What Is A Collection Page?

What Is A Collection Page

The collection page is a page that includes the image, price, and vendors of the product. The collection page makes it easier to find products by grouping them in sections on the website. Having an organized website will help merchants gain more customers and increase sales. If the store sells athletic wear, group together all the athlete products that target men, women, or children, giving the customers an easy way to navigate the website. 

Collections help customers find what they want, making shopping less time-consuming by displaying a tab that features similar products based on the main idea of the category. For example, the collections include tabs with sections such as best sellers, new arrivals, or sales.

Merchants can also display collections based on age or gender, and collections can be showcased in a store in many ways. The website collections separate products and make the shopping experience run smoothly, which can lead to positive reviews and drive more traffic to the website. 



What Is A Collection Page?



How to create collections at the Collection Page?

Click the ‚ÄúSort by‚ÄĚ option on the Shopify admin page to create a collection.


What’s the purpose of the Collection Page?

The primary purpose of having a collection is to filter and manage products throughout the store. Merchants should create an organized, easy-to-find, and well-designed collection. Customers also can filter the products and content through suitable collections.

Collections are the best way to give shoppers a positive shopping experience with a sense of trustworthiness and credibility, resulting in a growth of sales and customer lists.   



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