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Speedee Delivery – Everything You Need To Know

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Speedee delivery
Ana Gelevska

Dropshipping, today, has become more popular and profitable than ever before. In fact, market forecasts have shown that the global dropshipping market is expected to be around $476.10 billion in the coming years. Speedee Delivery is the shipping service for fast delivery that might be the best choice for you.  

There are quite a lot of things that are helping make the industry successful. Some of them include new technologies and business methods like ghost commerce. We need to know that these things keep changing over and over again. 

But, there is one thing that remains immune to the change: fast delivery. So, we need to provide a service that allows our customers to track their orders. In this article, we’ll learn about what Speedee delivery is, how long it takes, and how we can use it to improve our dropshipping delivery experience. 

So, let’s get started.


What Is Speedee Delivery


I. What Is Speedee Delivery?

Speedee delivery is an affordable service for shipping that dates back to 1978. At the time, Don Weeres, the founder of the company, used his own pickup truck to make deliveries to small businesses. 

Don always had a vision to turn the company into an overnight delivery service. But that’s not all. He also wanted to make sure that Speedee delivery offered lower rates than others. This vision is what made the company what it is today. 

The company’s vision has not changed in 40 years. Today, they work with 12,000 shippers and handle around 70,000 orders every single day. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Speedee Delivery provides ground shipping services mainly in the Midwest region. 

We need to know that they are a regional provider. This means that they can provide us with a next-day footprint. Most people don’t quite understand how important this can be. But this is what allows us to improve our delivery experience quite a lot. 

A next-day footprint means that we can deliver orders to customers the very next day. Speedee can help us do this as it: 


    • Covers a small service area

Most delivery companies are capable of providing service all over the place. But these companies aren’t able to give packages the care they deserve. Speedee delivery covers a smaller area and gives personalized care to all our orders.


    • Is less expensive 

Speedee delivery costs less than other services. This means that we can save on our expenses and make our profits go up. But that’s not where it ends. When we use this service, we can also benefit from low costs for supporting services.


    • Offers more flexibility 

Speedee may have started out as just a delivery provider. But they are much more than that today. They offer on-call pickup services, returns, tools and resources, and a lot of other services we can benefit from. 


How Long Does Speedee Delivery Take


II. How Long Does Speedee Delivery Take?

As business owners, we need to know that people who buy from us need their orders fast. This is something they don’t think about twice. For us, it means that we need to be extra careful when choosing a delivery provider. 

We don’t want to make our customers unhappy after all, do we? That said, we need to understand the process of a delivery provider before we make a decision. Speedee offers a range of services that we can choose from. 

When we partner with Speedee, we can have regular or on-call pick-ups. We can even use their pick-up tag service. These provide us with tailored options on how we send our orders to those who buy from us. 

Once the delivery provider picks up the order, the shipping process begins. Now, the order is sent to our customers as soon as possible. But we must understand that the time needed for one delivery might not be the same for the next one. 

This depends on several different factors like traffic conditions and location. If we want to know how long a Speedee delivery will take, we need to learn about all these factors in detail. 


  • Factors That Influence Order Delivery

As mentioned, the order we deliver to our customers depends on a range of different factors. We need to consider each of them if we want to have a smooth process and make more than the average Shopify store earnings. These factors include: 


1) Order Pickup 

The first thing we need to know about is order pickup. The delivery provider we choose should be able to pick up the order from us with ease. This means we need to dispatch orders from the warehouse or product suppliers using a simple process. 


2) Delivery Fleet

The next thing we need to think about is the delivery fleet. If the cars used by our delivery provider are not sufficient enough, it can take longer. The provider may have to make two trips before the order is dispatched, which will increase the delivery time. 


3) Delivery Location 

All of us already know that this one here is a given. The further away our customers’ location is, the longer it will take. However, this is something we can control if we send orders timely and use friendly routes


4) Route Choice 

Another major thing that can make our delivery time shorter or longer is the route our delivery provider uses. Before choosing a provider, we need to consider the routes they use as it can make the delivery time for our customers go up or down. 


5) Delivery Timing

The last thing we need to consider when our orders are being sent to our customers is the delivery timing. Some orders may require the signature for the delivery to be complete. If the order is sent to them when they are not home, we will need to redeliver it. 


Speedee delivery gives orders to customers during business hours from Monday to Friday. Although the location of each order varies, all the people who buy from us generally receive their orders in a few days. 

But, there can be situations where an order delivery might take a couple of weeks. In such cases, we need to be able to respond to customer queries. To do this, we need to make sure that both we and our customers are able to track the orders.  


How To Track Speedee Delivery


III. How To Track Speedee Delivery?

When it comes to running a successful Shopify store, the ability to track an order is very important. It has tons of benefits for us and our customers. Before we get into how we and our customers can track a Speedee delivery, let’s look at why it’s important first. 

  • When our customers are able to track their orders in real-time, they are more likely to trust us. This happens because they feel more secure if they can keep their orders all the time, which makes their satisfaction levels go up. 
  • As Shopify store owners, when we track the orders, we’re able to see how long it takes for our customers to receive them. This helps us determine whether we need to change our order process and the delivery provider or not. 
  • Order tracking can also help us reduce costs. Think about it, when our customers are able to track their order online, we don’t need to call them and provide updates. This means we can get rid of such costs for good and make sure that we can grow our Shopify store. 
  • Another reason why order tracking is important is that it can help us plan for the future. When we track our order, we can see any problem that occurs down the road. This data helps us plan our future deliveries for success with ease. 


To track an order with Speedee delivery, all we and our customer have to do is go to the order tracking option on their website. When we are there, we just need to enter our order tracking number. 

Then, we just click on the “Search” button, and we’re done. Now, the Speedee delivery service will track our order and let us know where it has been, where it is, and when our customers will get it. If we don’t have that number, we can also contact their customer service center. 


Speedee Delivery And Shopify


IV. Speedee Delivery And Shopify

Starting and running a Shopify store is not an easy thing to do. The competition is quite tough. To beat the competition, we need to find the right products. But we can’t just stop our efforts there. 

We also need to do great marketing. We need to do all that we can to make our store different from others. One thing that helps do just that is the delivery experience. We need to know that this is very important for customers. 

To have the best delivery experience there is, we can use the Speedee delivery service. It sends the order to our customer within days. But that’s not all. It also allows them to track their orders. 

We will learn about how to add Speedee delivery to our stores. But first, let’s look at the services they have to offer. 


1) Standard Account

This can be a great service for us if we ship products more than two times a week. When we use this service, we can have lots of different benefits. Some of these benefits are faster order dispatch and quick order delivery.

If we sign up for this service, we will get regular pickups. This means that Speedee will collect the order from our location from Monday to Friday. Our order could even reach over customers the very next day.  


2) On-Call Pick-Up

All of us sell in different niches on Shopify. This means not all of us need to send orders every single day. Some of us only send a couple of orders each month. In such cases, it’s better to use the On-Call Pick-Up service.

All we have to do is let Speedee know that we want to send an order. They’ll take it from there. Speedee will offer a next-day pick. This can help us reduce costs. If we have more than one item, we might be in for a bulk discount. 


3) Walk-In Locations

Not all of us might be ready to open an account with Speedee. And that’s fine. We can still use their service. They have around 35 walk-in locations. We can use this to send our orders to our customers. 

There is no need for an account. We can just walk up to the counter and drop off the order with our customer’s address. Then, we’re good to go. From here, Speedee delivery will take care of the rest. 


4) Pick-up Tag 

Speedee is not only good for sending orders. It’s also good for returns. Sometimes, a product does not turn out who the customer wants it to be. In such cases, they want to return to us.

This can be a problem for us if we don’t have a good delivery partner. If you have a standard account, Speedee will issue a pickup tag. This tag is issued to any orders our customers receive and return to the pick location. 

Speedee delivery also has other services like EZR returns, Less-than-truckload (LTL) delivery, and more. To use Speedee with our Shopify business, we need to add it to our store. To do this, we need to: 

  1. Search for the Speedee delivery app in the Shopify app store. 
  2. Then, we need to install the app. 
  3. After that, we go to the “Apps” section of our Shopify store. 
  4. From here, we need to enable the app and enter our account number. 


That’s all. Now, we just need to choose a payment method and proceed. That’s how simple and easy it is to use Speedee delivery with Shopify. The following video is a great tutorial for beginners who want to start with Shopify Shipping: 



V. Sum Up

Dropshipping is becoming more profitable day by day. But how much money we make depends on how satisfied our customers are. Most of us miss out on the fact that delivery experience improves customer satisfaction.

As Shopify store owners, we can use Speedee delivery to send orders to our customers. This service allows us to deliver orders faster. It also allows both us and our customers to track the order.  

But that’s not all. When we use Speedee, we can reduce costs and make customers happier than ever by sending the order the very next day. All this improves over delivery experience and helps earn more profits. 



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Ana Gelevska
Ana Gelevska
Ana is a creative and customer-oriented freelance writer with over 5 years of experience working with eCommerce global clients. Ana enjoys breaking down the latest eCommerce trends and diving into the needs of today’s merchants.

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