How Can I Use Koala Apps Shopify Inspector for My Online Store?

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At present times, we can see a significant change in the way the business world is functioning. Ecommerce platforms have transformed the entire business scenario.

This is the reason competition is also increasing. That means there is a need to develop eCommerce stores that reflect a perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality to attract more visitors.

For online store owners to stand out above the rest, they have to find clever ways to beat the competition. With Koala Apps Shopify Inspector, you can do just that. With this Chrome extension, you get instant business intelligence of Shopify shops, including their e-commerce themes, top-selling products, and more. Keep reading to find out how to use Koala Apps for your online store.



What is the need for Koala Apps?

As mentioned above, to attract more and more leads, it is essential to do better than what your competitors are doing.

The koala Inspector helps with that. It assists Shopify shop owners in searching and finding all the relevant information about competitors in the market.

You can find these details by spying on trending and best-selling products, and what theme and your competitors are using.

In addition, it can reveal all the Shopify Apps that are used in the shop, first and last published products, newest products, bestsellers, monthly traffic, the sources of the traffic and countries, the social links, and even the number of products your competitor is selling along with the price range in the store.

There is one more appealing feature that not many users are aware of, i.e., it enables them to export CSV files. These files contain product information regarding bestsellers, price ranges, and product names. In simple words, it is one of the best tools you use for decision-making for your Shopify Store to both increase sales and leads.

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