What Is Oberlo?

What Is Oberlo

Oberlo is an app that gives the ability to fulfill products from point A to point B, making it easier to add products to your website. Oberlo lets merchants access companies such as AliExpress. To use Oberlo, Shopify store owners must download the extension on Google Chrome.

Oberlo helps merchants get their stores up and running. With the help of Oberlo, importing products to the store has never been easier. Oberlo helps merchants get ahead of their competitors by adding new products and removing products that are out of trend or not selling. 


What Is Oberlo?

Why do I even need Oberlo?

Oberlo updates all the products listed, saving time and effort. Oberlo can update the product list and keep track of any changes made. With Oberlo, we can run a successful business. Take advantage of what can transform the business and drive more traffic. With Oberlo, Shopify store owners will be able to give the customers what they want with various product choices displayed across the store.

Oberlo helps with time management, increases sales, and can attract more customers. Oberlo can track orders, provide Shopify store owners with an updated product inventory, and even track sales. Save time and energy with just a click of a button with Oberlo.

How to install Oberlo in just 3 steps 

  1. Go to the app store on Shopify and search for Oberlo- dropshipping 
  2. Click add app
  3. Install 


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