How to Get Ahead of Your Ecommerce Competitors

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Have you ever said to yourself?

“I wish I could monitor eCommerce competitors’ Shopify store?”

“What are competing Shopify store’s bestsellers?”

“What is my competitors’ strategy?”

Now it’s possible.

You can find the difference between success and failure selling online by doing proper eCommerce competitor analysis. Now, it’s easier than ever – plus you can even do it for free.


One-Click Ecommerce Competitor Analysis with Koala Apps

Ecommerce analytics can help you boost sales at your online store. You’ll learn more about your customers, where they live, which languages they speak, and how they discovered your website. Then you can optimize your store to increase outreach to those customers.

But did you also know you can do the same by learning your competitor analytics? Find out where their customers come from, which products sell the most, and prices. Then change your eCommerce strategy to target their customers and beat the competition. You can do all this instantly with Koala Inspector, a Chrome Inspector that reveals the secrets behind every Shopify shop.

Commerce Inspector Chromea tool that assists you in analyzing competitors effectively as well as quickly – either via its free extension available on chrome or through its paid web version.

All you need to do is download such a browser extension in just a few clicks. You’ll find out:

  • Apps used by your competitors
  • Ecommerce themes and templates used by successful online stores
  • Newest products sold at competing Shopify stores
  • Bestselling products
  • Traffic and monthly visits
  • Traffic sources & countries
  • Social links
  • First and last published products
  • Number of products and their price range


With all this information on your notes, you can easily decide which products, niches, trends, and suppliers will make you money. Or which Shopify Theme is suitable for your website.

In all, having the Koala Inspector tool on your side can help you be ahead of everybody and easily defeat your eCommerce competitors. Using the best eCommerce tool enables you to gain the insights you need to succeed in your online store. The best part is, whether you use Etsy, WooCommerce, or any other eCommerce platform, the tool enables you to follow and track any Shopify store you wish!

Download the Koala Inspector and make every dream come true. 

All the best!

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Boost Sales with Data Insights

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