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What Are Shop Reviews?

Shop reviews are comments that are left after purchasing a product to help with future sales. Shop reviews aid in the decision of buying products. Providing ways for the customers to engage with Shopify store owners. Having an insight on both negative and positive shop reviews is beneficial for improving the products and satisfying the customers. Customers rely on shop reviews, giving them feedback from current or past customers. Shop reviews are a powerful tool to drive traffic to the store. Shop reviews let buyers become more familiar with the products before checking out. Shop reviews include information about sizing, comfort, quality, and even functionality of products. Shop reviews play a big role in customer decision making.

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Why Are Shop Reviews Important? 

Let customers engage with providing shop reviews, as well as each other to encourage and increase sales. Shop reviews provide social proof to push for customer purchase decisions, answer questions other customers may want to know and also build trust for the products with shop reviews.  Retailers such as Amazon, and eBay are using the shop review feature. Both Shop reviews are not just beneficial for Amazon shoppers, but shop reviews help boost product awareness, reliability, and overall a good reputation. People are attracted to Amazon because of their shop review feature providing, star ratings, best sellers, and comments left on the products giving future buyers a taste and feel of the product before purchasing. Shop reviews give Amazon an increase in sales and customers. Leaving shop reviews for sellers on eBay leads to an overall better buying experience. 

Watch this video for a step to step guide on how to add shop reviews to the Shopify shop today!

Give the customers what you would want. Shop reviews are good for both buyers and sellers. When using the dropshipping tool or selling products with the Shopify store, store reviews are extremely beneficial to creating happy customers. Use shop reviews to your advantage!