What Are Product Suppliers?

Product suppliers are persons or companies that will provide the business with the products you want to sell on the website. Finding the right suppliers is crucial. When owning a Shopify store, the goal is dropshipping already existing products to the store. The 3 most popular dropshipping companies are AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay. These 3 companies give merchants the ability to easily dropship any product from the store, by making it easy to find products to sell across the website. Spy on winning Shopify stores to see which suppliers are being most used. Make sure to conduct some research before choosing what product supplier to use. The product suppliers have the responsibility of giving the merchant what products are being ordered which comes with trust and reliability. Check out what product suppliers Shopify recommends here! 

What Are Product Suppliers?

Important factors to consider when choosing a product supplier

  • The supplier comes with experience and reviews, see which businesses use them and how popular they are in the market
  • Location and shipping, make sure to consider the time frame of the delivery
  • Where the products are being dropshipped from, making it liable 

Tips and advice when sourcing out product suppliers

  • Ask for samples before selling the product
  • Know what other stores the supplier is working with 
  • Check out reviews 


  • Faster shipping time
  • Trustable product suppliers 
  • Saving time 


  • Fewer products to choose from
  • Higher cost of products and product suppliers
  • Product or packaging mess-ups.
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