What Is A Niche?

A niche is a large market with specific types of products within the Shopify store.  Creating the CTA of the website. For example, nutrition, makeup, purses, or athletic wear. It’s important to keep with the same niche, creating a more organized and easy to understand website. Merchants have a million ideas running through their heads and have a hard time deciding which niche to choose. By researching the latest trends, most popular products, and what is selling in the market today can lead merchants to choose the right niche for the website!


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Advantage of having a niche

  • Focusing on the resources to satisfy the customers. When creating a niche Shopify store owners are able to focus on specific products and themes. This results in an increase of sales bringing in more customers. 
  • Having a niche in the store can lead to less competition with other stores since Shopify store owners are only selling a specific product and giving more attention to the product leading to a well displayed online store. 

Disadvantages of having a niche 

  • Risk of depending on specific products. When creating a specific niche, Shopify store owners have a limited amount of products displayed across the store. Customers want to see a wider range of products and to be able to explore the store
  • When a product is out of season, having a specific niche can decrease sales and lose customers. When selling a variety of products, we are able to sell more year long. Creating a new niche every month, season, or year can be exhausting and unpredictable. 


Why is having a specific niche beneficial?

 Having a niche makes marketing and advertising easier, which can lead to more customers resulting in higher sales. Creating a niche can be cost effective. A niche specializes in the needs and wants of customers from all over the world. Having a niche can help improve the brand loyalty of the customers, focusing on the customers’ needs and developing a deeper relationship. Focusing on a specific niche helps customers understand the concept giving them the ability to save time and money. Having a niche saves shoppers hours of searching for products they are looking for. Creating a niche makes shopping easier and more productive for customers.

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