What Is CTA?

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CTA stands for call to action. The CTA is a marketing method that can be created in different forms, such as pictures, buttons, and written content. The CTA is mostly used with storewide sales, promotions, and any changes made. CTA drives merchants to engage with your store, your goal is to stand out from competitors. With a CTA, you want to build a CTA button that is clickable in your emails, this is a way to sell your shop. For example, well developed CTA buttons include, “Add to cart”, “Download now”, or “Buy now”. Giving an easier way to access the products or services faster and more effectively. Having a CTA button will grow your email list by attracting shoppers to shop with you.


call to action


Benefits of having a good CTA. 

Having a good quality CTA is important, the goal is to push your customers to your shop with you resulting in gaining more traffic. Driving more traffic will increase sales and customers. You want to create a powerful CTA to catch the attention of potential and current customers. Creating well developed CTA content will help you grow your business, by opening more opportunities for your customers to have a more convenient and positive shopping experience. Make sure to follow the CTA guidelines to create a clear and understandable message. 

The CTA is a way to send out a clear message that you want your customers to be informed on.  The CTA is a way to tell your customers important information, such as updates, sales, or any store promotions. Having a weak CTA will affect the ability to drive traffic and negatively impact your online business, which can confuse and mislead your customers.  CTA can do wonders for your business, so it is important to design content that is engaging and exciting. 


Advantages of CTA

  • Creating a CTA for your website will grab the attention of both potential and current shoppers
  • CTA gives shoppers clear and relevant information so no one is misled.
  • CTA gives you the ability to promote and sell your products in a more effective way.

Issues you can run into with the CTA

  • Making the CTA can be unclear pushing shoppers away from shopping with you
  • Using the wrong language and making the CTA message hard to understand and find.
  • Building up to many CTA emails causes shoppers to unsubscribe.
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