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What Is Privacy Policy?

Privacy is implemented to keep the information of customers private. Privacy is one of the most important aspects of running an eCommerce business. It’s important for the customers to know they can trust the merchant with what happens with their personal data provided. Personal data is being collected after every purchase made so the privacy policy needs to be the number one priority. Customers should be given a privacy policy statement that explains where their personal data is being sent to and what happens after the checkout process. Remember to keep the customer’s personal information confidential! Europe and California have passed laws protecting the privacy of their citizenships data retrieved with online shopping.



What Is Privacy Policy

How to write a privacy policy 

Thanks to Shopify, they have created a free privacy policy generator with clear instructions, making it easy to follow. If Shopify store owners decide to create their own privacy policy, make sure to include the date when it was last updated, make it clear any personal information collected will be protected by the company, who obtains the information, and how the information is collected. Grow the company’s reputation with a trustable and reliable privacy policy. If a customer’s personal information is leaked it can cause business closure, which is the last thing we want to happen! Stay ahead of the game and live up to the privacy policy given.