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Outsmart Shopify Competitors With This Must-have eCommerce Tool

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Outsmart Shopify Competitors With This Must-have eCommerce Tool
Ana Gelevska

eCommerce is becoming an increasingly saturated market. As more people uncover the financial prospects of running a successful dropshipping business, the competition on online marketplaces is growing. Although the boost in eCommerce shows customer interest in shopping online with independent brands, this isn’t a wholly positive thing. While there are more shoppers, there are also more Shopify competitors. And standing out online is harder than ever.

If you’re getting frustrated by the growing number of Shopify competitors, you’re not alone. That’s why we created Koala Inspector, the only Shopify store inspector tool you need to stand out from the crowd, scale, and grow your eCommerce business.

In this blog post, we’re sharing how Shopify store spy tools help eCommerce business owners, just like you, rise above the competition and uncover the secret to running a successful online store.


Shopify Competitors grow your business using the koala inspector


Why A Shopify Store Spy Is Important For Scaling Your Business

Have you ever come across a Shopify store and wondered how they’re doing so well?

 Perhaps this successful store sells similar products to you, has the same ideal clients, and appears to implement the same growth strategies. However, their sales are mountains higher, their reviews are gleaming, and it looks as though this trajectory isn’t slowing down any time soon.

 We’ve been there.

And we know Spy tools Shopify is the answer you’re looking for.

Before creating Koala, we’d spend hours scrolling through competitors’ stores searching for a sign as to why they were doing so well. As I’m sure you’re aware, our efforts were often futile. All we could see was a successful shop front with little indication as to how they’d become so well established.

We’ve always had a longing to uncover the behind the scenes— to see what it is that makes a business thrive. But, how can we do this without contacting the shop owner directly? And let’s be honest. Why would they share their business secrets with a Shopify competitor? That would be bad business.

Instead, we understood we needed to be clever about how we sought our information.

We needed a Shopify store spy.

A Shopify store spy would uncover everything we want to know about our Shopify competitors, enabling us to implement the same strategies, adopt successful marketing techniques and make the most out of our niche. Spy tools Shopify would lead us on the same pathway to success as our biggest competitors.


Koala Inspector – Outsmart Shopify Competitors

Introducing Koala Inspector, the E-commerce tool that transforms Shopify businesses. After deciding the best way to scale our eCommerce site was to learn from those who had already achieved our goals, we set about creating an online tool that would enable us to do this.

Koala Inspector is an online Shopify store spy. The spy tool helps you learn everything about your biggest competitors with one quick and simple click.

 Spy tools Shopify is the number one way to outsmart your competition.

And the best thing about the Koala Inspector Shopify store spy? It’s completely free and always will be!

As fellow business builders, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay out to make your business a success. Instead, we provide useful tools that like-minded business owners can utilize to make their company a success. All we ask is that you implement the information you learn from Koala Inspector to make the most out of your business prospects.


How Koala Inspector Helps You Outsmart Shopify Competitors

Snooping has never been so easy. With the spy tools Shopify, you can learn everything you want to know about your biggest competitor, and they won’t suspect a thing.


Here are the ways spy tools for Shopify can help you transform your business:

Discover where you can source best-selling products. Not only can you learn a store’s best-selling products, but we can tell you exactly where they’re dropshipping from and how you can get your hands on the same popular items.


Learn new ways to boost your traffic. If you’re struggling with marketing and promotion, we can show you how other sites boost their traffic. With Koala Inspector, you can view the biggest traffic sources for competitive sites and implement the same methods to increase your online rankings and traffic.


Find out what customers are looking for by monitoring your competitors. See what’s selling well for others and focus your efforts on promoting similar products in your store. Or gain inspiration for new products to stock that you know will sell well.


For example, if your competitor’s best-selling product is ‘Reindeer print pajamas’, you can start selling this product as well as reindeer print slippers, socks, dressing gowns, and more. Spy tools Shopify not only enable you to copy competitors’ popular stock, but it also shows you other consumer desires.


Implement competitive pricing. Pricing is always tricky. And although we might think we have competitive pricing, we can never be 100% sure just from looking at a store page. With Koala Inspector, you can dive deep into competitors’ top sales. View what are their most popular price points and reflect this in your stock.


Focus on establishing your niche. Despite having an up-and-running Shopify store, we might not have nailed our niche. With so many selling options, it can be hard to settle on one product category. However, having a clearly defined niche will help establish your business, improve brand visibility and increase sales.


Using Koala Inspector, you can gain inspiration for your niche and settle on one you know to be popular among Shopify customers.


View popular Shopify applications. Behind every successful business is a selection of applications. These popular applications help with boosting productivity and streamlining your business. Find out what’s helping your competitors run a successful business by discovering what apps a Shopify store is using.


Business applications such as MailChimp, Mailmunch, and Globo Sticky Add To Cart are popular website applications used among Shopify sellers. By installing Koala, you can see which of these applications your competitors are utilizing to scale and develop their online store.


Shopify Competitors download the koala inspector chrome extension


Installing Koala Inspector On Your Browser

We believe business should be easy, which is why we created Koala to be your one-stop-shop for Shopify education and development. In pursuit of this, Koala Inspector works instantly with a simple click.

To start using Koala Inspector, visit our website or the Chrome Web Store.

If you’re using the Chrome Web Store, type in ‘Koala Inspector’ in the search bar.

Click on ‘Koala Inspector- Inspect eCommerce Shops’

And add the Koala Inspector extension to your Chrome browser.

Alternatively, you can visit our website and click ‘Try Koala Inspector’. This link will take you directly to the Chrome Web Store to download.


How To Use Koala Inspector

After installing Koala Inspector on your browser, visit your competitor’s site and click on the Koala chrome extension. The extension will open, allowing you to explore this shop’s features and statistics.


Why Koala Inspector is the best Shopify Store Spy Available

Instead of spending hours scrolling through Shopify stores, reading blog posts of eCommerce marketing, and wasting hours trying different marketing and sales strategies, Koala Inspector tells you everything you need to know instantly. It’s the quickest and most effective way to implement necessary changes to your eCommerce store.


apply the information getting from the koala inspector - Shopify Competitors


How to apply the information learned from Koala Inspector to your Shopify Store

Uncovering so much useful information about your online competitors can be overwhelming. The most effective way we can use this information to our advantage is to create and implement a well-thought-through brand strategy and business plan.


Remember, we’re one step ahead of our competitors, and we want to continue outsmarting them. After exploring the information provided by the Koala Inspector plug-in, make a note of the elements you believe your business would benefit from improving.


Koala Inspector isn’t for one-time use only. Using the Koala tracking feature, you can keep tabs on your competition. By doing this, you’ll know when and what they’re changing to improve their products, user experience, and other features.




Stand out on Shopify with Koala Inspector

Standing out on Shopify isn’t easy. As more people turn to eCommerce to create stable, long-lasting businesses, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to promote and sell your products. Installing Koala Inspector on your chrome browser is a simple and effective way to improve your online business prospects.


For the first time, you’ll be able to uncover what makes your biggest competitors stand out. And you can utilize this information to benefit your Shopify store. Learn about product catalogs, sales, traffic, and more just by clicking the Koala Inspector plug-in on your Chrome Browser.


Not only can Koala uncover highly sought-after brand secrets, but it’s also easy to use and completely free. Install Koala Inspector and run checks on your biggest competitors weekly or even daily. Taking five minutes to view the information provided by Koala Inspector won’t take any time out of your day, but will ensure you’re utilizing proven and successful strategies in your business.


What have you got to lose?


Click here to install the Koala Inspector and uncover your competitors’ biggest business secrets today.


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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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