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What Is The Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is when the store you shop with fulfills an order to the customer’s request and updates the product’s purchases. Making the business trustworthy and reliable. The shipping process should be fast and on time. If the shipment is not successful, it can hurt the company resulting in a decrease in customers.  The order fulfillment process can impact the customer’s loyalty to the business if the merchant doesn’t fit their needs as promised. It’s important to stay ahead of the customers with successful order fulfillment. To stay ahead of the competitors, Shopify store owners can make the shipping cost cheaper than other Shopify stores, widen the shipping range to build customers, provide reliable and helpful customer support, send out a well descriptive email with the order information including a tracking option.

What Is The Order Fulfillment?

The order fulfillment process starts the second the customer places the order, if they wish to return the product, it is the merchant’s responsibility to take care of the return process. Make sure the customer understands the return policy so there is no problem with the customer to business relationship. It’s important to make sure the customer understands the process, making the message clear and readable. 

The order fulfillment should include:

  • Inventory of the shipping
  • Return policy
  • Ability to track the order
  • Contact information if the customer wishes to cancel or change something to the order. 

Some challenges that are faced with the order fulfillment include:

  • Lost or stolen items 
  • Wrong customer information 
  • Inventory issues with out of stock items