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General Data Protection Regulation ensures that all personal data is protected, ensuring businesses follow rules and regulations by asking for content from their customers. The EU created the GDPR law. Which came into effect in May of 2018 in the European Union. Businesses that follow the GDPR law are trustworthy and reliable. Companies aim to build trust with all their customers 


The California Consumer Protection Act CCPA gives customers the right to know the information a business holds about them with a final say of what he or she wants doing with that information, protecting both consumers and businesses within the state of California. CCPA was enforced on the 1st of July 2020. Both CCPA and GDPR focus on protecting consumer privacy rights.


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Why is GDPR/CCPA important?


Privacy is the most important thing someone has. Everytime is a purchase is made customers have to provide their name, address, and credit card information. This is when GDPR and CCPA come into action. Protecting your personal information is the ultimate goal. No matter the business Shopify store owners are running both GDPR and CCPA need to give customers the option to opt-out of giving any personal information. Consent is a keyword within the GDPR and CCPA enforced the law.

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