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Best Ecommerce Inspection Tool

The usage of e-commerce inspection tools is increasing every day. Majorly because of their beneficial and purposeful features that enable users to increase online store sales and beat the competition. So which eCommerce inspection tool should you use? We present you the Best Ecommerce Inspection Tool: Koala Apps.


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Koala Apps Chrome Extension is an all-rounder inspector tool for Shopify stores. If you are not aware of the capabilities of this app, then you must read further.


Koala Inspector The Best Ecommerce Inspection Tool


I. What Makes Koala Inspector The Best Ecommerce Inspection Tool?

The Koala Apps eCommerce inspection tool offers a powerful app for market research.Β Koala applicationsΒ can reveal a lot of things about your competitors. You can discover insights like:

  • Trending products, like best-sellers at other Shopify shops
  • The most popular eCommerce designs and online store templates used by your competitors
  • Product prices (so you can adjust your price tags to compete)
  • Apps, theme name, newest products, best-sellers, monthly traffic, the sources of the traffic and countries, the social links, first and last published products, and plenty more.
  • Number of products in the Shopify Store.



The Koala Apps eCommerce inspector tool added a feature that exports CSV files. These files contain product information regarding best-sellers, price ranges, and product names. In all, having an eCommerce inspector chromeΒ for your Shopify Store can grow your sales at a good pace.Β 

Try and download Koala Inspector now and turn your online store into a success!



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