What is SEO?

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What is SEO

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SEO¬†stands for¬†Search Engine Optimization. It’s a way of making your website¬†rank higher¬†by displaying it at the top of the list on Google.¬†

Good SEO keywords will drive traffic to your Shopify store. When searching for specific products or services, the SEO sends customers to various online stores, meaning it’s an important tool to understand as an online store owner.¬†

Google picks up on SEO and works wonders, which is why Shopify store owners compete daily to have their store displayed on top of the search results. SEO is like a game; being on top of everyone else gives you a winning score by gaining customers.  


How to find and use good SEO keywords 

  • Study your niche
  • Spy on winning Shopify store to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Use keywords in the title and make them stand out throughout your website, thus making the SEO more reliable¬†



What is SEO




How Does SEO Work?

Search engine optimization uses content from all websites online, then collects all the data and adds it to the search index to provide the best result for what users are searching for. 

Users shopping online are more likely to click on the first results shown on Google. 

SEO takes pieces of content from all over the web and optimizes it so Google can display it on the top of the search page. SEO is a way to satisfy potential customers, driving them to click on specific Shopify stores. 

Benefits of SEO

Having a good SEO strategy will help you gain more customers resulting in more sales. For example, Summer is around the corner, and you need to invest in new sunglasses, swimsuits, or hats to protect yourself from the sun. 

The steps include searching online for products, and with good SEO, your store will be on top of the search results, leading people to click on your store! 

Without a good SEO strategy, your store will not be successful, and your sales will decrease. SEO improves the quality and quantity of driving more traffic.   


Advantages of SEO

  • Staying ahead of the competition with good SEO is achieved by having your business appear first when searching for specific products.
  • SEO is a way to promote your store, giving you more customers by making it easier to locate your store.
  • Better user experience and reviews on your website with good SEO are essential because users want answers with less time and reliability.


Disadvantages of SEO

  • Good¬†SEO¬†can help you stay ahead of your competitors, but competitive stores will likely use SEO.¬†
  • Popular products can be displayed throughout various online stores; not everyone will store in the same place.¬†
  • Even with good SEO, no one can guarantee that your store will be ahead of other stores. There are a¬†large¬†number of online stores that sell similar products. Standing out is key!¬†





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