) – Sticking with old customers is always the best option rather than looking for new ones. Upselling helps us with increased customer lifetime value (CLV) as we can suggest products relevant to their needs. 


Choosing the Right Shopify Upsell App


III. Choosing the Right Shopify Upsell App – Shopify Upsell Apps

Choosing the right app will help us make more sales. But this isn’t an easy decision to make. Some things we need to consider when picking a Shopify upsell app include: 


  • Easy to use – Shopify Upsell Apps

Look for an app that is easy to use. It needs to be simple to set up and manage. We should be able to use it as needed without using any major instructions. 


  • Change things the way we want

The app should let us customize and personalize our upsell offers. This means we can make special offers based on what customers have bought before or what they like. This helps make the offers more exciting and useful to each customer.


  • Works well with other tools

We need to check if the upsell app can work with our Shopify store and other tools we use. This will help us keep our information organized and will reduce any problems down the road. 


  • Different kinds of upsells with Shopify Upsell Apps

We should look for an app that gives us different ways to offer more products to customers. This could include bundles of products or different prices for different levels. Trying different upsell strategies helps us find what works best. 


  • Tracking and understanding with Shopify Upsell Apps

It’s important to have a way to see how well our upselling is working. The app should show us data about how many people bought the upsell offers. This helps us improve our strategies and make more sales.


Now, let’s talk about the 15 best Shopify upsell apps that we can use to sell more products in our store.


15 Best Shopify Upsell Apps in 2023


15 Best Shopify Upsell Apps in 2023

It’s obvious that if we want to boost our store’s AOV, upselling needs to be a priority. Yet, to get the most out of upselling, we will need to choose the right app. Let’s check out what are the best options for Shopify apps.


1) Bold Upsell – True upsells – Shopify Upsell Apps

Bold Upsell is a unique tool that many Shopify owners like to use. It helps shop owners who want to invest less. It can show the customers some cool options to buy more things with one click. It can also suggest putting different products together in a group to sell them as a bundle.

  • Rating: 4.6
  • Developer: Bold
  • Starting Price: $9.99 per month


2) Reconvert Upsell and Cross Sell

ReConvert system helps to make special pages, Like saying “thank you” to people. These pages can also show other things customers might like to buy. It’s really easy to use because we just need to drag and drop items where we want them. It works nicely with different types of online stores that use Shopify.

  • Rating: 4.9
  • Developer: ReConvert
  • Starting Price: $4.99 per month


3) One Click Upsell ‑ Zipify OCU

OneClickUpsell is a special tool that allows Shopify merchants to create post purchase offers. It’s easy to use and has lots of great features. Customers can add extra products to buy with just one click. It provides great offers to buyers increasing revenue. This app also has a great customer support team. 

  • Rating: 4.6
  • Developer: Zipify Apps
  • Starting Price: $35 per month


4) Personizely ‑ Popups & Upsell – Shopify Upsell Apps

Personizely is a great tool that helps Shopify businesses grow their online performance. If someone is about to leave the website, the app can show a special message to try and make them stay. It can also ask for their email address to send them messages later. It’s like a way to talk to customers in a special and personalized way.

  • Rating: 5.0
  • Developer: Personizely
  • Starting Price: $29 per month


5) CartHook Post Purchase Offers

Carthook has a faster check out process. Shoppers can buy many products with one click. There is no need to re enter payment info. It supports order bumps and integrates with well-known payment gateways. 

  • Rating: 4.7
  • Developer: Carthook
  • Starting Price: $50 per month


6) Candy Rack | All‑in‑One Upsell – Shopify Upsell Apps

We can use this Candy Rack software to create upsell and cross sell offers via eye-catching pop-up. It also offers many bulk discounts. Once the shopper clicks “Add to Cart,” options will show for adding extra items.

  • Rating: 5.0
  • Developer: Digissmoothie
  • Starting Price: $29.99 per month


7) SpurIT Cart Upsell 

SpurIT app allows many upsell and cross sell ideas to check. We can also manage pop-ups according to our store’s theme. The app can work with any theme, and we don’t really need any expertise to get the job done. 

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Developer: SpurIT UAB
  • Starting Price: $14.95 per month


8) Rebuy Personalization Engine

Rebuy enables us to create upsell offers based on customer behavior and purchase history. It offers one click upsells, cross sells, and a simple upsell funnel builder. The best thing about this app is it fuels data driven shopping experience throughout the customer journey. 

  • Rating: 4.9
  • Developer: Rebuy
  • Starting Price: $99 per month


9) Frequently Bought Together 

Frequently Bought Together app displays product recommendations based on customers’ purchasing behavior. It provides customizable designs and supports upsells and cross sells. It’s one of the best apps we can use to sell more and earn more. 

  • Rating: 4.9
  • Developer: Code Black Belt
  • Starting Price: $9.99 per month


10) Simile | Similar Upsell

The Simile app uses AI to generate personalized upsell recommendations. It offers real time analytics and A/B testing capabilities. Its deep learning AI models will generate accurate recommendations for all of our products regardless of any category.

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Developer: Simile
  • Starting Price: $2.99 per month


11) Upsell Hero 

Upsell Hero allows us to create upsell offers based on customer behavior and product relationships. It has a good user-friendly interface. The app supports multiple languages. It also integrates well with many popular page builders. 

  • Rating: 4.9
  • Developer: Syncube
  • Starting Price: $5.99 per month


12) Shop The Look – Shopify Upsell Apps 

Shop The Look app has a simple setup and offers many customized build options for us to look upon. It also provides 24/7 expert support to answer any questions or queries. The app has been influential in negating abandoned checkouts. 

  • Rating: 5.0
  • Developer: Byte Commerce UG
  • Starting Price: $11.97 per month


13) Cleverific Order Editor

We can create upsell offers with the Cleverific Order Editor tool using automatic targeting. It offers a variety of upsells, such as product bundles and suggested purchases. The app provides different ways to show these offers, like pop-ups or showing them on the product page. The shop owners can also create these offers in less time.

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Developer: Cleverific
  • Starting Price: $29 per month


14) Limespot Personalizer – Shopify Upsell Apps

The Limespot app helps shop owners make shopping better for customers. It has features that divide customers into groups when they visit the website. This allows the shop owners to show personalized offers to customers.

  • Rating: 4.8
  • Developer: Limespot
  • Starting Price: $18 per month


15) ALPHA Cart Upsell

Alpha Cart Upsell and Cross Sell is another app that helps shop owners who use Shopify. It helps them make more money by showing special offers to customers. These offers are to each customer’s interests. The app is easy to use and helps shop owners keep track of the offers they promote. 

  • Rating: 4.7
  • Developer: Helixo
  • Starting Price: $29.99 per month


Effective Upsell Techniques


IV. Effective Upsell Techniques 

Upselling strategies can vary from one business to another. It depends on the types of products or services we offer. So, what are these upselling strategies? Let’s give it a quick look.

  • The “Right” Upsell Product – Shopify Upsell Apps 

Choosing the relevant upsell product is key. Check out what interests the customer. For example, we shouldn’t recommend a horror book if they like romantic books. It would be cross selling, though. Offer things that match what the customer already bought. It will make sense and make the customer happier. 


  • Compare Products with Shopify Upsell Apps

When people shop online, they usually compare different products before deciding what to buy. They look at things like the price, features, reviews, and whether the product is available. 

To make this process easier for our customers, we can show them more than one product at a time. We can also point out the main differences between the products, highlight features, and do so much more. This way, customers don’t have to click on many different pages to see all the options. 


  • Upsell and Cross Sell via SMS 

Upselling with text messages can help us turn one-time buyers into loyal customers. When people sign up for messages on their phones, we can give them special rewards for being loyal customers. It’s like getting a prize for being a good customer. Most of the messages we send will be about things like when their order will arrive or if there are any changes to their order. It’s essential to keep customers updated. 


V. Conclusion: Shopify Upsell Apps 

Upselling is a clever way to make more money and make customers happier when they shop online. There are unique Shopify upsell apps that can help with this. These apps suggest extra things for customers to buy based on what they’re already looking at. 

We can use a tool like Koala Inspector to find the best Shopify upsell apps and Shopify Theme Detector to find any theme the Shopify store uses. It looks at different things like the apps’ features, what other customers say about them, and how well they work with our online store. It gives us all the vital information about each app, so we can pick the one that best suits our business. 

You can also check the video below with suggestions for some of the Best Shopify Upsell Apps for 2023:



VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Shopify Upsell Apps

  • How do Shopify upsell apps work?

Shopify upsell apps enable us to offer extra products or upgrades to customers during their purchasing journey. This helps us to increase sales and revenue.


  • What are some of the benefits of using Shopify Upsell Apps?

Using Shopify upsell apps can increase revenue, enhance customer lifetime value, and build a loyal customer base. 


  • How do I choose the right Shopify Upsell App? 

Consider customization options, integration capabilities, and upsell variety when choosing a Shopify upsell app.


  • What are some popular Shopify Upsell Apps?

Popular Shopify upsell apps include Bold Upsell, Ultimate Special Offers, ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell, and OneClickUpsell by Zipify.



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
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